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  1. And in those countries you cant buy those items. had a person on here just the other week saying just that, that they cant buy crates or keys so the rewards that pertain to getting keys in the season pass were no good for them. in other countries where its legal then they can buy them. I seem to remember this was an 18+ game when it first came out anyway ? Lastly. If you give a child access to an adult video game and also access to credit card facilities, then frankly its your own fault for not being a good enough parent when they spend a bucket of cash on fuck all. and well done tfor totally missing the point of that post which I spent some time to on help you understand why microtransactions are REQUIRED for this game to continue,. without them no one would be able to play, so be thankful that some people are not super stingy and help keep a game you clearly play, availablew for you. its like the old days when you rented your own CS server and built a community of people that played there, and all wanted admin, bitched that they woulkdnt stand for cheaters etc but then only maybe 4 of them ever contributed to the server rental.the other 500 regulars just took took took and bitched.
  2. lmao .. sure thing buddy you would achieve what no popular online PvP video game has ever done before and rid it of cheaters .. and not just by being such a bad game that no one plays it. If you really think that pubg have been lazy in some way regarding cheats, then you have not been following their development cycle like .. at all.... ever … Why are there still cheats ?? because its still a popular game and therefore its worth peoples time to create cheats for it. They have a dedicated anti cheat team that works pretty well, pretty much all my cheat reports come back by the next tim eI log in with a confirmation report. that's with them sifting through 1 million false reports for every correct one. so afaict they are doing a thankless but decent job, its just that its a lot easier to generate cheats than it is to prevent them.
  3. No but it was on the test server already and we had two patches on there without it being pushed live ? I just don't get why ? Im basically excited to play on the new one. Have uninstalled the test server because I could never get a game with reasonable ping on it so it didn't seem worth trying to offer up useful test results when I am such a heavy disadvantage already. my feedback would probably just lead to delays because I couldn't tell if my issue was a bug or because I am lagging.
  4. ?? More practice is what I think ? what are you missing 19 times out of 20 ?
  5. PC forums so you may be better to post in the xbox one ? not sure however, it seems that the xbox will have a tough old time trying to render 4K. any way you can lower the resolution ? do you get similar issues just running the xbox at 4k while not playing pubg ? I guess its a first world problem your screen is too high res
  6. Wait ?? what Gambling is illegal now ? Someone better tell all the horse racing tracks, and sports venues …. You people seem to lack the imagination to figure out what and why there are loot crates you can buy. So for one last time and for your benefit I shall explain once again. You paid what ? $30 for the game .. potentially you did this once back 2 years ago, since then you have had unfettered access to the game servers which cost multiple millions every month. You have never ever been forced to purchase a single item to continue with your play, you are at zero disadvantage if you refuse to pay any more. You have been given 3 events where you can earn skins ( again with zero requirement to purchase ) you have been given 3 new maps, countless new weapons and game content, an anticheat team was created and anticheat developed while ALSO subscribing to industry leaders in anticheat ( again not for peanuts but I cannot find figures, but talking about the numbers ere are its probably easily over a million ) You could potentially have racked up 2000 or 3000 hours ( not actually uncommon among long time players. ) PUBG corp realised that they needed a revenue stream to be able to provide the game that they wanted to provide, they looked around at the options. 1) subscription based, everyone pays a subscription to just get access to play a game. This can be a great inhibitor to some players being able to play and so generally leads to lower overall players and in some regions this becomes untenable with there just not being enough players able / willing to subscribe every month. 