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    A new working video

    Thanks for posting it, I really enjoyed it.
  2. Thanks. I’m trying it. Mixer on chrome seems to just not work on my iPad or on my Mac. Sits there. Nothing happens.
  3. How do you find the clip? I found that I killed a few streamers which amazed me, but how do you find the section of their stream where that happens?
  4. I was at the 800m range in training ground to try and improve my sniping and I remembered something. It always feels like I’m running slower holding a UMP vs an M4, but surely it’s just the animation. And I had tested running without a gun vs holding an M4 or some other AR but only over 100m. I had found a 1 second difference but that could be 0.5 or 1.5. The 800m range is perfect for the test. Well, I did 400m. Holding the M4 1m 5s Holding the UMP 1m 3s Not holding a weapon 1m 2s Surprising that I ran faster with the UMP vs the M4. I did the M4 test twice, the others only once. Running without a weapon feels a lot faster but it’s not and I don’t think it’s worth it. You aren’t really going much faster. Over 1km you gain 2-3 secs over holding a UMP, and 7-8s over holding an M4.
  5. If I press the map button while in the main screen, I get to rewards. Then I press the RB button and I’m in Missions. Half the time, the screen is blank like this: The top menu still says Rewards. I press RB again and I’m in Coupon Shop. The half of the time it works fine. XBoxOneX with external ssd.
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    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    I took a silenced mini off a guy who didn’t need it anymore, and added a 4x. Very very nice. Delicious. https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/00da4fcc-f0d1-4d1f-92e0-be50233f3a62 https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/1893aa3e-01c6-4102-8e73-314fc694194e Wish I could have a silenced mini 4x every game.
  7. It’s slightly embarrassing to find myself above the demigod known as Thumbless GaGa on the inappropriately named "Leaderboard". I mean I’m not that far behind him in kdr, or win rate.. umm.. errr.. Anyway, so I did read the release from PUBG about this board. Understood. It’s just the name is wrong. It’s not a Leaderboard. Perhaps "Addictionboard" might not find favor but some alternative is surely needed. Just putting it out there. Seeing as I've started.. my suggestion on actual leaderboard stuff for PUBG.. most of us who love this game are never going to be on a real Leaderboard, and aren’t the slightest bit upset about that. No natural talent, etc. However, knowing that for a kdr of 1.3 you are (for kdr) in the top 10% of people who’ve played more than x games this month or week - that is quite interesting. Maybe it’s the top 30%. We don’t know. Likewise for wins. Anyway, when I first started playing this game in March last year, and explored each of the menu options there was something saying that I was in the top 1.3M. Yes, I was that awesome. I worked out that the NA solo TPP server had 1.3M players. Simple logic. So when the new real Leaderboard comes out, some metric of where we are is pretty interesting. The old system had an elo rating but was obviously badly flawed as I would go from top 49% on win rating to the top 2% on win rating from one day to the next without any new wins. And back. The kill rating was a bit less flawed on that measure, as I would bounce around between 0.6% to 5%, But clearly even that range is not possible.
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    My first ever FRIED CHICKEN DINNER

