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  1. Or PUBG could change the game, and you could quit. Either way would suit you...right?
  2. Geez. Who ate your lunch?
  3. Geez, who ate your lunch? Surely you wound't want to play where you were butt naked against a guy kitted full with level 3 and had to use your fists, would you? That would be extreme random. I suspect you would prefer a little less RNG than that. So would I. I would like to have an UMP and maybe level 2 armor to go against an M4 or AWM. Just one step above pistols or shotguns. Two steps above fists. Is that really too much to ask?
  4. I like that idea of forcing the player into non-optimal situations, but it can go too far. If I am given a shotgun and have to run several kilometers, I am put into a situation where I have to sprint up to someone sounding like a herd of chain-dragging elephants so I can get my one shot with a splatter gun. the gameplay is designed to heavily favor the lucky, either by circle location or loot. The normal answer to this is re-queue again until you get a lucky start, but is this fun? Putting a bunch of ARs, LMGs and SRs in one house and leaving others bare is a very odd design choice. It's as if the designers want RNG to decide who wins, or at least who is in the top 10. It's almost like they feel left out, and they want their code to be a deciding factor, not skill. Why not just leave it up to the players?
  5. If I remember correctly, PUBG specifically banned Chinese players from AS because Chinese people were often racist against Koreans, and the Koreans didn't like that. Therefore they got their region lock...but there were few enough Koreans in NA and EU so it was OK for the Chinese to go there. Anyone else remember this, or something like this?
  6. Ditto. Which is a good thing, IMHO, as it creates more players who are a threat in the final circle. If lesser players like us can fight for the top spot, it gives more challenge to the really good players that can put multiple rounds in your head from an AR. If I want to win with an UMP, ave to be closer and hidden to have a chance...which means I have to play as tactically as I can to get to the circle unseen. Then I need to land at least 2 rounds from my UMP before the first AR round is returned. If they have a SR, I just have to move my head enough for them to miss 1 shot and then just walk in for an easy win. Not like that happens very often... ETA: This is also a great technique to use against every type of cheater except ESPers. It doesn't help to aimbot on someone who has already put 2 45s in your skull. In most of my wins the 2nd place guy was looking the wrong way before I plugged him.
  7. 1 - Sometimes they make mistakes, but these are usually fixed by sending a note to support. Almost all bans are good. Cheaters lie. 2 - YES! 3 - You can get BP and trade for crates...most locked and the key is too expensive. Some crates are free and you get 1 item of clothing out of them. PUBG has seasons where they give out similar rewards. 4 - Looks good, but can be slow.
  8. If they replaced the horse sound with the actual sound of carrying a rifle, would we still be dolts? Or would you be a dolt, because you thought you were riding a horse?
  9. Strange. I've been playing NA FPP Solo and for the weekend was seeing action on all 4 map (first time ever) and the last couple of days it was down to 3. From my perspective it is much, much better than before, with sanhok + 1 other and QJ feeding sanhok only. What was it like for you before the update?
  10. The UMP was always my 'finisher' gun, if I can get into the final circle unseen. I like very much the feel and sound of it now. Moving to 45 seems to have made it quieter (?!?) but it will still hose out bullets for an easy kill. Just make the first one a headshot and draw down on the guy like a zipper. Still liking the red dot on it...guess I've gotten used to it now. Fully kitted, I can spray easily with a 4x. I haven't gotten chicken with it yet...though it's in the oven.
  11. Wish I knew where that drop point was...😉
  12. Yep. If the camper is a potato, the jumper's client shows the camper's OLD position...which is the same as the new one. The jumper aims at the old version of the tater and hits the new one instead. The trick for the camper is to move as soon as you think the guy is about to see you...effectively turning the tables on him. Or just hide in a bush with a suppressor and hit the guy in the back of the head.
  13. True. And once the number of people diminishes further, then single map select will probably be reduced to a "suggested vote," giving the server guidance into which map (or maps) the current players want. It will then launch a map, and everybody will be put into it, even if it some people didn't want it. But single-map selection could still be an option...even if is only a suggestion. Fortunately that day is not yet here...at least not in NA FPP Solo.
  14. You can't learn camping jumping around like a bunny in heat. In a fair camping fight you would lose 100%.
  15. Yep. The DEVs have the data, and they realized the issue was QuickJoin firehosing the most popular queue. Easy peasy fix...let quickjoin be smarter and send people to other queues. The KNOW single map select wasn't the issue...unlike some people around here that are strangely quiet these days.
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