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  1. Digity

    RoE is everything PUBG should've been

    But it does?
  2. Digity

    RoE is everything PUBG should've been

    Can only play on one map.
  3. Digity

    Diving under ice?

    Let's continue the useful reply's.
  4. It's my favourite map. I would play it if I didn't have to wait half an hour to play on it.
  5. Digity

    Balanced Grenade launchers/RPG?

    No thanks.
  6. Digity

    Diving under ice?

    Try it.
  7. Digity

    Get two kills with a handgun

    No Skorpians.
  8. Digity

    Smash 50 doors

    So fun 🙄
  9. Nope, maps having different guns is a good thing.
  10. Digity

    DMR Vikendi Drop rate

    Loot is great on this map. Was fine too before everyone whined about AR's.
  11. Name change ain't gonna happen.
  12. Digity

    Vikendi Secret Cave

    While everyone goes for that I'll just stay in the air and get the first crate that drops from the plane, should be much easier.
  13. Digity


    I loved this feature back in MGO2. You could only have three presets but it was still a nice thing to have. Whatever the map count is, that is how many presets you should be able to set up. Doing the same thing with weapon camo would be nice too.
  14. Digity

    How do you reward the people ?

    Ah so something actually important lol.
  15. Digity

    How do you reward the people ?

    100k for what exactly?