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  1. RabidGofer

    ask pubg

    Can back this up, in my nearly 3000 games I’ve only found one player definitely using knm, they straffed left and right while keeping their reticle square on my chest/head
  2. RabidGofer

    Fix the blurry X2 scope!!

    I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but the 3x brightness is off as well. While ADS it’s darker than your surroundings. First noticed it on Mirimar last night. Anyone else?
  3. RabidGofer

    Worse server state in a long time

    Pretty sure Andy was just a very passionate member of this community and rose to the rank of Community Moderator. I see it that way because I know they are just working for a pay cheque and to my understanding don’t really have a strong influence on buisness decisions. We have all had that boss that says jump and you gotta ask how high
  4. RabidGofer

    Worse server state in a long time

    You are correct, it will not solve all the different issues that many players are experiencing but it’s a start. I feel for Andy and the other members of the PUBG Xbox Community Managers/Developers that have to read through all these kinds of threads only to find a very small amount of constructive criticism. I know that sometimes I am lost for words with some of the crap I see on here, cannot begin to imagine how they would feel. I agree with you, all of the different issues many users experience are not all server side issues. Some if not most are client side and I guess some people aren’t aware of this, therefore the only people left to blame are the developers or community managers. This should not be the case, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I believe if people get that worked up over a game just turn the bloody thing off. Is it really worth the increased heart rate, cortisone and frustration? Just have to remember some of the people in this forum are trolls and will do anything to get you to take a bite of their bait. Not worth your time if you ask me.
  5. RabidGofer

    Worse server state in a long time

    And this is why the Mods and Devs ignore suggestions from the community. Having to wade through a page and a half of two people going back and forth arguing. Put your dicks away this isn’t a pissing contest. Actually band together and suggest things that can help the developers. That way we might actually get something that the community as a whole has asked for.
  6. RabidGofer

    Worse server state in a long time

  7. RabidGofer

    Kar98 clips

    https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuyNV3fSrc2ihEUtJ1qW34FVBNDk only clip I’ve remembered to record while out in the field 😂
  8. RabidGofer

    Anyone interested in tournaments??

    RabidGofer Just wondering about times and dates. I work 45+ hours a week. keen on solo, duo or squads.
  9. RabidGofer


    Now this might seem outlandish, but please bear with me. Alternatively there could just be ONE team designing skins and they are given orders to work on certain designs for a specific release date. Crazy right? This might explain the wait for your “free” skins. Products that have cash value will always be worked first until an alternative becomes available.
  10. RabidGofer


    I swear I’ve read in another thread that there are several teams that work on different aspects of the console game. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  11. RabidGofer

    Is this real life?

    That’s just confusing. “48 to 0.45” then “0dmg” “0 to dead”? So he was already dead or what?
  12. This would do wonders for gameplay. Currently losing gunfights I normally win. Cannot hear anyone approaching the area I’m in. Gunshots that sound hundreds of meters away are actually less than 50 meters in front of the game character. Vechile sounds are also off. Even a scheduled maintenance once every two weeks would be amazing.
  13. RabidGofer

    Is this real life?

    What indeed. Any video of the shootout?
  14. RabidGofer

    Vikendi Possible PTS Date

    Or you know we could just wait until we see patch notes or an announcement from an offical PUBG staff member? Instead of getting your hopes up and getting salty when nothing happens
  15. RabidGofer

    What's your favorite weapon???

    Depends on the map Erengal and Mirimar M416 - lightweight or vert grip, Comp, extended mag and tack stock kar98K - flash hider, bullet loops, 6x Sanhok Beryl - vert or lightweight, extended mag and comp sks - vert grip, extended mag, 4x or 6x and a flash hider