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  1. Dedzigs

    Vikendi 4 Missions

    I feel @PUBG_Lumos should stream 10 premium passes winners live (like on youtube / twitch), as i feel more people could get more suspicious on draw rigg. As i already said:
  2. Dedzigs


    I already made a post about it.. how everything could be just rigged from begginings..
  3. Dedzigs

    Triumph crates or bust...

    I already made a post about it.. how everything could be just rigged from begginings..
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  5. Soo.. January 32™ it is then?! =-D
  6. Xbox One was released on December 12, 2017 in both digital and physical formats. (~376 days from today) / The official 1.0 release out of the Game Preview program occurred on September 4, 2018. (~111 days from today) Yet, the developers treats us much differently than PC PUBG version.. and clearly it looks like Santa have noticed that too, so no gifts this year for xbox user? Festive Gifts and Holiday Skins We’ve got some special gifts for those who spend time playing our game in December! Seasons Greetings! The holiday seasons are drawing near and the battlegrounds are starting to get a bit… colder. Soon, snow will be falling and to help celebrate that time of year, we’ve got a special gift for those who spend time playing our game in December! The Festive Beanie with Pom Pom and Red Nose will be available in a variety of different ways. First off, login during the event period and receive a 30 day version of them to wear during the month! But wait, what kind of a holiday gift disappears? Place in the top 10 of any map or non-custom game mode ten times during the event and you’ll get permanent versions to wear all year round! Finally, for those looking to get into the holiday spirit in other ways, a sleigh full of other holiday-themed items are now available in the store for a limited time, including an iconic white beard for the jolly price of 10,000 BP! Please see below for event details. EVENT PERIOD Start: Dec 4th 11pm PST / Dec 5th 8am CET / Dec 5th 4pm KST End: Dec 26th 6:59am PST / Dec 26th 3:59pm CET / Dec 26th 11:59pm KST EVENT CRITERIA AND REWARDS Login during the event period * Reward: Festive Beanie with Pom Pom (30 days), Red Nose (30 days) * Upon completion of the following mission, you will receive both items permanently! Reach top 10 ten times during the event period in any map or game mode * Reward: Festive Beanie with Pom Pom (Permanent), Red Nose (Permanent) Check out the Player Care Package system (carepackage icon) at the right top of the lobby to see event progress and claim your rewards. Thanks and Happy Holidays! -The PUBG Team List of individual skins Name Image Category Rarity Price Santa's Beard Mask Epic 10,000 BP Festive Horse Mask Hat Epic $4.99 Festive Striped Scarf (Red) Mask Elite $4.99 List of Santa Set Name Image Category Rarity Price Festive Jacket and Vest Shirt Elite $4.99 Festive Gloves (Red) Gloves Classic $2.49 Festive Shorts (Red) Pants Special $4.99 Festive Boots Shoes Classic $0.99 List of Elf Set Name Image Category Rarity Price Festive Chicken Sweater Shirt Rare $4.99 Festive Shorts (Green) Pants Rare $4.99 Festive Boots (Green) Shoes Special $2.49 https://www.pubg.com/2018/12/05/festive-gifts-and-holiday-skins/ https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Event/Holiday_2018
  7. Dedzigs

    Vikendi 4 Missions

    Wew.. I am awfully sorry at the terrible state of my English abilities, as for the English language is not my mother tongue. I hope you forgive me for every foolish mistake I make. Yep, i too don't really care about rewards as long its fair.. 😕
  8. Dedzigs

    Vikendi weapon spawns

    rumors: Micro UZI will be changed to PP-19 Bizon https://pubg.gamepedia.com/PP-19_Bizon
  9. https://forums.pubg.com/topic/319637-pts-vikendi-mission-event/ PTS Vikendi Mission Event Please note that these missions must be completed on the PTS, not in the live game. These missions are not tracked automatically in-game, so players will need to track their progress manually. = MISSION EVENT ACCEPTED. Event Period = EVENT PERIOD FOLLOWED. (all missions was done durring this timeframe) Starts: December 21 9PM PST / 6AM CET Ends: December 24 12AM PST / 9AM CET Get 4 kills in a single match = DONE. (pretty easy one) Play a match without using any healing/boost items and survive at least 5 minutes = DONE. (done it twice or three times, just to make sure) Travel at least 1km by parachute = DONE. (same done it twice or more times, just to make sure it counts in there "data base") Get a roadkill using a vehicle and reach top 10 = DONE. (manage to do it twice, not counting while casual try-hard playing PUBG) In this event, everyone who completes the below missions on the PTS will earn 2 Triumph Crates! = ELIGIBLE FOR EARNING. Additionally, we will randomly draw 10 lucky winners from those who completes all of the missions to win a Premium Pass when it is released in January. = ELIGIBLE FOR DRAW. Xbox Gamertag: Helvijs Butauts Email address: Private message me on this forums Gender: Male Age: 24 Is this cringe?: Alittle bit, yes Are you for real: Yes Posting this just to be sure i'm counted in on event missions "eligible to win stuff", last time they did event like this 'i lost, i quess' (it was Bug reports on Mirmara, were able to win some cool stuff, like that brown jacked wich was actually given away for free, on Sanhoks realease or something.. and stuff like that), thing is i followed there rules, and posted everything nice as they told, but they changed there formats as how to report (like you must add this and that format, last thing they just added different website to post all reports there), so i did try to follow there rules and i reposted some on that different website, yet i still 'i lost, i quess'. Long story short i feeld that it was pretty much rigged / winnner picked quickly on random / i even saw some Xbox PUBG twitch & youtube streamer wearing them, even there was like hundreds of people that was trying to win (i think max was 10 winner, rest just got some creats). Either way, good luck everyone winning those creats / premium passes. :-] Note to developers who doing this event, please next time try not to do track manually count, and would be cool idea that premium passes winners would be picked live on twitch stream or something like that, so people could see how the winner draw works. Here are some cute PUBG cats meanwhile we wait for January, drawn winners & LIVE Vikendi map release.
  10. Dedzigs

    Did Bluehole forget we exist?

    https://old.reddit.com/r/PUBGXboxOne/comments/a54m77/can_we_get_some_communication/ PUBG CORP RESPONSE Can We Get Some Communication?? self.PUBGXboxOne submitted 10 hours ago by LeChefK_Tang Seeing official posts on the Ps4 pubg reddit, but nothing over here, makes people feel like you are focusing resources in only certain areas at once. How hard is it to have someone make a community post for each one? All we have gotten is delays, while watching attention be given to PS4 and PC. Anything to make us feel loved? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [–]PUBG_Andymh5Community Coordinator 35 points 5 hours ago Hi, the PTS was delayed but we are targeting to have it live this sometime this week. We will be posting patch notes as soon as we get the green light to do so. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [–]PUBG_Andymh5Community Coordinator 21 points 5 hours ago We will have more details to share regarding Vikendi very soon.
  11. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..
  12. Yeh probably.. idk i thought game releasing tommorow. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..