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  1. I'm sure you will love ... when your car turns 180 degrees without reason, close to an enemy team. Fresh meat for them.
  2. Probably, but still in a good way. My expectation for this game are high even from the beginning. But i got dissapointed in a way or another. And the game still has a lot of problems that i can't ignore.
  3. Ok, i have to correct myself a bit and say ... not ENOUGH content. I do not care about sanhok, vikendi(they are fine, but not for me ...the random "things" are boosted on them and i'll prefer the bigger maps anytime) ... i do not care about a lot of trash clothes, ugly weapon skins and useless trash emotes. A few skins are fine, but they cost you a lot. Custom games? Only usefull for competitions. Event modes, maybe you don;t understand ... but in our discussion, they were the most important. Again ... maps that split the community, 80% of skins are trash, emotes are the ugliest you will ever seen in a game. Crates that makes you spend hundreds of $ and get the same shit almost everytime. You call this content? (Except maps) If you are fine having a skin with a dirty shirt, it's ok ... if a dance with a MINI/MIDI song (i dont know how it's calling) it's fine for you ... again, ok. But don't call this "content" for others. The game lacks a lot of things. From skins, events, leaderboards, rewards ... to even unbalanced loot/gameplay. It's far from what it should look like. This is my opinion.
  4. - Hackers - No Ranking System - No rewards especially for winning a match - No content, the game is in the same state like 2 years ago. Only maps and a few guns here and there. They tried that "event" period and gave up ... because of some serious problems. But they never tried to fix and give those events back to players. (casual or those who are searching for some "fun" .. a different experience than main one) - Bugs | Terrible close combat experience (because of bullets not registering, desync, servers, etc) - Unstable servers (laggy most of the times) - Bad Coding (frametimes are too inconsistet) ... or an example: now you have 120-130+ fps ..now you turn 90 degrees your right(whatever) and they will cut to almost half, under 100. - Unacceptable differences between high end pc's and medium to low end. What i mean? Even if you can secure 60 to 100 fps, which is decent ... you will have the second chance in a fight all the times vs a high end user. Someone will say, this is normal ... and i agree, a high end pc should give you a small advantage because of responsiveness and more fluent gameplay. BUT IT'S SMALL. Not like in pubg ... even if you surprise your enemy, shooting first and not missing one bullet, you lose. (Servers are also to blame here) In this case, close combats will turn in random fights.Shoot and pray ...to be the guy still standing. Anyway, the main idea: The differences are too big and unacceptable like in no other games out there. - Worst Vehicle mechanics i ever seen in a video game or at the moment. It's like, you are everytime on ice ... if you lose control, you are doomed, can't recover your path whatever you do. Loosing control of your car at low speeds ... or a muscle car(MUSCLE, OK?) ...can;t accelerate, pressing W and nothing happens on a small hill with 5-10 degrees angle and so on. I was joking with my friends and saying "They call this ...realistic?" ... if our cars were like this, i will never drive again, my life is more important. Keep in mind that i'm a very good driver in the game ... but this not means i'll ignore the fact that they are a joke. This game demands a lot of work and still has great potential ..but they deliver too little changes. Maybe they think the game is in a good shape, but i don't agree with this. I understand a game like this is not easy to fix ... but it feels like a lazy development to me. Which can cost the game future.
  5. Yea, it's random ... everytime on my head. 😂 But np, challange accepted ...and deaf incoming. I'll start to support the idea of removing it. Totally useless and anoying.
  6. I've had a good laugh with my friends when i saw the changes 😂: "Don't worry bro, we are officialy helicopters" :)) Just give us a crosshair and a rocket launcher and let us nuke people from above. They will not know what happened.
  7. They don't need to complicate things, it's simple to me. If you start a match using "Quick Match": Unranked If you select a map: You will be placed to ranked matches. Unranked: 100 players Ranked: 80/64 or less (for solo matches). Or they can make both, starting with less players. To compensate this split, between ranked and unranked. Anyway, something must be done ... they can't force all matches to be ranked, that's for sure. People will want to chill out, not everytime full tryhard mode. No need of a matchmaking based on mmr ... this will destroy the game and will be hard to find a match, especially at higher ranks. But how this must look like? If you have a low rank and you are doing a good match ... you'll get more points than a guy with a higher rank in the same situation. (Obvious) To keep growing ... the main thing is to be consistent. Not top 3 and 5 kills this match ..and next one. 0 kills and 93 place. Chickens should give you a good boost ... your points must secure your back at least for 3 games. (dead in first mins with no kills) OR even more ... let's be fair, winning will be hard on a true ranking system. The most accurately thing from where they need to start "making" a point system is: Damage Dealt You start from this with a strong point system, like ... i don;t know ... maybe 100 dmg deal = 2 points ..adding the place point to this and after that ... secured kills, knockdowns and assists. 100 dmg dealt, no kill = 2 points 100 dmg dealt + kill = 3 points 200 dmg deal + 1 kill + 1 knockdown + 1 assists = 6 points. (0.5 knockdowns, 0.5 assists) Those 6 points and ...let's say rank 9 = Maybe 10 points ... 4for place. The survival place should be important ... but if you are active, you will rank faster and easier. Depends of people ... better having 3 good matches or going to play all day ..like 20 or more matches for the same points? Your choice. Damage Dealt > Placement > Kills > Knockdowns > Assists If you do a lot of dmg, most of the times you will secure kills also. So, don't ask why it's the 3rd stat or whatever. Dmg dealt and placements are the most accurate stats. With dmg deal (kills, knockdowns and assits will obviously come) ... and placement (another important points for survival) My opinion.
