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  1. I unfortunately jumped straight to spectate on my teammate to point out the enemies and didn't even think about it.
  2. Everything has been super smooth for me on all maps except a few minor things. Love the change in climbing walls\windows\stairs.. Feels more fluid. Do feel like movement is slower even with settings maxed and have had one issue with game lagging that i posted in bugs. Also feel like the change in sounds for bags... seems to be delayed when going into different buildings, terrain......
  3. During a gun fight near cave on Vikendi, knocked a player and one of his squad mates drove up in a Dacia full speed. As soon as he braked and jumped out my game lagged to an immovable state and when it stopped, i was already knocked and thirsted. Random teammate i was playing with was up the hill a bit and said from his view everything looked fine except the parked car was twitching like crazy. Have not experienced this in solo. This was 4 man squad NA server. One X set to framerate priority.
  4. I have a One X, no SSD, games installed on the console, on WiFi 100MB connection and do not experience this so, it isn't 100% the games issue. Change connection, change ethernet cables if wired, make sure game is set to framerate priority in graphics setting.., you may get better results.
  5. The 250-300 points you recieve are Survival XP which goes toward your Survival Rewards ranking. Level 1-100. Earned by kills, match ranking..... Your Survival Points 50-80 goes toward your Survival Rating on the Leaderboard 1-6000. Earned by game playtime.
  6. And I thought my 389 VSS was the shiut. GGs
  7. Have to drive into Redzone, come to a complete stop and get out the vehicle. Alot of people have trouble with this one.
  8. Same. Happens almost every time I launch PUBG and after almost every match.
  9. I can hear people from a good distance away but since update, in some situations in snow, hearing people walking behind only to get shot from in front of me and a few times, zero footsteps and enemy magically appears in front of me. Sounds are definately off.
  10. I came to bug threads to mention it as it just happened to me after i killed a guy that killed a guy healing. I ran around in a circle like an idiot trying to find the prone mystery healer. Glad team is aware.
  11. The wind in Nightmode is too loud. It was bad enough with vehicles\planes... being ear hearting loud but, the wind in Nightmode is hurting my ears. Footstep sounds are off. I'm hearing people walk behind just to turn around and get shot in the back because the person is actually in front of me. Seems to only do this in snow. People are appearing more than before on all types of surfaces with zero footstep noise. This didn't happen before update. Was recoil grip effectiveness reduced or something? All of a sudden it seems like ARs have more recoil and grips (vert\angled) seem to not help like before.
  12. Stats similar to old are being brought back and has been talked about over and over and over and over again. Don't be so upset over some folks getting to play more than you.
  13. I've been having it happen pretty frequently the last week. Go to heal, it starts then all of a sudden im back to gun in hand and have to do it again. Not near as annoying as having to hit button several times to go back to gun from throwables.
  14. This ↖ Did it within 5 minutes dropping Georgepol. Just ran around normal looting and threw em every 2 or 3 i found. Made for some interesting shootouts.
  15. Windows\Doorways, aim sorta for the top edge of them and it'll kind of toss you in. I've played around with it and been hit or miss and always surprised when it works.
  16. Had this hhappen to me earlier. Threw a frag worked flawless, immediately cooked a second one and threw it, took 3 steps backwards and i blew it because it stayed on me.
  17. Its not just on console PTS. They've been glitching under castle on PC since it was on PC PTS.
  18. What PUBG is really trying to say if you read between the lines, people like us that upgraded to the Onex are stupid because they are only capable of handling a game that was meant for OG Xbox users and we are SOL for spending that extra money to play this game in higher (insert coughing laugh) quality.
  19. I wouldn't classify that as a bug. I'd imagine it's supposed to do this same way if you look up in real life. Alot of games have that same mechanic. Water hitting the viewers (camera) and running off.
  20. Mollasses slow for me as well on One X, regardless of settings. Got me run over by a dune buggy first match cause i couldn't t move fast enough.
  21. @PUBG Xbox Team BUG:When in matchmaking, if you click back to to menu screen, matchmaking shows controller menu option that is nonfunctioning
  22. For those not being able to download via console, try searching for it via the mobile\pc Xbox App. This has worked for a few people i know. Noticed if you launch the Test Server download, it gives a testing date through May 6 and not April 29th!!
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