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  1. Thanks a lot! I thought that would turn off the option to let me record but it didn’t - I can still record my occasional good shooting and don’t have a record of my awful shooting. Appreciate the help.
  2. Since the Vikendi update my Xbox records every gunfight, or every fight where someone dies. So I’ve got like nearly 100. Super annoying. Any ideas how I turn it off - I do really want to keep the option of pressing the home button and X to record something I want to record.
  3. stevecarsonr

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I played a lot of games yesterday (Australian yesterday, so from early afternoon US EST to early morning of the next day in the US). Running an Xbox OneX with external SSD, internet is very reliable but just 10Mbps down, 0.5 up. Playing only solos. Played about 30 tpp games, and about half that for fpp. Mostly just let the system choose the next map. Overall it ran excellent, graphics were smooth and fine. I've read all the previous comments (obviously I don't have the squad lobby issues) but I've seen basically none of those problems. I set the option to framerate priority. TPP - as far as I can tell it was putting me in the OC server. - I did have one game with a bit of rubber banding. Otherwise the games all seemed fine - Vikendi is super smooth. Building are all rendering in well before I land - they are blocks when I'm high up in the chute, but as I'm coming in, with plenty of time, I can see everything. - Twice the indicated wait time was way off - saying something like 1 minute but the first time 7 mins later I'm still waiting (made an earlier comment with screenshot). So there is some small glitch, but the other games were all fine. The time indicated is a little optimistic but no complaints - I like that you can see what kind of wait time depending on your selection. FPP - this was always putting me in the NA server - I didn't notice any desync issues - The wider FOV (I put it to max) was great - I got games very quickly unlike in the past, even in the early hours of the US morning Overall - awesome that I'm playing with people with lower pings although I often didn't see major problems pre this release when I was playing NA server all the time. So one day isn't quite enough but at least I can play TPP with the expectation of less issues - still haven't worked out how to glide further with the new parachute system - I can't get my vertical speed as low as 127. Not sure if that is me, or the new chute mechanics give you a minimum of something like 170. I do like the new parachute animation and sounds, great job on that front - FPP seems improved - snow map is graphically outstanding and the snowmobile is a lot of fun Negatives Like many others, I love Sanhouk. I'll have many days in a row playing only Sanhouk. When I saw the release notes and knew there would be Vikendi or "other" I was a little disappointed but did play Erangel and Mirimar quite a bit for a couple of days before in preparation and had a lot of fun. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to run people over (I know that sounds, er, bad) and the exhilaration of starting car chases. And trying to survive with just a shotgun against an AR (it's almost like a chicken dinner for me when I succeed) I get why PUBG did it this way. I am hopeful that sometime not too long in the future I will get Sanhouk back as an option. Or Sanhouk/Vikendi maybe.
  4. stevecarsonr

    Day 1 Results

    You're obviously some kind of PUBG god. Or minor deity. Respect.
  5. stevecarsonr

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I went into training ground to practice with the G36C. Where is it hidden? Tried all the tables..
  6. stevecarsonr

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Love the snow map from the 4 games I played on it so far, 3 with TPP, 1 with FPP. Very smooth. XboxOneX with amazing external SSD. I tried getting into the other maps. First time was ok, although slower than indicated. Second time it said 1 minute to get into a solo tpp game and 7 mins later I was still waiting:
  7. stevecarsonr

    What's it like switching from Xbox to PC?

    Yes, I like FPP more than TPP, but have pretty much ended up playing TPP because the wait times on Xbox for FPP are often a bit long. And I’m not good at switching over, well, I make simple mistakes after I switch.
  8. stevecarsonr

    What's it like switching from Xbox to PC?

    That would be awesome - just tell me a good system and price. I just have no idea. I’d rather get something that runs PUBG real smooth, rather than save $500 and I'm missing out.
  9. stevecarsonr

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Andy, thanks for the quick response. Looks like I was being an idiot. Really thought I was selecting Play to start. But I was selecting the options under Play. Appreciate it!
  10. stevecarsonr

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    How do I actually start a game? I’ve been playing since March, many 1000s of games, so it’s not completely new to me.. I'm in the "main menu" - I see my character standing in the snow, options down the left are Play Training Match .. etc Under "Play" I see Vikendi/Solo/TPP 25s Nothing is happening. Is that 25s a countdown? I’ve sat for a few minutes. I click on Play and I’m in "Game Select Mode". I selected Vikendi, and solo. I click Apply and now I’m back to the main menu. What am I missing? How do I start a game? — Don’t know if it’s relevant but Duo, Squad and 1-man squad have a map and NA next to them. Solo has nothing next to it. I’m in Australia. (Please don’t say you’ve left us out of being able to play PUBG in solo mode, please).
  11. I've never been a PC gamer. PUBG on Xbox is my first online game (played lots of solo Halo, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 & 4 on Xbox). But the game looks awesome on PC, and I'm a PUBG addict. I'm a mediocre player with a kdr of (last few weeks) only about 1.3. The idea of being more accurate in shooting is appealing - I realize that everyone else will be more accurate and actually I'll have to learn M&K mechanics and be at a big disadvantage at the start, but that's fine. The idea of high framerates is very appealing. So my first question (I searched the forum but didn't find any good answers, please just direct me to past questions if this has been asked before) - what's it like for an Xbox player to switch to PC? Positives? Negatives? Challenges in adapting to the m&k? And second question, what kind of PC, monitor, m&k spec do I need? I'm happy to pay to get something decent quality for high framerate. I would prefer a pre-built system so suggestions there would be great. Appreciate any advice, thanks!
  12. stevecarsonr

    Long Range Fun

    Great shooting!
  13. stevecarsonr

    The 007 scooter

    I had no idea: https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/06dc5437-94e4-49c5-ab7b-2e0bb2abac12 I just needed to get to the zone and didn’t fancy the bridge crossing that half the remaining players would be thinking about. Just thought I would get a bit of a head start in the river with the scooter..
  14. stevecarsonr

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    The "typical" player will be quite a bit less than 1 (and I’m not saying that because I am only at 1.15, I know I’m a very mediocre player). 1. If you plot a graph of everyone’s kdr from worst to best you will have a skewed distribution. The minimum is zero. But some people are up in the 5-10 range. Because of this, the arithmetic average (the "mean”) will be higher than the median. For example, suppose the "average" kdr = 1 (no suicides, drowning, playzone deaths, etc), the median score might be 0.9, or 0.8. This means, if you had 1,000,000 regular players and you ranked them, what kdr does the 500,000th player have? Maybe 0.8, maybe 0.9. It depends on how skewed the distribution is. [This is the reason house prices are often quoted as the median house price rather than the average]. 2. With suicides, playzone deaths, etc, the "mean" is probably under 0.9, so I’m guessing the median score - where you sit if there are an equal number of players above and below your kdr - is something like 0.7. I'm sometimes checking the kill feed while waiting for the next circle to be shown and I see 3-5 playzone deaths at the same time - all the people who forgot their game was on or lost connection at the start and have now died to the zone. I always see a "suicide" with a vehicle explosion. Drownings. Later playzone deaths. I’m pretty sure that more than 10 deaths each game are not counted as kills.
  15. stevecarsonr

    Clipping videos for upload

    I asked too soon. It appeared in xboxclips so it’s all good. Thanks for the help guys!