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  1. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    I don't understand why I should buy an SSD when the rendering worked without it before!??
  2. Im sure a lot of people will agree that this is a serious issue that needs addressing..
  3. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Footsteps are silent again

    Next time it happens I will make sure to clip it, was very upsetting and didn't think to record it.
  4. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Footsteps are silent again

    I'm usually aware of the sound of footsteps well before they shoot at me. But these past couple times they have literally made it into the same room as me before shooting and I don't hear a peep!!!
  5. My friend was killed by a pan from someone well over 100m away I have a clip for proof
  6. I've died numerous times by people who are walking without making a sound. Is there some kind of glitch for this or something!??
  7. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    A couple weeks ago I got back to back dinners 9 and 11 kills with clips of both for proof
  8. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    #pubgdetective that's all I gotta say
  9. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    If I'm winning, I'm probably getting 10 plus so yeah
  10. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Rendering is still garbage

    Drive from Hacienda to Pecado and everything is play dough, seriously!!??
  11. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    tell me your opinion.

    If they fixed the rendering issues, chicken dinners all day
  12. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Game hitches and FPS drops

    Same here along with all my friends who play
  13. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Lack of using test servers?

    Not enough people are playing let alone even care to play
  14. Bring back update 12 please, rendering used to wrok near flawlessly. But somehow y'all manage to ruin it? I'm not buying an SSD. Will be spending time off for a while.