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  1. Don't tell cholua that...he'll advocate that you be punished.
  2. Cholua never will grasp the idea that no matter how people queue, there is only a set number of people queuing. Removing single map select doesn't magically create people. He is fixed on this idea like a laser beam, but no one here has ever been able to snap him out of it. He IS partially right, though...if a server starts a map (by some means) and a user has deselected that map, that user can never contribute to the number needed to start the countdown timer. If a bunch of people select maps and that map won't start,(by single or multiple select) those users have to wait and the timer doesn't start. This DOES impact the game and prevents maps from starting...which I have never denied. But the benefit is only marginal and won't fix the problems we see in this thread. But his assumption that selecting 2 maps will magically force PUBG to start one of those two maps (or both) is just nuts.
  3. Yep. That's what they should do, and we could still have single map select while doing it...even though cholua is far to stupid to understand that. They will never do it because they have to spend 30 cents (or some other number) to start a server. We've already paid 1.5 billion dollars to them, but the 30 cents is more important to them.
  4. That explains why you won't answer questions! I thought you were just being rude. If 3 people join, select sanhok and each of the three other maps, when sanhok starts they all join it and the queues go to zero again. That is the part cholua never gets. He thinks the other queues stay with 1 person each, even though they are playing sanhok.
  5. Lol Erangel. Because Quick Join only firehoses popular maps, and will not start any of them by itself, nobody is joining anything. If their launch server was smart enough to start a map as soon as one person joined a queue, and then told everyone which one was started, then it would work fine. The system would be just as broken if there were no map selects at all, and all 9 of those players had joined quickjoin. You get that, right?
  6. No, this is proof of Planet Flapdoodle is controlling us with magic brain waves. Where do you get this stuff?
  7. jonboiwaltune

    Map Select Changes LIVE!!

    If you select multiple maps, AND PUBG looks at that and only launches the most popular map from all of the combinations, we get exactly the same thing that we have now. Sanhok with a side of flavor-of-the-day. You get that, right? If people use single map select, AND PUBG decides to launch one of the less popular maps, it will eventually start with fewer players. You get that, right? If people use multiple map select, AND PUBG decides to launch one of the less popular maps, it will eventually start after all the lobby quitters leave I assume this is what you want, right?
  8. Devs...listening? Or ignoring? What is your plan for the day when 100 person games are history? Aaaaaanyone.....?
  9. Geez i would find another game. Seriously. Think it's bad now? Wait until you are in the top three when you get blasted. Your pulse will be 160 then BLAM. U ded fer reals.
  10. It's especially stupid to have a test server set up specifically to test loot on one map, and that map never comes up. Geez louise PUBG just remove the other maps for 5 days so we can test it!
  11. jonboiwaltune


    How do you propose they fix it?
  12. jonboiwaltune

    Custom Games Minimum Player Count

    50 Million copies sold. $30 each. One-and-a-half billion dollars should go a long way toward it.
  13. jonboiwaltune

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Very true. I suspect he would prefer the other guy to have shitty loot, though...
  14. jonboiwaltune

    Need more x3 x4 sights

    That's what I usually try to do. I find with iron sights my best bet is to bushcamp a likely route. Unfortunately people are getting better at avoiding bushy kill zones.
  15. jonboiwaltune

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Give it a try, if you haven't yet. For some reason it just feels right now...except for scopes. Even if they don't fix those it still feels like the loot level matches the original feel of the game. I have only a few games on it yet but I am very happy.