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  1. This. I’m in OC and whenever I jump onto random squads I’m always matched to NA and EU. Last night was the first run of 4+ games on my local OC server with a random squad.
  2. RabidGofer

    In game reporting

    So I just had to report someone for cheating in game, and I noticed there is no “cheating” selection. Instead the only options are “teaming”, “intentional team kill”, “grieving” and “improper nickname” there was one more but I cannot remember but it definitely wasn’t to do with cheating. My question is this; How can you say that you’re doing everything you can to combat and investigate cheating when your in game reporting method doesn’t mention cheating at all?
  3. RabidGofer

    do something about team killing please

    I feel like a system that siege 6 has would work well, get banned immediately for 30 minutes after the second time, 40 minutes the next and so on
  4. RabidGofer

    Load / Render

    Gameplay at the moment is back to where it was when I started playing in June ‘18, the only thing missing is the game crashes and the ready up bug. Seriously though we have had no offical communication from the development team for weeks. I get it, the backlash they receive when you do post is quite overwhelming but just letting us stew like this, then giving us a 20 level boost on the Vikendi Pass. What about the people who didn’t buy it? Well now they have an incentive to drop even more money on a game that continues to disappoint. i think that this is what is getting to us the most. The lack of communication, the blatant money grabs, the illusion they push onto us that the game is improving. now that the exclusivity deal has expired and the other cash cow has opened up I feel there should be enough money in their budget to hire a P.R Team. Yknow to keep us updated about what is actually happening behind the scene inb4”pubgisfineitsyourconnectionandhardware”
  5. RabidGofer

    Biggest quality of life complaints currently

    Number 3 is an odd experience. I’ve had it happen twice now and I honestly don’t know what to make of it. I know in pc there was a bug that let you hear mollies upto a kilometre away
  6. RabidGofer

    LVL3 gear? where it go?

    Quick one for you all; since the update has anyone found level 3 gear on the other maps? I played sanhok a few times last night and found two level 3 vests on the ground 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. RabidGofer

    Why are the BP only crates missing?

    Hey I think you meant to post this to the pc section, you’re currently in the Xbox section
  8. RabidGofer

    80 Person Games

    The other 40 players?
  9. A good fun 5 minutes, until we realized we had to walk 3/4's of the map. Other vehicles he was able to see. The first one however; well that was the one that got away. Bug Description: Squad mate could not see UAZ or any squad mates in it. Location: Erangel, Vehicle was near Shelter originally. Evidence: Squad mates POV: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuyNV3fSrc2ihEst_PbqTblmU5ik My POV (multiple links): https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuyNV3fSrc2ihEst_PbqTblmU5ik https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuyNV3fSrc2ihEst_PbqTblmU5ik Replication: Nothing known to myself yet. The squad mate said he walked upto the UAZ near shelter and when he attempted to get in it vanished. Xbox One Version: I am on an OG, so was the squad mate Connection: He said his connection was wireless Game Mode: Squads, TPP on NA Server. Match ID is: 401.3.1.32 - 1E4EEE @PUBG_Andymh5
  10. Yes it did. Thank you for the app as well very enjoyable
  11. Thanks for the tip my dude! Much appreciated. 👍🏼
  12. While you’re here, I’ve had an issue with the app not updating, for days at a time
  13. RabidGofer

    Can someone please explain this?

    Thank you! I never actually realised I was in the blue. This makes sense to me now. Also the guy that said I seemed salty; it’s hard to get context from text on a screen I know but please don’t assume you know what I feel . Oddly enough PUBG lookup will show damage when your knocked. I thought it would show the same for the blue 🤷🏽‍♂️
  14. “Aug A3 to Torso 28 dmg 79-51 Aug A3 to Head 45dmg 45 to dead” im throughly confused here. Considering I see people walk away with health down the two decimal points, what happened? Can anyone please explain? I have no clip only the PUBG replay.
  15. RabidGofer

    My son steals my kills

    Please tell me his gamer tag is Pajama Son