  8. Before, everyone was crying about how bad the loot is on Erangel ... now is too much? Heh. In my opinion, the loot is perfect now and i'm waiting those changes to Miramar, also. This game has already a lot of random facts, but after increasing the loot ... a few of them disappeared which means, this is a great thing. Ex: You have the best spawn loot or even a drop, last zone is on you(lucky bastard) and some poor guys need to head your direction. You know each other and they are forced to fight you asap ...but only one problem. Those poor guys are equiped with smgs and m16 with 3x and you have sr and dmrs with 8x. What chances they have to beat you and take your position? Nearly 0. Now ... in this situation, both players/squads can be strong. If they beat you easy ... DON'T f*ing BLAME the loot. Blame yourself because you lost a fight where ... even if you are evenly matched, you never ever should have lost that fight ... because your position. For the overall gameplay, this feels more balanced and i like it. Not like before, where a guy finds kar98k and 8x in the first building and others are looting a town and they dont find a scope ... and not talking about guns. And they also need to go .. .to the other side of the map.
  9. I said long time ago ... sometimes, your bullets will not register. A few days ago, i shooted 3 times with short pause ... shoot, 1 sec pause ... shoot, again .. shoot ... enemy still don't give a sh*t and killed me with 3-4 bullets ... i was full hp, fully boosted. I was like, wtf is this? His blood was everywhere and i die in 1 sec. Most of the time, it's like .. you shoot 7 bullets, only maximum of 3 counts. You shoot 3 or 4 ... only 1 counts, taking 20 % of enemy hp. This problem is old already. Sad, but true. Another thing ... got sniped by a kar, HS to lvl 2 helmet ... i remain with 40+ hp on helmet and 10 % hp life. I was like, why i'm not down if this was a hs? I'm thinking that was a lvl 3 helmet, undercover with lvl 2 skin. :)) And many many problems with dmg read or registering.
  10. Back ..when reaching 2k points was really a challenge and you could call yourself a decent player or above average. That "season" or seasons were fine ..until they decided to change the system. I will never understand. They could have simply work around that system and made ranks, badges or whatever. At this moment, the game could have been rock solid with a few seasons on his back. But no, let's waste time and even risk the game future ... because "we" don't have any vision for the game. Out there, games are coming from the beginning with ranking systems .. and Pubg can't deliver one in more than 2 years. This is not acceptable whatever anyone says. When they will deliver a real ranking system? When a lot of people will do not care, anymore? This game is not dead, yet, and will not be too soon ... because of only one reason: The gameplay experience. (No game out there delivers ..what pubg does.) But, to feed yourself, as a company ... only with this thing, it shows how bad you are in terms of development. I reserve my right, as a veteran player, to criticize hard ... because this is not a DAMN FREE GAME. How they know to ask for money on a lot of things, they need to prepare for criticism. Sad, because this game deserves a lot more love.
  11. To be fair, he is good, even insane in terms of aiming and reflexes .. BUT without streamsnipers and playing at a higher level (let's not say pro, but in a lobby with good players ... if this was mmr based ... he was nothing, just a decent player at that level.) Let's not miss that ... your aim is not everything in this game, nope. As an example, only tactical decisions can win you games way easier than being a ultra skilled 360 soldier that shots everyone in sight. Anyway, this game is not only about shooting.
  12. (1080p res.) Budget king gpu? RX 570 Build something around it that will not bottleneck the gpu and you will get the best performance/price rig. Medium to high end king? RTX 2060 Is more than enough for someone who is not streaming or whatever. Streamer level or goldie bois? :)) Top card - RTX 2080ti (You will not need a 2nd pc - "streaming pc". The card is enough powerful to handle both ... gaming + streaming) Ram? 16 gb in dual is enough(never one stick of ram) ... 32 gb is overkill at the moment SSD? Is a must
  13. Another useless thing. Where is a REAL ranking system? Maybe a clan system integrated in the game where you can access/add/remove/promote members ... make clan points when you play with a full squad with your members, etc. Something REAL that consolidates your playerbase and make people stick with your game? Where are TRUE character skins ... like commando units or whatever, that can really suits for this game? When they adress the servers problems? One day the game feels ok ... another day is stuttering and droping frames like crazy, unplayable in one word. When they adress the hacking problems? Which is the biggest problem at the moment When they adress the sound problems? Which exists from the first day of life ..of this game. When they adress the loot problem? Unbalanced like ... people will find a lot of guns in a place and lack other things like atachments or whatever. And others, in another part of the map will have a bag full o atachments and heals, but no weapons. And low loot level overall. And a lot of other things... Not progression useless s*it that only has a statistical role that i ...and maybe many others don't give a s*it about? You are lucky with us, PLAYERS ... we are still keeping this game alive. But in terms of developing, this game is DEAD. Only the concept of this game ...keeps it alive. I feel bad to be so agressive, but i love the game and i know ... he deserves MUCH, MUCH MORE. I'm so tired of this.
  14. No. You will destroy duo/squad gameplay experience. Maybe this can be like an event or something, but definitely not for normal games.
  15. The overall sound is broken ... that's the problem. A guy stopped with his motorbike at 5 m away from me ... and he sounded like he was 100+ m away. His friend was driving mirado somewhere on my left side ...but i heard him on right. And so on ... everything was broken yesterday in terms of sound and not only yesterday. Everyday same shit. Weird sounds, you can't understand where the plane is when he is passing you ... random footsteps, etc.
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