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  1. 2 monitor Windowed game when in inventory lock mouse to window.
  2. На волхак внутриигровая система вообще не реагирует.
  3. Maybe it was already asked and answered, but can we get a feedback of reports thru in game report system?
  4. Cant change sights marker on sub machine guns.
  5. Дуо или сквад. с 19 часов по москве. Часов много, КД примерно 1,5. er в стиме http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985951472/
  6. Wat? The hole is in her neck. Do you need an anatomy textbook?
  7. Look closer on that guy. Try to find a spot where you actually hit him because helmet kick off is not an indication of a headshot.
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