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  1. Harold Brock dont play pubg, pubg play Harold Brock 😂
  2. When I pick up a gun i reload with the trigger, is more faster than hold the X , after a spray or shoot all the bullets do the same, maybe can help a litle
  3. Quick join ist only sanhok now... pfff you fucked up, the standar list never find a match
  4. ADD INFO PUBG REPLAY: https://pubg-replay.com/match/xbox/dc49f7fc-c396-44b9-b613-dffc3ccef901?highlight=XOUSEN in this picture you can see the line of the shot which is clearly through the wall, I draw a blue line where they could have hit me (nobody shot me out there) the bullets and the red line which is where there is a wall .
  5. I publish it again because I think it was erased, the thing is that in this video it is clearly shown a player shooting and killing through the wall, he killed me, and others in another building, it is clearly seen as I walk down the corridor and I start to get shots from a place where there is clearly no angle until the end of the room, now, if this is not what I think, what is it? tell me your opinion. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/xousen/video/73220447
  6. My teammate have another one, they blow up the litle noise bitch hahaha
  7. My game freezing right after i land and when im looting🤐 this happens in every match Xbox one x
  8. Im happy with a kark, m24, sks, slr or vss hahaha. If i have to pick 2 would be m24 and slr
  9. Yes, Ive broken some lvl 3 vest with it, its a beast
  10. Last night it happens again, as shown in the video I think this happens when a grenade is thrown near a wall .. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xousen/video/66073337
  11. It only happened once but I could try to replicate it
  12. As the title says ... I was in a gunfight and I pulled a grenade and then when I wanted to choose my weapon my character started to shiver as if he had hypothermia. xbox one x ,wired connection ,squad tpp ,NA region, near of Mount kreznic. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xousen/video/65914657
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