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  1. I died and right before I quit out I hear a voice, so weird....
  2. I thought it was supposed to be Erangel?
  3. Also the loot was terrible, searched a whole barrack at the military base and only found an m16 and a vector
  4. I was told Erangel was going to be the featured map, what happened to that!?
  5. Has anyone got into a game already?
  6. I agree, I always get to the end and try swinging my pan but people still are afraid or something and end up shooting at me.
  7. The quote literally starts with PC is getting this on PTS
  8. Ugh 1v1 for all the trash talkers lol I'd love it!!!
  9. I'm pretty sure this is why quick join gets you into a game the fastest and also why there's no more war mode. Besides the custom games of course. Would love a bolt shot only battle Royale
  10. It used to be great before the release of "1.0" but now I'm falling through floors and bouncing around on my $500 dollar console
  11. One of many problems that didn't exist before previous updates
  12. One could only hope, but truth be told I think it'll never be a thing on Xbox
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