    You are now in the Pantheon of Greats
  9. Conceptually having an ELO rating for kills and for wins makes sense. But I don’t believe it’s possible for the ratings to bounce around as much as they did.
  10. There might be better websites but these two have been very useful. Would appreciate comments on other sites and other ways to learn more. A. Example - I'm on Sanhouk, there's 20-30 people left and I'm moving between a small group of rocks trying to see who else is out there. I'm well inside the next circle. I hear a grass snake and easily finish him off - thanks friend. 10 seconds later a grenade comes in and I'm instantly running but not sure where the grenade came from. A guy shoots me dead after I've broken cover from the rocks. Who threw the grenade? Was it that guy? Where was he? (I know we have spectate mode but it only tells you who killed you and where they are 5 secs after they killed you and not where they came from before or who else was out there). So I go to pubg-replay (it takes half an hour or so for that game to show up in the list) and watch my game. I check the stats of the grass snake. krd 0.5. I see that the player who killed me must have been the one to throw the grenade. I carry on watching the game (blocks for characters but you can see who kills who, what guns and scopes they are using). Omg, this guy is slaying everyone. He mostly works from cover near the middle of the circle, not moving in from the edge. He is always moving. Finally he dies as mr #2. I check his stats with pubglookup.com and he has an average krd of over 8. Using pubg-replay.com I can see his recent game against me he got 16 kills! B. Example - I was on Sanhouk (please pubg let us have Sanhouk back, please!!) playing 1-man squads. Not because I'm any good, but it definitely helps sharpen up my skills. (Mostly very frustrating but when you take down a whole squad and then more it's nirvana). I knock a guy who has started to run through quarry and don't see any of his friends come to help. The circle is coming in right behind me. I start running through quarry and get shot in the back by a vector. Never saw the guy. Was it the other guy's friends coming from a different direction? Was it a camper? Why didn't I see this guy? I go to replay and the guy I killed died in the blue. It also shows me in the game listing that I had 4 kills, not 3. When I died I had 3 kills, but the knocked guy must have died in the blue and I got the credit posthumously. That's nice! I also see - and this bit amazed me - how little attention I am paying to who is around me. As I left the little compound of 4 houses just west of quarry 2 guys were coming in right after me. As I ran down into quarry these 2 guys were 20 -30m behind me. I was shocked. I should be looking more. Looking harder. Just a couple of examples and I just do it on some games, but it has helped a lot and I've learned these things: 1. The people who kill me, even assassinations where I don't see them, have higher kdrs than me most of the time. My kdr in the old stats was 1.15 and currently with the new stats is about 1.3. Usually when I look up the person who killed me they are 1.6, 1.8.. 2... and higher. The people I kill usually have lower kdrs than me. Even though there is a certain amount of luck we can see skill counts most of the time. Of course, I'm really upset now when I look someone up who killed me and see a much lower kdr.. but happy when I kill someone who has a higher kdr. I don't look up everyone, just some of the time, often while I am waiting for the next game (I often video my kills and my failures using the xbox dvr - I can see their names without going to pubg replay) 2. There isn't skill based matchmaking on PUBG. Yesterday I spectated the guy who killed me on Vikendi. He went on to win and his stats were 4.4. His win ratio was over 10% I think. Someone with kdr 8 must be in the top 0.01%, probably even top 0.001% of players. Someone with over 4 must be in the top 0.1% probably better. No way is there skill based matchmaking in general. (Possibly if there are so many people trying to join a lobby that it makes sense, maybe the system does do it at those times). 3. High kdr players are usually always moving unless they are in hard cover. I try and do this, even if I'm behind a rock out in the open on Vikendi. Comments appreciated from stronger players on this topic... you can't move much when you are behind a rock.. anyone with a kdr over 2 like to offer advice? (I'm mostly playing tpp). 4. I need to really make more of an effort to spot people behind me. I do look behind me often. And to the sides. But clearly I am missing out a lot. Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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    BV (before Vikendi) I was playing Sanhouk just about all the time. But I like Mirimar, I liked it more than Erangel - I know that’s a minority opinion. Since Vikendi I’m playing all maps and having lots of fun on Mirimar. This kind of fun is rare on Sanhouk: https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/e625556a-6c73-4c71-8c40-cefa41765b5a
  12. stevecarsonr

    Does anyone else love the R45 revolver?

    The Skorpion is awesome. Don't usually carry a sidearm once I have 2 proper guns, but often I will keep the Skorpion - even though I don't have the habit of pulling out my sidearm. 40 rounds with the extended, red dot, it's low recoil. Feels better than the microUzi.
  13. I've watched lots of wtfMoses and his breakdowns, he is awesome. Any suggestions for Xbox players who stream? I watch Ben from thebeardguys and averagesniper (less clips from him these days). I’ve watched quite a bit of chocoTaco and Fugglet but the PC experience is somewhat different. Also, of course, the amazing WackyJacky.
  14. stevecarsonr

    Training mode - please help me pros.

