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  1. NA servers are ez EU is filled with pub stars
  2. i know this might be a bit of a crazy suggestion but if you've played erangel 9x in a row....... change from quick join to standard for a few games?
  3. we should be able to lean while using nades
  4. this has probably been posted but the lobbys are bugged. under 50 people every FPP game where before the update there was full lobbies
  5. got it man thank you!
  6. has anyone else bought the survivor pass and it's still saying upgrade to premum on the level screen? unable to collect rewards etc. @PUBG_Andymh5
  7. do you know if they are getting rid of the region lock? i can only play EU when i have a full team of EU players. if i go random squads i'm in NA servers
  8. yeah, a decent player but unbearable to watch as he spits into a cup every 2 seconds. 🤮
  9. i land first on lobster, have to run around on roof for 10 seconds or jump to second floor to find a spawned gun... kinda defeats purpose of landing first. was going to buy SSD once they fix the game with a hotfix but if people are saying it doesn't fix much i won't bother
  10. well done, another terrible update. freezing at start of game, lost connection to host, drops in fps.. do i go on? honestly the most incompetent developers in the world. going to take a 3 or 4 month break and see if things are better by then. uninstalled for now, bye!
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