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  1. With the community growing and growing, we are now also looking for PS4 players to join our amazing community. Message me if interested and/or if you have any questions!
  2. Hey everyone. If you are still looking for mature and like-minded players to play with on PUBG for PC, XBOX, or Mobile; look no further. Tactical Gaming is looking for like-minded gamers to join our gaming community. We have been active since 2004 and we're still looking for anyone to join us. So if you are tired to find the perfect gaming community, this one's for you. So if interested, check us out @ https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/register/ and sign up. Give every challenge your best shot!
  3. We are still looking for any mature gamers interested to join us on Xbox on either NA or EU. Reply here if interested or shoot me a message on Xbox!
  4. We are still welcome for any EU Members to join on Mobile as well so HMU if interested!
  5. Always welcome to have any interested members for PUBG Mobile. Let me know if interested! You can also find me in game as well. GT: TGxVisiousEel
  6. Hey you! Ya, you! Aren't you tired on finding gamers that provides decent Teamwork and Tactics in PUBG? Is it complicated that not a lot of the typical friends who plays PUBG are usually active around in-game? Are you wanting to get more better in game through Tactics and Teamwork? If you have yes on the follow questions, then this might be for you. Tactical Gaming (TG) are currently looking for Like-Minded Gamers to join the PUBG Divsion. We Support on XB1, PC and now, on Mobile. Tactical Gaming was created in 2004 as a gaming community for like-minded gamers. We stress teamwork and communication over individual skill in a structured, professional environment. We have approximately 2000 Active Members across all platforms on several different Game Franchises. We are a fun environment for all, completely non-toxic. We are a worldwide Gaming Community as we are English Based only. Here are our Practice Times: North American official practice times: Sundays & Wednesdays : 8pm - 10pm (Eastern State Time Zone) European official practice times: Sundays & Wednesdays : 8pm - 10pm (British State Time Zone) Besides of our Practices, we understand that real-life comes first. Tired of finding random strangers to play PUBG with? Sign up @ http://tacticalgaming.net/hq Feel free to add me as the referral name, which is TGxVisiousEel. Message me on Xbox (TG VisiousEel X) if you have any questions.
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