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  1. I was using a SLR no skin and a M4 with de red skin, in other situation crash when was in motobike with m24 artic digital and m4 red skin. I hope this help in something because this is turning very very frustating , my teammate also have crash issue.
  2. Fucking crash is back, I was in the last 4 and guess what...CRASH THE GAME
  3. Parachute is from grandmaster, and the crash was when I landing in podvosto
  4. Happens twice to my friend and once to me In less than 20 min.
  5. Crash is back, ahh shit here we go again
  6. Totally agree with the post a week since the problem started and nothing, there is no solution so far to something that should be resolved in a couple of days, there are people exhausted, angry, frustrated with the game because it is always the same with each update, add something or want to fix something and fuck others. should give us a compensation for all the problems and problems, I imagine that there are players who bought the pass and can not play properly to unlock missions or items, things like these should not happen. and the new super weapon AWM416 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/xousen/video/75575782
  7. Its not about region lock, is about the server issue , People of EU and SA are located on server in OC.
  8. Same here, custom match OC, solo, dúo or squad OC, im from SA, 3 DAYS and the issue still there.
  9. Its unplayable in OC , lag, dsync , every action you do its 1 or 2 sec later. Im from SA.
  10. I have the issue to , I am from South américa and shows oc server to play.
  11. Harold Brock dont play pubg, pubg play Harold Brock 😂
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