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  1. Crackingdsnutz


    The SSD will really help out the rendering issues. I'm on X with SSD and seldom have any rendering issues.
  2. Crackingdsnutz


    I've been pretty lucky, in about a dozen matches I have found an M24 four times. Got to suppress it once. Nothing sweeter than getting a one shot kill to someone's dome.
  3. Crackingdsnutz

    Miramar Island ending.

    Think I got you beat. This was my last match in game preview. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/krakendsnutz/screenshot/11028429
  4. Just did my first random squad match in forever. Got matched up with three random and off we go.... All three better out and disconnected on me, so had to one man it. Ended up #4. Why bother going in if you're not going to play? Just rude. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  5. Crackingdsnutz

    How close do u sit to your tv/monitor?

    I'm playing on a 70" Visio and sitting about 8-10' away.
  6. Crackingdsnutz

    Thanksgiving event?

    So for NA players we've got the holiday tomorrow, and for many a four day weekend. Any word yet on what event/s or specials will be going on?
  7. Crackingdsnutz

    425m Kill. New Record!

    Still impressive, not much to shoot at when their that far out.
  8. Crackingdsnutz

    What's your favorite weapon???

    VSS, SKS, M416
  9. Crackingdsnutz

    Searching for teammates!? (Casual / Chill)

    got: KrakenDsNutz NA English Xbox one x
  10. Crackingdsnutz

    Huntsmen and Marksmen [Nov 15-18] Feedback topic

    So far this has been my favorite event mode. Had one match with bad lag on a drop, but mostly been smooth for me. Definitely wouldn't mind if it comes around again.
  11. Crackingdsnutz

    Wanna have some fun?

    Leave the AWM and two single rounds. Quite possible they'll grab it run and only find out two rounds when it's too late to go switch back.
  12. Crackingdsnutz

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Had something similar in duo's a couple months ago. Doing initial loot at ferry pier when my buddy came under fire. He took shelter in the big green roofed house while I headed over to assist. Saw one guy go in the house, ran in behind him with S12k and saw him on far side of room. Sent a double tap at him, saw lots of blood but he didn't go down. Sent another double tap and suddenly I had two kills. As I sent the first set of shots the opponent I had not seen had ran in front of me and intercepted a blast right in the face, then slid off screen to the right. Never even saw him. Looked up on pubglookup after the match, he took all but one pellet to the head.
  13. Crackingdsnutz

    Today has been a struggle

    Soon as I saw where you were running I knew what was coming. Bad way to go out
  14. Crackingdsnutz

    425m Kill. New Record!

    Longest kill was 469m in duo's. Which was a surprise to me, not sure when I got that one. In squads I do remember the 443m kill as it happened in my first six kill game. Way back when you could put 8x on ARs. Got it shooting south from the warehouse near Severny using an AKM,,,, so certainly an element of luck 😁😁
  15. Crackingdsnutz

    Just another reason I love the VSS

    Thanks. In this match I actually gave my buddy an SLR when I got the VSS. He went on to the roof I took this video from and got taken out by someone who heard him coming. Triple tapped his head from another rooftop. Don't always give up a 7.62 DMR for the VSS, but when I do getting three kills in under five minutes sure is nice. Blew helmet off a guy later in the match (no kill) by dropping rounds over the top of a wall, couldn't see anything but a rifle sticking up. Seen two helmet before, saw blood, saw no helmet right after as he relocated.