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  1. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Bluehole don't care

    Rendering got worse and more worse when you added sanhok.
  2. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Bluehole don't care

    The truth is and correct me if I'm wrong, they have had rendering issues before releasing a new map and also there was these same issues when sanhok was released. Also they change up parachuting and add new gun skins and other BS you can buy before fixing very serious issues!
  3. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    OMG that video is cringy asf
  4. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    When I first started I picked any and everything up when looting, also didn't have a headset at first.
  5. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Let's face it

    Hope to see this game really fixed before they add any other content. If that isn't the case then they truly have showed us they don't care about us..
  6. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Fix rendering or I quit

    Already did the uninstall all...
  7. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Aim punch is real?

  8. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Update already

    Rendering worked perfectly fine before the 1.0 release! I believe it was patch 12 or 13 that ruined it.
  9. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Get rid of custom games

  10. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    It’s pronounced suh-knock, NOT san-hawk

    Who cares? Fix rendering!!
  11. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    New maps!

    Fix rendering!!!
  12. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Poll to change circle on Vikendi

    Change thhe color on the white circle that's all thank you.
  13. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    Still going on

    I'd be furious, that bug was happening to my friend on the PTS. I throw frags just about every chance I get, my problems with the game still are rendering, and thale fact that I still lose connection to host every day.
  14. Mr Pepsi Ninja

    SSD people

    I was thinking there's something up with certain Xbox one X's because my bro has one and we don't render the same, also he never crashes and I still do
  15. Mr Pepsi Ninja