    I have a similar experience. Not a delay. But in training my shooting seems pretty good, I switch between a 3x and soft aim when people get in close. I don't switch sides unintentionally by pressing down on the left joystick while peeking right. I go into soft aim instead of hip fire when people are 5m away.. Then I play a game. Miss my first shots, use hip fire when people are 5m away, switch peeking sides by pressing down on the left stick when I didn't want to so I'm shooting into empty space, forget I have a 3x and ads when I should soft aim. Basically my game play is a fair bit below my training ground play. I can't quite figure out why (ok I can, it's the pressure!), or what to do about it.
  15. stevecarsonr

    Only took 1000 hours of game time

    Great work! I've had 3 wins in the last month or two where I didn’t kill the last guy, but never a zero kill game. This one I ran over one guy with my bike as he was trying to shoot me. Tooled around the last few circles on it but nobody shot at me. In the last 10 people or so took the bike up a hill with trees thinking someone would be camping there but still no one shot at me. Running low on fuel I stole the truck up there, plus I like them for added cover on Mirimar when the final circle is open ground. There I am waiting to fight the last guy.. https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/81c58eb0-acbc-4907-a119-13800a42b8ac Wasn't trying to be a camper, wasn’t trying to avoid a fight. Just how it turned out. I never fired a gun the whole game.
  16. stevecarsonr

    Does anyone else love the R45 revolver?

    I think I first used it just a week or two ago - would always swap it for any other sidearm - and was amazed how good it was. I’m terrible with pistols but this one felt good. Probably because I killed someone with it..
  17. stevecarsonr

    I'll pay for sahhook

    I’m not one of the angry people. I’m not judging, I just don’t have many of the problems others are reporting. I’m enjoying playing all the maps even though I used to play Sanhouk days at a time and then occasionally take a few games in the larger maps for a change (and it might force to play with a shotgun and pistol). I’m enjoying Vikendi. But I would definitely like Sanhouk back, or a Sanhouk & Vikendi option.
  18. stevecarsonr

    Tommy Gun infinite ammo

    It’s like the pan text.
  19. stevecarsonr

    Suggestion Idea. Clothing Classes

    When I saw the title I thought, finally someone is going to explain why some outfits just don’t work. The yellow tracksuit. The communist party hat along with miniskirt. The halter top on a guy. And so on.
  20. stevecarsonr

    Tommy Gun infinite ammo

    You should try it. It definitely works.
  21. stevecarsonr

    The worst task on Survivor Pass

    Some of the missions are fun, some are in my "just can’t be bothered" category, some are in my "can’t do them because I don’t have any (PUBG) friends" category, and some inbetween. Like the "Cement factory kill 3 people" challenge. It’s so awesome because I already liked cement factory and would land there if was over the early flight path - and now everyone is landing there. It was like Bootcamp just now. I’d already done the challenge but why not hot drop? Killed 4 there and then someone else 200m away who engaged as I was driving away. And then I took 15 secs to loot because I was very short on 5.56 ammo. And got shot and killed by an SLR. My tip. Never loot. But I digress. Likewise Dino park and Castle. Had never landed there. But now I’ve completed the 10x land and 1 kill challenge I love Castle. I hate Dino park. But that’s just me. Like others have said, it gets you changing what you do, what guns you use, so it’s lots of fun.
  22. Good job you had plenty of health!
  23. stevecarsonr

    Anyone else terrible post update?

    My stats are improved a bit (my kdr stats are up, but my win ratio is right down, lots of second places). I’m in Australia and best case I had a 0.5 second disadvantage compared to most people in NA, which was the server I was playing on all the time. Worst case, who knows. The game was very playable almost all the time - lucky seeing as I am a registered PUBG addict - but I would have those times where I thought I was firing right at a guy at close range and he would look up and kill me and I’d taken only 20% of his health or even zero. I’d emptied half a clip down sights from 5m away. My shooting is terrible but you wonder. Now I’m in the OC server and not experiencing those problems. Not so far. I have been shot through the walls once at least I think (Castle? Villa?). But I’ve played a lot of games and not seen many issues. I will try playing some FPP games again and that puts me in the NA server so I’ll see what happens.
  24. Karma. This is my second game I think where I’ve got the win without killing the last guy, but I’ve had at least three where I’ve had to pick high or low spots and the circle has gone the other way, giving Mr. #2 the win without having to kill me. So I’ll take it, but it did make me laugh.
  25. The PUBG gods smile https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/81c58eb0-acbc-4907-a119-13800a42b8ac