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  1. Hey I feel like the game is more heavily dependant on web connection now , isn't it ? I red here and there that players feel improvement in game performance. We had the opposite experience and will try to resume. I play this game since the 12th december 2017. 1. Game crashes came back... We had none since use of a SSD. 2. Huge d-sync or delay in the final zone or at the beginnning (numerous player proximity). Players and myself being teleported while fighting. 3. Loading while driving is now again a risk of frame freezes and sudden wall pop. 4. Buildings are not rendered in the 3x scope at different place of the map (like Georgopol).... 5. Still have input lag to select, pick or attach items, especialy sanhok and vikendi.. More precisely, for most fight, I feel like either he died to quickly either its amazing how he can handle until the 7th or 8th bullet when full-auto.
  2. Thanks for the poll ! Erangal ??? 🤨
  3. @RoccoLucid Individual map selection is almost impossible since it would split the low current player base into too many queues (Dev Patch Note, 25th April) I already posted a poll an alternative map selection system.
  4. @ItsYacob89 Thanks. I missed this one. Yep its clearly stated there : " In July (expected to be late June / early July), we will apply the second round of loot balance changes and also change the Featured Map to Erangel " 😥
  5. @Sauud To give credits to devs. Ok they made no statement on a particular date. But created expectations. "Sanhok will be the first featured map. Look out for Erangel to be featured when we introduce upcoming loot balance changes for consoles." Dev Update + Map Selection By PUBG_Lumos, April 25
  6. @MajorClagNut OMG you are taking this way to far. I just asked a question. Yes surprisingly I have my own opinion. Sorry for lack of neutrality. Just human.
  7. @MajorClagNut Nop, just disagree. Emojis are quick to use Otherwise I woudn't ask. For me, to say Yes but with a condition sounds like no...
  8. Let's help devs to figure out whether the "active" online community wants Erangel as featured map.
  9. Making players stick to Sanhok increase their hunger for more loot. I never felt like Erangel wasn't stuffed enough. Just needed to learn "loot route". Again, this relative scarcity of loot and compounds makes encounters more likely and also more diverse. While on Sanhok, every one get stuffed with HIS favorite gun after 2mn. Too repetitive.
  10. Dear dev, dear PUBG players, First, many thanks for sharing Vikendi with us. Compared to Sanhok with 5-6 buildings style, thé diversity brings realism to the game and variety in fighting. To share my thoughts and see if any players feels the same, I think this map really favor both rusher and camper. More aggressive players will have to apply tactics to push compound from flat open field while campers will defend their position. « Open » fields is relative since numerous covers help your progression compared for example to Erangel. I found that pusher often become the « pushed » when gunfire’s draw other players looking for kills. It’s then your turn to nicely defend the position. I Loved to push house by car in Erangel, by mount and valley in Miramar and by feet in Sanhok. I feel Vikendi brings this to another dimension. Patience, team coordination and solid shoot all becomes keys to successful tactics.
  11. Agree. The player cursor are also hard to see, especially yellow one. Perhaps dark shadow would help
  12. Hey, The war mode is cool. But we spend 1mn out of 15 in the plane. Please start count when we enter the zone. Many shoot are not registering, especially right after landing. Please Fix PUBG. Random hand weapons is unbalanced. I win every single Game just rushing. Either focus on sniping and give Magnum. Either on melee with only G18 & Sawed Off.
  13. if Blue Hole was anything like a serious dev team, how comes Shroud is using the same bug (clibbing inside the floor) for 2 months now on Miramar. Whats the point of the feedback then ? Should we see this exact same bug ? Same for car damage, its seems you have your own route.
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