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  1. so any updates on this issue? 1903 is officially a finished update. its being pushed out to some people and you dont have to be on the insider ring to get it anymore. anybody running it with pubg?
  2. after all my complaining on the forums i have to come back and say to the devs that the game is in a great place and is better than its ever been. just wanted to say good job for once instead of complaining. and no downtime on server maintenance last time. awesome!! would one day like to see a death match sort of mode for limited time or custom server. the shooting is so good in this game i think a deathmatch sort of game would be great. maybe a seperate project for a seperate game
  3. i havent played the test server cause reasons. but i have a suggestion that i think would help the blue zone question. a simple calculation to find the distance from you to the wall if you are on the outside. if that number doesnt get smaller then the damage is huge. if that number does get smaller then a lesser amount of damage. if you are moving towards the blue less damage. if you are still or stop moving then massive damage spike. no camping, yet if you have to run from the blue a bit you still can if you cant find a vehicle etc
  4. yeah thats how faceit was supposed to do it too i think but i cant get it to work. i did it once i think. if gll is free i might try that. probalby isnt though. ill google it. but on faceit its like they do 3 matches for you and it places you but then after that i couldtn get into a game. have no way to change to squad or whatever. the only thing i can do is solo fpp
  5. do i have to join a team or something. it wont let me just select squads. it says fpp solo no matter what i do. do i have to join a hub or have teammates join? this client is the worst designed ui i have ever seen. when i click play it doesnt have an option for solo or squads. just starts the cue and says solo fpp. why do they have to make this stupid thing so hard to use
  6. well faceit sounds very nice but i honestly cant figure out how to get into a freakin game. the little icon just spins forever with a part in the center saying "upgrade your account to play the faceit leagues". there is a play button in the corner and when i click it, it says "after 3 matches you will be placed in a premium league" and at the bottom of that pop up it says upgrade or stay free. and then i click free and it just sets there spinning. if somebody has played a free game in the last 2 weeks lets say let me know. tell me how to get into a game. edit: or how to join a squad or duos game without having to try to join 50 different groups that are either non existant or whatever. is there just an easy way? will it even really work if i pay or will i get the same thing im getting now with no games going on?
  7. i do have to mention that the replay on your computer inside the game isnt really "official". its basically just a written record of everything the pubg server sent you throughout the game. then your game client reconstructs it in the form of a replay. it may have bugged out somehow. but im still looking at the replay so i dont know. but a disconnect sounds likely. they may have been playing on the same connection, maybe the same isp and the isp had problems, or maybe in an internet cafe. but if they disconnect they shouldnt just "disappear". they should be standing in the same place they were when they disconnected. if they were running or driving at the time they will continue to go forward. if you actualy saw them disappear then thats fishy. but if you just mean "they stopped fighting and i dont know what happened to them, like they disappeared" then its probably nothing. but i dont know. had a guy appear out of thin air and the replay showed that too. but if you get disco'd and join it should put you out at the last place the plane passed over. but instead this guy just appears out of thin air about a quarter of the way along the planes path. maybe it was a glitch in my replay recorder though. idk. wish i knew about this online replay thingy. i could have compared. but yeah i dont think they should have disappeared on your replay map. if you went to where they were im sure you would have seen them during the match though. maybe
  8. is your pubg name wardinero cause im having trouble finding you?
  9. if you still have 1903 it just wont work. not for a month or 2. you have to reinstall and stay with the 180X update, not 1903. 1903 does not work with battle eye. or battle eye does not work with 1903. whichever way you wanna look at it. battle eye has undocumented hooks in the kernel (its a kernel service\module) and the changes with 1903 mean it doesnt work right now.
  10. can anybody tell me how it works? i mean ive signed up and all but it seems i have to pay or be part of a league or soemting. if i just pay can i join a match any time i feel like it? i would expect cue times to be a bit longer but are they really bad? mainly can i just play solos any time i feel like it and are the servers any better? less cheating?
  11. ive seen some teleport hacks before. dont know if thats what it was. either that or a glitch in the recorder idk?
  12. yeah lazyglitch found the twitter post. and tekken1 suggested it was a piledriver issue. and with the other guys celeron i started to think it was an issue with older cpus maybe avx problems.
  13. there is a post on twitter about it. they said that they will have a fix in 3 hours. that was 30 minutes ago. and im betting you have an fx cpu? or you have windows version 1903?
  14. dont worry they will fix it. just maybe not tonight : (
  15. well they said they would have a fix for game not starting in about 3 hours. and that was about 30 minutes ago. so we will just have to wait and see. i should have checked the twitter. nice catch lazyglitch. if that still doesnt fix it then check back.
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