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  1. DeadlyEggXoP

    Suggestion: New Throwable(Decoy Grenade)

    would be too OP on the maps pubg has. in CSGO they work because the maps are small and designed for 5 v 5.
  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Urban City map Suggestion

    Dam I knew that as well yes this is a swimming pool in Pripyat no Chernobyl. but effected by the disaster at the power plant. I kind of always felt that maybe that's where they got their inspiration for Erangel.
  3. DeadlyEggXoP

    Urban City map Suggestion

    yes and no, had a game last night that ended in Los Leones and no matter what I did I just couldn't find the camping guys on the other team, was the most unsatisfying ending ever …
  4. DeadlyEggXoP

    Urban City map Suggestion

    IUm not against any new maps, more maps is more variety is more fun .. Erangel was modelled on a combination of what you see in the movie and places like Chernobyl where they went for inspiration regarding the abandoned theme ( all maps need to be abandoned to be used in this game ) A map with a dense city as the whole map and underground stations etc sounds cool, but I do wonder how it would work on the pubg scale of things, there would be little early game and little mid game and chaotic end game where 60 people are still alive in a circle that's like 50 meters and everyones in different rooms in ddifferent houses etc.
  5. DeadlyEggXoP

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    I decided to check one of the RDS servers at work .. the cached memory ? says its 38.4GB.
  6. DeadlyEggXoP

    Urban City map Suggestion

    yasnaya and georgopol are and its abandoned and parts of it are modelled on real abandoned cities like the pool at school as can be seen from the photo
  7. DeadlyEggXoP

    ARE leader boards resetting?

    whats interesting about it ?
  8. DeadlyEggXoP

    Urban City map Suggestion

    Like Chernobyl … oh wait that's erangel
  9. Basically you cannot infer anything from those numbers. One thing we can say with a fairly high degree of certainty, is that his videos are not always telling the complete story, they don't always take everything into account. How can we say this ? well he made a video on slow chuting to land with the first drop .. and then fairly shortly afterwards you made your own video that actually gave mor einformation about how to get the greatest distance and drop in a slower manner. if his vikendi loot video has similar missing information ( perhaps he has only dropped castle and doesn't drop anywhere else and therefore his view on the loot is skewed as to wht is in castle … ?? )
  10. DeadlyEggXoP

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    I have noticed that sometimes if Edge browser is running on my second screen ( maybe other browsers too ) my fps can drop quite a bit, at first I thought it was because I had a paused youtube video in one of the tabs, but recently I noticed it when it just had this site open and when I closed the browser things improved immediately ? So if you are getting choppy frames and drops check if you have a browser open and just close it and se eif that makes a difference/.
  11. it was hard to come up with a elegant analogy but calling Netflix all you can eat fits in well. the pass is an all you can eat, if you cant eat all the levels so be it, but you will still leave with a full belly. OK that's it, its like Sizzlers .. all you can eat buffet, not necessarily good food, and most people wont eat them out of supplies, but a lot of food none the less 😛😛
  12. People subscribe to Netflix every month and then don't grind out and watch every show on it though, and they don't complain that its impossible to watch every show on Netflix in a month even though they paid for every show … its like paying the buy in on a poker table doesn't guarantee you win the table, or entering the Olympics doesn't guarantee you a gold medal. For a game that has changed $10 for a single gun skin ( in a world where that isn't unusual ) they brought out an opportunity to pay $10 and get a whole swag of skins. I get it that some people might look through the skins and think , meh I only like this one skin out of all of them .. and maybe its not worth it to them, but I looked at it as something to give me another option of variety and entertainment out of the game, and I don't care if I get to the top level. I wouldn't wear a miniskirt anyway 😛 This game has generated way more funds for other companies .. like video card manufactures, Memory modules creators, even headset and mouse sellers. its like I don't begrudge Netflix $11 a month even though I rarely watch anything on Netflix. I do watch some shows and so its worth that small investment to me. This game has been so entertaining for me that I don't begrudge a one of $10 payment for a bunch of skins … hey if they release a new map and a new pass sometimes this year I will probably get that too I get what people don't want to spend money when they are not interested in skins they think they can achieve. and its fine that it might not be for you, maybe the next one will, but the vitriol and incorrect slanderous comments about the pass itself are a bit much.
  13. Generally having a lower sensitivity makes accurate, consistent aiming easier. but a lot of this depends on your playstyle and mousing style, years ago when I started I was much wristier with my mousing. partialy because mousepads were a lot smaller back then but I found I get much more consistent results if I mouse from my elbow and use my whole arm. My mousepads have grown over the years, before my current one I had one of those steel series qck+ that's like 400 mm x 450 mm … I set my sensitivity so that I can do a bit more than a 180 on that pad if I swipe across the whole thing. But as mentioned its a personal thing, I have a team mate who plays from one of those gaming enclosure things ( he likes racing games and it has the chair, a triple monitor mount, foot pedals and stuff like that. . the keyboard and mouse go on these little arms that are attached to the chair and so he has less space and uses a lot more wrist, but he is still able to accurately spray down with 3 and 4x scopes probably better than the rest of us. ASs a general rule of thumb, for someone who has no idea what to se tteirs to, I would generally suggest that a good starting point is to set it so that you can 180 when you move across your entire pad, and that you should get as big a pad as you can fit. If that is a big change for you then I would just say to lower the sensitivity bit by bit and play for a few hours and you should hopefully start to see some improvement in how consistent your aim is. For the record my mousepad now is one of those 450mm x 900 mm ones and I think my mouse is at 800dpi and the sensitivities are around 29 in game ? which I feel might be a bit extreme ? But its what I work with atm
  14. DeadlyEggXoP

    ARE leader boards resetting?

    They reset when the season pass came out … I would not imagine that they would reset half way through …. its a 10 week pass .. we just opened week 5 …