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  1. Yes but why should I take 45 minutes to an hour to gather all the evidence, upload it, attach it, fill out a report then wait for a generic “we’re looking into it” email. When reporting in game, a minute of video evidence is sent along with the report, this should be enough evidence for the “anti-cheat” team to “investigate” further. Not “oh hi, yeah here literally everything I’ve got I’m pretty sure this guy is cheating” only to get the generic nonchalant response. Honestly used to love this game but this piss poor communication from Karfton Gaming, dodgy updates and inconsistent game play and rampant cheating has driven me up the wall.
  2. There is no “cheating” selection when you try and report in game, could you clarify this please.
  3. Title. Cant get a game or an error message. I have tried restarting PUBG PTS and power cycling my Xbox with no success. Only started to happen after the new update was downloaded. Gets to 7 seconds in and fails.
  4. 7am my local time. I can work it, see on you the battle grounds. ✌🏼
  5. I’m quite the average player but do have some clutch moments every now and then. Let me know where I can find some details I’ll have a look.
  6. Alright we get it you’re good. Plug your mixer and YouTube somewhere else dude
  7. I’ve always wanted to do this props to the other guy for being a good sport and actually going with it 😂
  8. Isn’t the game running on an outdated engine though? Actually wondering not sarcasm.
  9. Last night I had 5 dudes push us my squad, we died but soon realized the 5 th guy in a yeti suit actually pushed behind them when they pushed us, waited for us to die then he engaged the other squad, while his squad surrounded them as took them out. Its not always teaming, sometimes it’s just “I’m going to sneak up behind these guys and fuck their day right up”
  10. Hi Andy I was curious if the dev team had an update on their progress? Do they expect to finish the project to get into Microsoft for certification for an end of month release? Or if they’ve encountered any critical issues that may delay the update?
  11. I mean at the end of the day maybe an update from the dev team about the progress they are making with this update coming. Like do they think they will be sending in the content for Xbox to give the okay on time for a end of the month release? Basically just asking if they’ve come across anything critical issues that delays the update.
  12. I had to have a look at what he exactly said. Looks like it’ll be more optimisations etc rather than one of the newest pc updates. I’m hopeful that the mp5 will be coming with this update though
  13. Andy has said by the end of May we will see an update. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get pushed back
  14. Those long buildings on Mirimar with the two story ends either side are called the twin towers amongst my crew. Small buildings placed around the map are shit shacks UAZ Is U-A-Z UMP is U-M-P Kar98k is K9 M24 is 2-4 M249 is 2-4-9er AWM is A-W-M Sniper/Guard towers on Erengal are Wizard Towers Mirado is Mustang dacia is Datson Motorbike w/side car is three wheeler there are so many but without being in the moment it’s hard to remember them all.
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