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  1. Oh dude when I first got my X last April this game ran soooooo much better for me. Back when character models were in the gear screen. Everything loaded and it was actually X enhanced. Once they started dumbing it down for OG it deff took a shit on us X users. Pretty lame
  2. Lol u got me there MGS is TPP and it is tactical espionage. Like I said I like them both. They are both fun. They are both tactical. It is just my opinion FPP is more realistic/immersive and for a game like pub that is more fun to me. But it is what it is. Examples include not not being able to lay down and look all around before moving. You need to actually stand/crouch and look around which could put you in danger. When u go into a house. You have to go up the stairs not knowing what’s up there unless u hear something. In TPP u can creep and peak up the stairs or around a corner. If ur having a battle behind cover u can see if the person pushes/flanks/runs away in TPP. In FPP u can flank and push with out them always seeing. But I have evolved my gameplay to suit TPP. And I still love the game. So it doesn’t really matter lol
  3. Buildings and walls loaded in before we hit the ground. But they were empty. No furniture or guns then it all popped in. Idk. Was the only game I played on PTS today and I purposely hot dropped to try it out. I was just hoping for more I guess. Nbd. I’ll still be playing Just wondering if this is how it is for everyone. Cuz I heard it was like Waaayyyy better after this update. But it just seems better lol. Which is dope. Just had higher expectations
  4. Right. But PubG isn’t a typical shooter. Much more tactical. 3rd person takes away from the realism and tactical play due to the TPP peak and ability to see all around. Listen idgaf what I play. Both modes are fun. I would love to be able to play FPP more often. But TPP is fine. I’m just saying I think TPP is less skill based IMO.
  5. Just dropped hacienda to test the rendering update. I mean it wasnt play doh. But nothing else loaded for what seemed longer than before. Pretty lame. X1X. Standard hard drive. Wired. Anyone else not too impressed?
  6. Cuz FPP is more fun and skill based. I mean i play TPP now cuz I’m not waiting for a FPP match n only one other person I play with likes FPP. But that’s why. Cuz they don’t do as good FPP as they do TPP so they get butthurt.
  7. I’m so hype for it. Erangel is my fav too. And this new loot balance seems to make it even better from what I’ve seen on PC streams.
  8. I think I disagree with the first part. While it is annoying when ur shooting someone then the blue gets them. But to be honest. There have been times where I know I’m not making it so I’ll just let the blue get me rather than the dude who’s trying to shoot me from in the zone. Not feeding that douche kills lol
  9. Well the update is gonna be out in “May” they said. Soooo if they plan to keep that expectation I assume you are right for the update going live the 28th.
  10. Well they said the new render update will be out in May didn’t they? So I assume the new pass and all other updates (ump/vector/mp5 and erangel updated map/loot) will come with it. 17 days left to keep good on that lol
  11. Didn’t even know about a graphics upgrade. Was referring to the new buildings and weapon drop rates/damage updates. Also the mp5 and ump/vector changes.
  12. What’s good on that May update for rendering and hopefully the Erangel “remaster”? Anyone read anything lately?
  13. I’d rather have full lobbies. Just my preference. They should just rotate the featured map more often.
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