2) pay to win, games like World of Tanks went this route, where to simply be able to compete you literally have to plough money into the game to get the best tanks etc. The CEO of WoT himself stated, "You don't have to buy anything to play, but if you want to win you are going to need to pull out your wallet" 3) a lootbox / crate / key system ala CSGO. Guess what, CSGO has had a thriving skin community and uses the exact same sort of system and it has been a raging success for CSGO with some of their skins selling for over $60,000.00 between steam users. Unfortunatly for steam, these sales happened off their platform and so they didn't take their usual 30% cut and got angry and so went about trying to close down gambling sites, this had the knock on effect of some countries introducing laws to protect idiots from themselves. and then big trade bans got introduced which killed the market for skins in this game. so they went about trying other options. each time testing the water and gathering feedback form their users .. as it turns out the MOST palatable way that pubg players found to create a revenue stream was with season passes like fortnite where you pay a fee and then can earn the skins, or if you really want them but don't think you can earn them you can buy them. STILL there is no requirement to purchase anything, you will never be at a disadvantage in game. and if you never do purchase anything, then be thankful for those that do who pay for your continued access to the game. Now I am sure you are these guys that believe that Brendan green gets up and is tripping over millions just laying around his house. And sure hes probably very wealthy now, but go and look at his back story, he was doing this for nothing using his own money to host servers for years way back, hes not in it for the quick buck. But lets just get some reality on the earnings. just assume that everyone around the world paid the same $30 for their copy,( ther is plenty of talk that its between $10 and $15 in China so numbers could be much less ) You may have done the 50 million * $30 and gone wow hes loaded now. So Steam take 30% of everything sold on their platform. right off the bat that's pretty much the 0.5 billion gone, epic take a minimum of 5% from GROSS sales .. that's another 75 million, there's the ongoing monthly multiple million dollar fee for server hosting with AWS, and the unknown cost of subscribing to the industry leader. This doesn't even mention that there was a team of maybe 30 to pay for around a year before they made ANY MONEY. that team has since grown to over 130 and multiple worldwide offices … its not some bottomless pit of money that they are able to just sit back and money keeps roling in. it doesn't. So we are stuck with there NEEDING to be a revenue stream of some sorts, multiple ways have been tried to find the most palatable way to get some extra funds from the customers, and the customers have spoken and seem to like the season pass system, there are still crates because ther is no need to take them out. Now you can buy keys with currency earned In game. Bottom line, get of your high horse I bet you haven't paid a cent more than you needed and you are bitching that you cant get the best skins with a single investment.
  7. so this one doesn't include the new Erangel ? whats the hold up ?
  8. ? can you repost in English ? are you saying remove shadows because no one gets any use from them ? if so then you are incorrect. I got 3 kills using shadows just last night
  9. Easy .. pick up the ammo, then lay 3 single rounds individually near the weapon … bingo if enemies are not on the ball they don't realise that they only picked up 1 round each time
  10. yeah well perhaps they should add some emphasis on the time survived .. that way a longer time survived in Erangel will generate more SP ? might be able to get more SP on Erangel coming top 5 then on Sanhok winning
  11. Well you got your 6000 points this season right ? maybe next season you can give yourself a break and not focus so completely on that, because you have already proven you can do it. And then you can enjoy some games for the sake of gaming
  12. lol at least if it looks like a garden hose like that one it would probably be safe I am not sur eI can see this really taking off. There have been some other type of games like this that haven't got really very far. the augmented reality part means that what ? you need 99 other people wuithin 64km2 that want to play and are willing to run maybe 8km to do so ? I mean it could be epic, but … cant s4e it happening. you get a closer idea for it at a paintball or airsoft skirmish But don't let that stop you from making the game
  13. yes, but it was less doors and more guns or more doors and less guns …. you still prefer doors ? Im not sure I don't hate the current loot on Erangel, its still my fave mapand I cant wait for the update on it.
  14. Have you ever watched a pubg streamer in a you tube video ? like plenty of them have a stream sniper at the end who wants to play pan fights Bottom line is that if a skin is a paid for item, then giving it away free is unfair to the purchaser and it also screws over pubgs revenue stream. sure there can be greater rewards for winning, and they already announced that they are introducing new ways to make BP worth it with skins being purchaseable with BP and a lot more of them.
  15. well apart from you haven't replied as to what else is running ?? yes a reinstall of windows would help if you install windows, the drivers and pubg only, you will have nothing else running to slow it down. but do you NEED to do it that way ? no you could probably tidy up your system as it is but that's your choice really.
