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  1. Got one 2 days ago. Report him after deathcam, watch replay and report him again, exit replay mode and got notification about permban.
  2. Found this on support site. So its means that they dont permban people who uses cheats. Sometimes you can cheat and got a tempban.
  3. So is nicknames of banned players are free to use again? I ask this because I received messages from in game report system about banned players and I looked at statistic of that player on .gg sites that says cheater plays the game like nothing happend. Bans isn't temporal, guy is 100% cheater.
  4. На волхак внутриигровая система вообще не реагирует.
  5. Maybe it was already asked and answered, but can we get a feedback of reports thru in game report system?
  6. Cant change sights marker on sub machine guns.
  7. Дуо или сквад. с 19 часов по москве. Часов много, КД примерно 1,5. er в стиме http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985951472/
  8. Wat? The hole is in her neck. Do you need an anatomy textbook?
  9. Look closer on that guy. Try to find a spot where you actually hit him because helmet kick off is not an indication of a headshot.
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