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  1. Not my job, you are the one claiming 90% of games have cheaters.
  2. But you do exaggerate lol, you are literally saying you see them all the time and that 90% of games are with cheaters. Sounds like exaggeration to me.
  3. I never said there are no cheaters. You are the one saying you see them all the time and if you do, showing us that shouldn't be an issue. You did just say you saw one minutes ago so what's the issue? I'm simply getting at the fact that most people here grossly exaggerate the cheating problem. I can totally understand why a pro would cheat, that doesn't prove that cheaters are everywhere all the time as you say they are.
  4. Don't have to post them in the forums, a simple youtube link through a PM would help. Also if cheaters are as big a problem as this person says they are, getting a couple clips shouldn't be an issue should it?
  5. Record some games and show us if you see them all time as you'd like to put it.
  6. How about actually being in first person when parachuting and playing in FPP. It was like that a long time ago.
  7. Honestly that sounds the least bit fun. Full on urban map though, I'm hundo p with you on that one.
  8. Not hard to defend when you bring Fortnite into it, much smaller map, much less detail everywhere, also the devs are way more competent.
  9. Let me guess, you think Miramar is the worst map?
  10. What do you think the point of this thread was?
  11. You have to be pretty dense not to realize putting people together in a room like that isn't going to cause issues.
  12. I'd prefer not to have goons running around ruining whatever it is you wanna do, pretty simple ya?
  13. How about not getting teamed up with randos, the fuck is the point?
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