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  1. If you click on Mastery when you leave a match, it gives you decent info about your match. Won't show nade kills.. but, they are 100 damage so you can estimate.
  2. If they are using mods... that are against xbox tos, yes but, mostly you can get them an xbox live ban that stops everyone that shares that subscription for however long the suspension is.
  3. Yes you can report them to xbox. Works so much better than reporting them to pubg. Plus, you do get a message from xbox telling you thank you unlike pubg who tell you nothing and for you to say nothing.
  4. They do if the original account that owns the game gets an xbox live ban.
  5. Had this happen to 2 guys i ran over and knocked. Hit them so hard they flew down a hill and i never got kills. Looked it up and they had died from falling.
  6. I thought it was just me with the 6x. Gotten to be now when i see one lying on the floor i start cringing praying pubgesus for something else.
  7. Yea. I keep my settings pretty high normally but, the past few days somethings been different. My sensitivity seems to be double what my settings are and having to adjust every few matches. It's like the game itself is having issues maintaining a set sensitivity instead of using the correct setting.
  8. Went into a 2 story near Gatka and found 3 K98 and 2 M24 along with a couple of VSS and a SLR. Next match, struggled to even find anything better than a UMP\Tommy. Loots all over the place with spawns.
  9. Is it just me or is sensitivity settings all over the place? For 3 days, i keep having to adjust sensivity settings back and forth as if it keeps changing itself. 1 match go to aim and all over the place, adjust and its fine. Go into another match and i can barely move so adjust it again. Over and over again and i know it can't be just in my head. Anyone else noticing it?
  10. They have stated you can be banned from using M&K. It falls under unauthorized hardware. https://www.pubg.com/rules-of-conduct/
  11. It cant count in 1 game since you haven't unlocked that mission. You have to click the completed mission, then the next one unlocks.
  12. I imagine August 5th. If you look in game, says Survivor Pass ends in 22 days. Now if you factor the usual blunders, it's more like August 12th and possibly August 19th
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