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  1. There a great video of a guy using this cheat on youtube. The uploader recorded this grub, he's shooting nearby guys thru walls and such the usual thing but then he gets his AKM, stands behind a building and just points it up into the sky and starts emptying mags, then you see the killfeed going off as he's killing people kilometres away. It's like he's using artillery! I hate cheaters. I hope he gets hit by a bus.
  2. I was pretty sure the Dev posted in the recent discussion about Reshade and such that such programs would actually prevent the game from even launching?? So, no I don''t think its a data collection service that will suddenly supply accounts to be banned. I"ll try to dig it up...but when asked outright what would happen with programs such as Reshade and the game, the reply was, "It wont launch" ??
  3. Sad state of affairs, how the hell do they do this? Backward engineer the new anti cheat code within 24hrs of it being implemented? Maybe Bluehole SHOULD BE HIRING THESE GUYS to help them fix the cheating issues with their game.
  4. yep turn off your clock or fps counter in reshade....i posted this in the BUGS area days ago...you can save yourself a lot of heartache by searching first...there is an entire thread on this..
  5. I think these things are tied to poor server performance. The updates are happening at such a slow rate it forces the game to go into micro 'wait ' states as the server and client get in sycn. I know Battelnonsense last analysis revealed that PUIBG server were hitting a pretty ordinary 17hz...maybe if they could double that tic rate the stuttering would disappear. There would be a fluid update between servers and client side netcode. What say ye all?
  6. I did a LOT of miles in a VW combi van in the 80's...a LOT. I wish the one we were getting in the desert map was like this baby!
  7. Is this a new thing? Have you been able tot play the game before? 1. Close your game.2. Navigate to C:\Users\{UserID}\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ 3. Delete the GameUserSettings.ini file4. Verify your game files with Steam5. Restart your game
  8. OK...it seems to me that the moment SOUND is introduced, i.e. the intro music begins the game crashes instantly. Can you please try disabling your sound devices/ sound cards etc...and then trying to launch it without any sound again. The crash *might be related to a code call for DX sound dll??. Like the very old infinite loop Nvidia cards suffered many years ago...the crash would happen and a continuous sound would play. It just stands out to me (might be a coincidence) that the moment the first piano sound is played the game immediately crashes.??
  9. Sorry the file is called GameUserSettings.ini. Try deleting that and then letting Steam verify your files. one of the devs posted the method a while back to help with another type of lockup. It might help your issue.
  10. Does it crash immediately during initial launch?... or when you get to the menu or after you have actually selected and joined a server lobby? If its crashing when you try to launch into a lobby, try different servers. At what point is it spitting the dummy? Have you given your ram sticks a gentle press to ensure they are correctly seated.? Is the crash to a black screen, blue screen or direct back to the desktop? Is there any audio from either the game or thecomputer when it happens? And have you launched it without any launch commands at all? Deleted your gameuser.ini and reverify the Files/ sometimes reinstalling doesnt do anything. Some people have had luck with completely deleting the files in the config folder and letting Steam re-downlaod a fresh batch. Its a strange one as you sayi t was fine.
  11. Delete your gameuser.ini Verify files via Steam Reboot machine Have another go.
  12. That game looks and sounds horrible, WTF is all that yabbering going on in the background? I couldn't concentrate with all that shit going on.
  13. Wise words indeed. Don't short change yourself if your budget can cope. 16G is really a nice amount of ram for just about everything these days. If you were going to get into video processing, photo manipulations and rendering I would even go to 32G, but only if you were going to be doing those task that benefit from the extra ram for rendering times etc.. I'm not familiar with AMD GPU and their drivers as I have only ever used Nvidia. But is there a setting in their driver tab to set the 'quality' of the output, ..maybe if you set your preferred default quality to High quality it might remove the pixelation? Are you using the default windows generic monitor driver or the one specifically for your monitor. I have found its always best to try and sue drivers from a company for their own product. Generic drivers can be just that 'generic' and not always the best option.
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