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  1. NeedYourLoot

    Weapon Mastery

    Another useless thing. Where is a REAL ranking system? Maybe a clan system integrated in the game where you can access/add/remove/promote members ... make clan points when you play with a full squad with your members, etc. Something REAL that consolidates your playerbase and make people stick with your game? Where are TRUE character skins ... like commando units or whatever, that can really suits for this game? When they adress the servers problems? One day the game feels ok ... another day is stuttering and droping frames like crazy, unplayable in one word. When they adress the hacking problems? Which is the biggest problem at the moment When they adress the sound problems? Which exists from the first day of life ..of this game. When they adress the loot problem? Unbalanced like ... people will find a lot of guns in a place and lack other things like atachments or whatever. And others, in another part of the map will have a bag full o atachments and heals, but no weapons. And low loot level overall. And a lot of other things... Not progression useless s*it that only has a statistical role that i ...and maybe many others don't give a s*it about? You are lucky with us, PLAYERS ... we are still keeping this game alive. But in terms of developing, this game is DEAD. Only the concept of this game ...keeps it alive. I feel bad to be so agressive, but i love the game and i know ... he deserves MUCH, MUCH MORE. I'm so tired of this.
  2. No. You will destroy duo/squad gameplay experience. Maybe this can be like an event or something, but definitely not for normal games.
  3. NeedYourLoot

    Footstep sounds broken?

    The overall sound is broken ... that's the problem. A guy stopped with his motorbike at 5 m away from me ... and he sounded like he was 100+ m away. His friend was driving mirado somewhere on my left side ...but i heard him on right. And so on ... everything was broken yesterday in terms of sound and not only yesterday. Everyday same shit. Weird sounds, you can't understand where the plane is when he is passing you ... random footsteps, etc.
  4. NeedYourLoot

    Had enough of this shit

    2 big reasons why this game is ..dying or is sad in all ways: Cheaters and Poor development 1st one applies more to TPP section: Every match is filled with cheaters. My luck is that i'm a FPP player and there is a way more friendly enviroment. 2nd one ...we must not defend them in any way and criticize if they deserve this. Let's not miss that ... THIS IS NOT A FREE TO PLAY DAMN GAME! If they know to ask for money ...for any ridiculous shit. (Like crates that give you nothing for 2,5 $) .. they need to be prepared to "eat" our frustrations. The game has a lot of problems ..this is the reality. I will not pay thousands and thousands of $ ... just to have all high end features, components and whatever. (gsync monitors with 240 hz monitors ... top end cards, cpu and everything) ...just to minimize all the craps in this game. Like terrible frametimes, fps drops, terrible desync ... servers, etc. This is coming from a player that has ~2k hours ... ~500 wins and can handle this game even with all it's problems. But i want to enjoy the game ... not going full tryhard 110% and trying not to blame the game even if it's not my fault in some situations. It clearly makes you play less ...and less. You can't cover all the bullshit in this game ..only with your skill, you simply can't ...even how much you struggle Most of us will say: This is the game ... you play it or move on. No problem ... i can consider the 2nd version from now. At least, they are good at something: Making jokes for 1st day of april.
  5. NeedYourLoot

    Patch #27 Feedback

    I'm the only one who thinks the "overall" sound is messed up? Check healing ... WackyJacky posted something about this. Played a few games after this patch ... sometimes i cannot understand where the shots are coming from. A guy starts shooting with akm and i was pretty sure he is right behind me, coming outside the zone like 50m+(last circles) ..after looking around and took some dmg, i saw him far on my right. Like what the... Still hearing random footsteps ... and more, and more. Everyone asked for new sound effects, i'm 101% sure about this. 😑👏
  6. NeedYourLoot

    Patch #27 Feedback

    I think no one is jumping in this game like a rabbit at all ... but when you do it now, a few times in a game, it annoys me.
  7. NeedYourLoot

    Patch #27 Feedback

    Re-Balance? A joke ... i see no difference. Changing ump and vektor? Who cares? I wanted to see if vektor will be buffed, but ... somehow it feels harder now to control even full equiped.If you miss a few shots and having a lower dmg than before = crap. It was weak at 20+ meters away compared to ARs ... now it's weaker even in close combat. Good job devs. New motion sounds? What the ... this makes me mad. When you run and jump now, that effect is terrible, i hate it. About survivor pass? 😂 ...my reaction, i say no more. It's sad that they dont have any vision at all ... on how to make this game more attractive. Sorry PUBG, it's sad because you are a great game and deserved much more...
  8. NeedYourLoot

    Is this game still worth playn?

