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  1. If I have a vehicle and see someone in the blue I would definitely help them.. ..improve my stats by running them over, shooting them, or, if they are good at dodging and have a better gun than me - pull up at the edge of the circle and shoot them when they arrive.
  2. Gamertag: stevecarsonr Region: OC First time this has happened is today, but it’s been persistent. No problem with starting a solo match. But we almost can’t start a duo or 2-man squad match, TPP. My duo partner is in NA. I see, for example, 45s to start (next to the Quick Join, Duo, TPP legend). He sees 1s. It's as if the system is trying to play us in two regions, The game never starts. We had about 6 attempts including a few with me exiting to the title screen, also once restarting my Xbox. The only time we were able to play was after joining a custom match, then we were able to play ONE 2-man squad game. This time I saw 1s as the time, same as my duo partner. After that game ended it was back to the description already given, so we gave up playing duos for the day. —— Is this the same problem, or shall I create a new thread?
  3. Played about 40 solo games, nearly all OC. And about 20 duos, all NA. Paying with OneX and external SSD. Game is running great, zero problems (other than my ability). Game ran great before the update as well. My duo partner runs an old Xbox with no external ssd. He says it’s better than before the update. Although still Mirimar issues. No useful details on this unfortunately. The vector improvement, ump nerf is great I believe. Thanks PUBG.
  4. Was away a month, no PUBG. Got back just before the update but sick as a dog so limited number of games. Since the update maybe 40 solo games. Everything feels fine. Not fine, just normal. Not fine because I’m playing with my usual level of stupidity. But hitting targets is coming back just as expected, except slightly rusty. I also noticed that the Oceania server is a lot fuller than normal earlier in the day, so maybe old friends have come back. Yesterday every solo game was just about 1 kill, very frustrating. Today, 2x 7- kill games and kdr almost 2. But duos today, kdr = 0.1 (1 kill in 8 games) but all due to stupidity, not due to fighting issues. So I’m not seeing game problems. Or feeling anything is different post-update
  5. I'm starting in Richmond, VA, and finishing in Cincinnati by way of Detroit, Minneapolis, South Dakota... Kansas... so it makes that idea a bit harder. But appreciate the idea!
  6. It begins! If only I wasn’t traveling for the next month, starting in 18 hours.
  7. Oh lordy, you hush your mouth! Can it be true?? Sanhok is now the featured map? We can pick Sanhok? My sacrifices to the PUBG gods must have been heard and accepted! A day of rejoicing.
  8. Yes. I threw one at you but didn’t succeed. Then you got me. And just before I realized you were a forum friend I cast my "potato curse" on you. As I do on all people who kill me. Sorry about that, it doesn’t usually last very long..
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions, much appreciated! Still not sure what to do but not keen on taking my A$600 system even as carry on. Too many internal flights with weight limits, size limits.. But I’ve got half a day to think about it before I jump on that plane to LAX.
  10. You just killed me in Power Grid with a grenade.
  11. I think if custom games get a few more options then you'll be able to create this yourself or join someone else's game. I only started joining custom games the last few days and they are lots of fun - the war mode gives you some good shooting practice. If in custom you could select for both war mode and standard: - circle size and location (or choose random) - circle fixed or default to current circle movement - weapons/attachments you drop with (could be zero) - weapons/attachments in spawns (could be zero if you drop with something) - crates or no crates dropping during the game - min people 2 (rather than 16) then I think it would keep lots of people very happy and allow for creation of all kinds of awesome training scenarios. Like starting with 10 people in circle 5 with a Kar98 and 4x + M4 with red dot. Or whatever you like to dream up. Here's hoping for these options in future PUBG releases.
  12. I'll be on the road for a month in the US (travelling from Australia). Can't take my Xbox as it won't survive the baggage handling and will be too much weight with everything else. Being a PUBG addict I was thinking I would probably rent an XboxOneX as I will mostly have the weekends free. I'm sure someone rents them out. What do I need to get PUBG running with my account on someone else's Xbox? I have PUBG on an external SSD on my Australian Xbox. I can obviously bring that with me. It weighs almost nothing. Do I just need my Xbox live account username and password? Is there anything else? Will I be able to plug in my SSD and the game will just run once I'm logged in? Appreciate any help, thanks!
  13. Awesome work. Stuck on 9 myself, have hit it maybe 7 or 8 times, but never the glorious 10. Respect!
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