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  1. Freezeiy


    It isn't showing which phase it is on anymore. Will get recording later on today.
  2. Freezeiy

    Vikendi - Falling into the map

    If you swim backwards you will get out of it faster.
  3. Freezeiy

    Falling through map

    While driving, have fallen through map with different vehicles. Also end of round, when leaving and going back to the menu the games says match is still going, continue press A. To get out of the below the map, gotta swim backwards towards the way that you first fell in. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/freezeiy/video/66018884 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/freezeiy/video/66018909 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/freezeiy/video/66018937
  4. Freezeiy

    Survival Rewards

    I am level 59, got a bunch of duplicates and still don't got what i want, it is as bad as the crates for the drop rate. Would be a lot farther, but they aren't trying to fix it, so a good break will do nice.
  5. Freezeiy

    Self Destruct

    You should see when people try using them on bridge blocks lol
  6. Freezeiy

    What's your rarest crate item?

    That is just the highest of the stuff i have, a bunch of low tier stuff. I have bad luck with the crates.
  7. Freezeiy

    What's your rarest crate item?

    These are the highest ranked stuff i got in order of which you posted them in crates. Hvae only gotten high up to the said items, and have gotten lots of duplicates of stuff before the ranked stuff. Nothing higher than that...... Patrol cap grey Silver plate S1897 School shoes Camo padded jacket Leather bootcut pants
  8. Freezeiy

    I'm Lev 34!!!!

    He got the Pubg exclusive controller, which comes with the jacket.
  9. They must have changed it with the hotfix last week. I was using VSS to get my SR kill challenges done. Whenever i would get a bolt action one of my buddies would always finish him before i could get the shot. So i would end up knocking close range and going to finish, would also do that and use a shotgun of i had that challenge.
  10. Freezeiy

    I'm Lev 34!!!!

    Lvl 42 Blue bandana Blue biker boots Sleeveless cheetah top Sleeveless skull top Erengal biker jacket Sleeveless cheetah top
  11. Just to be clear, i am not the one that shot someone 500m away with the Win94(decent with it around 75-10m at best). I agree with you on those ranges, as from what me and a buddy has seen with the latest update, people start to disappear after 550m when using 6x and 8x. Most games only get to see people around 300m.
  12. All it takes is practice, if you hold the trigger after you take the shot, it will stay ADS, and from there you can see your bullets land.
  13. Freezeiy

    Miramar and Erangel balance?

    Almost as bad as using the all selection and getting Sahnok 10 times before giving one of the other maps one go and going straight back.
  14. You just need to hone your sniper skills, my longest shot with a Kar98 with a 2x is 440m, i have knocked guys with a 3x on an M24 300m out and finished a few that don't get behind cover quick enough. I saw a thread on here awhile back dude got a 500+m killshot with the Win94. Take up the training ground for shots.
  15. Freezeiy

    new cheat mode? no-sound steps?

    Glitch maybe, cheating no. I've walked up on people super slow and they didn't realize until it was to late, and i mean slow. Since the last update it has happened to me, even by a whole squad. Best thing to do, is either watch your surroundings better, or video evidence of it not showing sound on them.