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  1. I've Reported this bug to you guys 2 twice already and i have had no response or found no fix for this problem. This error occurs once i have either won the game or died and i have pressed the Exit To main menu button. I open my task manger and it says the game is not responding. The same thing happens on the test server and I've had this occurring problem since i first bought the game on its early access first release and there still hasn't been any patch or anyway of fixing this problem. I was also wondering if this problem would be on my end or something wrong with my game? If there is anyone who knows anything about the problem that I am having if they could explain to me why this is accruing and any possible ways of fixing this problem. Sorry to keep posting the same problem on the forums but there hasn't been a patch for it or any fixes for it. Thanks.
  2. I have had this problem since the game first was released and i thought it was going to get patched in the recent updates. It has been fixed and i thought i would bring it up again and explain a bit more because this is a annoying problem and i think it deserves to be fixed asap. Basically after winning or losing any game or after being disconnected from any games I'm unable to exit via clicking the exit to lobby button. Every time i have to go into my task manger and close the game down. I've search for answer on reddit, google and youtube. I've had no luck yet so if any of you guys have found a fix for this problem please tell me that would be greatly appreciated. If anyone on this page has anyway of letting someone who can push this problem up the list of things being fixed that would be awesome! Thanks
  3. Once i have been killed or won the game it never lets me just exit back to the main loading screen. So every time I have to close the game and reopen it and its very annoying. If there is anyways of fixing this problem let me know! thanks
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