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  1. Hi Terence, ich bin ein sehr erfahrener FPP Spieler mit 1250 h Spielzeit und einer Squad KD von >3.0. Ich spiele eigentlich fast nur Sanhok oder zur Abwechslung mal Vikendi und suche dringend nach Teammates für Duo und Squad Spiele, da das meine bevorzugten Spielmodi sind. Würde mich daher sehr gerne mal bei euch nach geeigneten Mitspielern umschauen. 🙂 Mein Ingame-Name ist Marobin und mein Steam-Profil ist das folgende. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009025308 Danke und viele Grüße, Maro
  2. They should have done some sort of poll before doing the roll back. I heard only minor complaints about the circle movement adjustments and it seemed like most of the players liked the update, but the outcry of some players that are active in forums made it look like the majority is against it. Of course the first 2 circles were a bit too fast and it killed the game for people that tend to loot the outsides of the map, but the mid and late game was much smoother than before. Some sort of mix between both version would therefore be much appreciated. I wish they polled like 3-4 questions before the rollback, e.g. 1: Do you think the circle adjustments are beneficial for the pace of the game and general gameplay? 2. Is the looting phase long enough? (here maybe 4 or 5 answer possibilities with "way too slow", "too slow", "just fine", "too fast", "way too fast") 3. Do you like the new circle movement speed? 3. Should the circle damage be upped or downed? Then we would have an actual statistic about what the player want to be changed and what not.
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