  16. Oh boy … IRL people DO l ean and shoot with rifles, not all the time but its a thing that does happen and there is even training for just that. Asfor the second part of your sentence?? I don't evenknow what you are trying to say there ? You keep talking about how you could or couldn't do something in reality being the reason for your proposed changes, But also to have stated that you don't want uber realism so which is it ? The reason that leaning is useful is that it gives a skillshot opportunity. Without the ability to lean and shot a single shot accurately then you couldn't peek and once someone had taken the first shot at you behind your tree, you would effectively be good as dead if you missed because they could just hold and angle and have plenty of time to adjust whichever side the tree you slowly sidestepped out from before you slowly bring up your sights and very quickly get headshot. With the leaning, someone can lean and quckly take a difficult shot in a small amount of time leaving the enemy an also difficult shot. then the most accurate aimer will win, which in a game is how it should be., Again I feel like I should point out that there is already a survival loot based shooter that does exactly this sort of realism you are interested in its called Escape from .Tarkov and it pays attention to those realism features that you seem to want. PUBG never has, its like CS, in fact a lot of what it does it mirrors CS in its choices. it doesn't want to bog the player down with unnecessary detail, so you can pick up 1 extended quick draw mag and suddenly have an almost endless supply of prefilled extended quick draw mags as long as you have ammo, maybe there is a little pixie in your bag loading extended mags that you didn't pick up for you ? To be fair to aim for the CS level of realism is actually a great target, that games mix of realism has brought it an unprecedented 20 years of success. name another game that has lasted longer !
  17. Well then its clearly something else running on your computer at the same time that's causing it. You need to stop all other processes that might be occurring, close any web browsers you have opengive your ocmpputer nothing else to do but pubg because if a mate with the same or lower spec is getting way more frames with the same settings then its something else your computer is doing at the same time that theirs isn't.
  18. if you upgraded your hardware, its very possible that pubg has decided that you can do with better settings and auto set things higher than they were before ? I would double check your video settings and maybe drop them all to the lowest first to see what sort of frames you get. you can hop in and out of the training ground to test. I will say tha the CPU is not helping and neither is 8 GB RAM. a RAM upgrade from 8 to 16 GB seemed to really even out my frames way back in Early Access for me ? maybe it might still help ? but check your settings. Also close any other programs or web browsers down. I have had situations when I was getting choppy frames and checked and found a chrome or edge browser running with like 4 tabs and closing it fixed the fps and smoothed things out ?
  19. Can I direct you to the OP's opening post ... Leaning enables you to actually peek someone where as moving out and then scoping in would have you dead … this leaning adds an element of skill to the game that wouldn't be there without it.
  20. the scope was on target, but the zero was for a lot further .. hence the bullet went up before hitting the crosshair at 100 meters ..
  21. No offense meant, but I don t think you do. I think I was closer to the wall than you were to the enemy, so I think that there would have been a greater discrepancy for that distance. … you should apologise to your keyboard
  22. yeah because everyone thought when they saw a med kit 'iI wonder if I can blow that up with a gun" oh wait …. NOT !
  23. not sure you were hitting tbh, first shot went over his head, the gun is zeroed at 100 meters and has heaps of bullet drop, hence it needs to go up before it gets to 100 meters. shots were like 25 meters. Then you started moving and missed and finally hit the close barrel a bummer having done so well to get 10 kills but you'll notice that your shots before that you aimed lower on the first guy (tenth kill)
  24. True, I used to get called camper in CSGO in rounds where I had full rushed to a spot and got there just ahead of enemies and been still for literally like 2 seconds when they passed me by without checking their corners. Camping has never been a bad thing in games like this or CS. The ONLY time it got its bad reputation was in Quake when people first complained aobut it, because you could easily learn the spawn points in the game and then just wait near one with rockets. Spawn camping was lame and frowned upon and where camping got its bad name. In games like CS and PUBG however you are SUPPOSED to camp, I mean in PUBG in the most camped spots like the bridges, they actually have TENTS pitched there as an in joke about camping that spot. BECAUSE its a good spot to 'camp' which is a good tactic if the circle suits. Camping should never be penalised in this game, I hope it never is unless the ambient noises really do get louder the longer you stay still. that would be ok imo. But this game is designed for you to camp. I mean it was origionaly a third person game and the maps have plenty of spots where you can hop inside a dumpster or a little pool or lie down on a roof and be completely hidden from the enemies while you can see them with your third person camera. DESIGNED for camping so stop getting your knickers in a twist when people play the game AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED.
  25. yeah isn't using the USB just bypassing the soundcard altogether ?
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