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  1. Oh yes, the customization menu absolutely. Don't know how that slipped my mind. That thing is brutal.
  2. Now that the game is running much better I think they should put some resources into the lobby. 1. Make it not so laggy when switching map preference/3man squad duo etc... 2. We should be able to have custom lobby backgrounds or Clan lobby backgrounds. How cool would that be? This could be an entirely new line of unlockables via bp or season pass or both. -Gun lockers, Gun racks, Back pack and Armor racks, Clan logos, maybe a statboard on the wall with latest wins, etc... I think that would be really cool. How neat would it be if you didn't play yesterday and then you jump on today and one of your clanmates unlocked that sweet looking new gun locker, or that gold skinned M4 that is now mounted right in the background?
  3. That's why I always hotdrop to get looted up and then stay away from buildings for the rest of the match. It's too easy for a team to camp in houses in alot of cases. I'd rather run the fields and trees moving from cover to cover and be able to see in all directions at all times. Much harder for people to get a cheap kill on you.
  4. We were mowen em down the other night. I was running an akm and using silenced m16 on single fire for my ranged shots. I think I blacked out after 6 or 7 kills. I don't even remember the rest. 25 kill dinner for us. Tootoogood!
  5. Team Eat Butt finished with 2 squad dinners in a row last night. We're the best.
  6. Oh Harold you naughty naughty boy. Those afk's don't deserve you. But more importantly, you don't deserve them.
  7. This might not be the best snipe ive ever had, but I think it looks cool. It almost looks like the bullet curves into the target. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/chuggme/video/59236796
  8. Sorry, double posted and i'm not seeing how to delete this comment.
  9. Can't stand always having to enter and exit a vehicle after just getting out so the vehicle will stop idling
  10. Interesting theory since they said themselves that removing the cosmetic items improved performance... Remember back in the day when the maps used to be littered with clothing? I'd suggest you check the old patch notes there buddy.
  11. I don't want to take any of it out of the game forever. Some thing(s) are slowing this game down, creating network lag, dsync issues, crashes, etc. Until it's figured out I think remove everything that isn't absolutely essential and reintroduce them 1 by 1 that way they can pinpoint the problem.
  12. I get that, but 95% of the time that I see a hat laying on the ground I either immediately see a gun without ammo, or already saw a gun without ammo in the same area, which has the same effect in terms of knowing someone is around.
  13. Why, when there are severe performance crushing issues plaguing this game, are there things like: -birds flying in the sky -flys buzzing around trash bags -buzzing noises from said flys -exhaust smoke effects from vehicles -spent magazines on the ground -spent painkiller bottles on the ground -spent energy drinks on the ground -cosmetic hats on the ground -pipes with dripping water Etc...??? I don't know anything about making games and such but i'm pretty sure all of these little things put strain on the system. If they're combining things like sniper and shotty bullet loops to improve performance, then it stands to reason that removing these other useless items for the time being would do the same.
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