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  1. Does this include the “lost connection to host” bug when loading into a match?
  2. Most of the time. When I do play with friends we are in a party. There is one person I play with who lives in my country, we were playing squad games tonight and got one OC Squad match on Mirimar with 31 People Alive. Played about 5-7 games total. The other people I play with live in the UK and NA.
  3. TPP, Squads mostly standard lobby. Gamertag as is here.
  4. My dudes, report them via Xbox live, state what they are doing and then say “PUBG Corp run by Krafton Game Union(?) choose to do nothing about this.” Pretty sure after mass reports Xbox will have to step in.
  5. Not even that. Can confirm the phrase “idiots like you” will result in insta comms ban
  6. Same but in reverse. OC is my local server, still get matched in EU and NA. Every single squad game, no matter the time of day or night. The only local game I’ve played was a solo game. Very frustrating knowing you’ll die because your ping is at 250+ almost all the time and it’s been since they implemented region lock. I’ve been pipping up about it every update to no avail. I personally play 3 games before I call it quits out of frustration and just having enough of it. If I don’t have a decent game out of those 3 Ill turn it off and head over to another game because I’m just sick and tired of playing OOR which leads to high ping, desync, teammates that speak a different language and a shitty death. (Don’t get me wrong I’m all for them speaking their mother tounge, but Jesus after 6 months of it, it gets a little frustrating knowing there’s other players out there that speak your language but matchmaking is that broken it does what it does) I played this game pretty much since game preview release and it’s while there have been huge improvements, it doesn’t make up for the fact that there a lot of players dealing with similar stuff. How many forum members are there vs concurrent players?
  7. I’ve had one game in my local server which was stable at 15-25 every other game is between 215-260 on NA and 300-380 on EU
  8. Thank you very much for your response RoboDanjal. I know I’ve heavily criticised your work in the past but I’m genuinely impressed with the direction this game is headed. keep up the good work. 👍🏼🍗
  9. I’m in OC and when I play squads the first game I’ll play will be matched in my native server (OC) but every game after that alternates between NA and EU mostly on the EU side. Is is it because there isn’t a large enough population in both NA and OC servers? Pushing everyone to EU servers?
  10. @PUBG_Andymh5 Hello Andy, I was wondering if you’ve heard from the team regarding the upcoming update? Is everything on track or have they hit something along the way that can cause unexpected delays? TIA
  11. Man you’re going to hate what’s coming up, I’ll only say this: Gas Cans
  12. Thank you! I was so lost, I’ve been watching a few people on my friends list that have mnk to see if it pops up for them, thinking it was a sure-fire way to tell who was using one. Thank you for clearing this up though. my watch has ended 😂
  13. South Korea taking tips from their northerly neighbours? 😂 Honestly though, I think it’s too hard for them to use these replay website as evidence, like it could be edited or tampered with to show what the person reporting wants it to show. And I remember hearing from someone that all their in-house replay systems run off of a text file being converted to video format which can show inaccurate information.
  14. I am seeing this more and more in my friends list and I’m legitimately confused. Has anyone seen this or has an explanation? I’ve seen little controller and headset symbols but never seen this before. Also seeing it with people playing black ops 4 and dayz.
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