    I agree, this game is not enjoyable to the fullest without gsync, freesync, high refresh rate monitors and top end cards. In this way, you minimize spikes coming from frametime and overall frame drops. Now you have 200+ ... now you have 100 less fps, even on high end pcs. Just imagine this on medium to low end pcs with 60 hz monitors and no sync options. One word ... terrible.(compared to other games) This is a fact.
  9. NeedYourLoot

    March 25. 4 days and counting.

    Played TPP for a while with some friends who "can't play fpp" ... full of hackers ... going back to FPP (pfew... glad i'm a core fpp player) BUT... In the last weeks/days i encountered more hackers than usual on fpp. (eu) Instead of having one maybe in ...let's say 50 or more games, now i saw 4 or 5 in 10 matches, almost in half of my matches. Reported some and got reply. What's wrong? Hope fpp will not be like tpp ...in terms of cheating, i really hope.
  10. NeedYourLoot

    Opinions on Update #27

    About first aids ... you have now 2 more secs to push/take out an injured enemy or they have 2 secs more to do so. This is not good, especially on last circles/close situation. This is a game changer and i dont like it. Why you damn touch gameplay without optimizing circles? Now you can die even with first aids if you are unlucky enough to get outruned by the zone.
  11. NeedYourLoot

    PUBG vs APEX

    That marking system in APEX is INSANE! Pubg can consider something similar to that ... but in my opinion, will never happen. I've lost my hope long time ago ...to see this game EVOLVING. They dont even made a few settings that do not involve coding or whatever. (like changing zones, increase loot and etc ... it's only about a damn simple setting ..like you can do in custom games) Whatever ... Apex is a GOOD game, but PUBG can stay at the top only if devs start doing things with the gameplay experince. I dont say to change it dramaticaly, but they can optimize it ... better loot, better zones management(force people to go in the safe zone, but dont try to kill them with the first chance: keep first 2 zones intact for loot and early fight, make them close faster in terms of time after those 2, but slower in terms of movement speed, first 4 can be random on map and starting with 5th ...can be more central, the main problem from there to be ...the fight for survival, not ignoring people and run to safe zone like an idiot and noobster, because picking the fight will mean death 100% ... maybe not by the enemy, but by the zone) This will change the game dramaticaly ... but in A GOOD WAY. PUBG REVIVED! And all those changes means JUST A FEW SETTINGS! I realy hope to see this someday.
  12. NeedYourLoot

    Anybody can be a god

    Something like that..
  13. NeedYourLoot

    lag with high fps.

    Frametime is terrible in this game ... without a strong video card and gsync, the overall experience is not great. And sometimes, even if you can run it smoothly ... servers can start making fun of you. This is the game ... poorly optimized. Im in the range of 85-100 fps (we can easily say ... more than decent) but ... constantly suttering most of the times, frames fluctuates too much, not using vsync or gsync. So, this game is only for gsync dudes with top end cards? Sad, what can i say.
  14. NeedYourLoot

    Question to dev team

    No, PUBG Lite is developed by PUBG Corp. Tencent is only working with PUBG Mobile.
  15. NeedYourLoot

    FPS + Rate of Fire (M416)

    "This won't be applied to live servers in the next update..." I'm still waiting for it, to see if something changes. I still lose fights sometimes ...even if i shoot first and not missing a bullet, but the enemy melts you in less than 1 sec. (no hs involved most of the time) Sad.