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  1. Guns are also part of the indenty, whatever that is.
  2. Naw, it's nice the way is. Each map has its own identity.
  3. Digity

    G36C on Erangel?

    I simply don't care what weapons areoin what map, what I find I make work. Not having every gun on every map is not going to result in millions of people leaving, give me a break.
  4. Stop talking about 80% of the community, this is fucking false. Show me this poll with 80% of PUBG's player base voting on this subject.
  5. Digity

    G36C on Erangel?

    This is just a mish mash of the English alphabet. Basically you want your favourite gun on every map, not every map plays the same, deal with it.
  6. Right? When did you talk to 80% of the player base? Stop making stuff up. Whacky goon boy whined the whole video. "I don't wanna shoot lower tier weapons cause they aren't fun." Boo fucking hoo.
  7. 4x and 6x everywhere lol. I rarely see the 3x thankfully.
  8. Digity

    G36C on Erangel?

    Nothing horrible about it.
  9. Half way through winter? It just started last month lol.
  10. The roll keeps your momentum, you can turn while it's happening as well.
  11. Glock most certainly doesn't spawn on Vikendi, don't know why one would care when you get the much superior Skorpian anyways.
  12. I love the loot on Vikendi. I often wonder what game people are playing when they say they can't find AR's or DMR's, they are everywhere. I also don't want to be fully kitted in a matter of seconds, what fun is that?