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  1. They are not pushing crates anymore, they have created ways for people to earn keys and other items and buy with currency earned in game people have inventories full of crates, you cant just delete them. their focus is not on crates anymore, and again no one has to buy a crate, there is no need to remove it. Just show some self control. I mean why are you even in this thread, you don't contribute to microtransactions so why post in a thread about them saying they should not be there ? they don't effect you in the slightest ?
  2. Didn't I read that they had introduced a skin trade up thing where you trade 10 similar level skins and get one higher tier skin ? like the CSGO trade up contract … ( zoiks I gone done said CSGO again )
  3. You can say as many time sas you like that I cannot compare the crate system in PUBG with that in CSGO but it doesn't change the FACT that PUBG copied the crate system from CSGO BECASUE it was successful. As for gambling being forbidden online pretty much everywhere ?? are you insane ? its one of the biggest markets online. there are countless gambling sites of every description, online gambling sites are major sponsors in just about every major sport in the world.
  4. I don't know removing a core mechanic that's been in the game since the beginning seems like a dumb move. Games that are successful tend to have one thing in common. They are fairly simple, it doesn't take a lot to understand the core concepts or carry them out. it just takes training to become good at it rather than to learn a million things. Its fine that if you want a game whereby people cannot perform 'skill shots' because you are trying to make it more realistic. With no peaking, two guys each behind a different tree only one was already lying down scoped in when he spots the other. Now the guy who is not holding an angle has literlaly no chance because he needs to move totally out of cover, locate, scope in , aim and shoot while the other guy can just make a small adjustment and shoot. With peeking you can quick peek to locate and then prescope and peek out meaning the guy holding has to make a good shot to kill you as you only exp[ose a small part of yourself. the guy peeking has to make an equally tricky shot. The best shot wins rather than the guy who happened to be holding the angle But you know whatever, if I am not allowed to hold an opposing view to yours then so be it. And I apologies for suggesting another game that does what you are asking for almost exactly. I wont let it happen again
  5. It depends on how you look at it, people generally pay for entertainment, but you can watch twitch or youtube for free, no need to pay anything, if you like the streamers streams and are entertained by them then why wouldn't you pay a small fee that enables said content provider to continue offering you content to watch. Otherwise you only get sponsored people who are pushing an unknown agenda. As for who cares what skin you have .. well games like fortnite and CSGO beg to differ, raking in huge cash windfalls from people buying and trading skins that do nothing other than look different. Fortnite is one of the most profitable games ever and it costs NOTHING to obtain and play it. If you feel clever and superior because you haven't ever paid for skins, then your actually just a leach letting others pay for your entertainment, that's fine, the system factors in people like you when setting the prices.
  6. Advanced Math not your strong point ? it doesn't mean that at all it means if you spend your 2.5 grand the fruit machine, then the Absolute MOST you can expect to get back is 10 - 20 percent .. i.e. $500 But then again that's not how they work, you see that's the "ratio" that's not the value, they also have values to hit before they abide by the ratios. So one might say that it needs to have $500 in it before it pays anything out and it doesn't HAVE to pay out the 20% right when it reaches its value limit, it doesn't have to do it in one go, in fact it cant hold onto it for much longer and pay out a bit more. in the one armed bandits you talked about you find that people will go up and feed it maybe $40, get nothing and move on .. the next one might be at the same stage as tha tone you started on before you started so you never reach the fabled limit where it pays out. I remember working in a pub in the UK and you could watch people feed the machine all day and never have it pay out .. and if you timed it right you could hop in after someone stops trying and take the jackpot with very little investment. did it plenty of times But none of that makes any difference, as a one armed bandit player you don't "expect" tpo win 20% of what you put in, you are only playing in the hope that its already "ready" to pay out and at least 80% of the time .. it isn't …
  7. Firstly it snot 80% of the time it gives out a jackpot .. its means it takes 80% of the money and then can potentially pay out the 20% in small increments. OzLotto for example has odds of 45 million to 1 to hit the jaqckpot, around 14 or 15 million to one in the UKs national lottery and there isn't a guaranteed amount you win. fruit machines / poker machines usually are calibrated between 80 and 90% in that if you put in 100 dollars it will make sure it has at LEAST 80 - 90 dollars BEFORE it pays a MAXIMUM of 20 - 10 dollars.
  8. With the rewards, do you get all of the rewards you achieved ? like if you got the 6000SP then you get the parachute ? do you also get the beard then jacket the coat etc ? cant say I remember from the previous seasons how it works. but I wanted the beard this time and would be a bummer if you only wanted the beard but you got 6000 so didn't get it and only got the parachute ? not sur ehow it works ?
  9. Are you trying to miss the point entirely? The comparison to CSGO is a DIRECT comparison, it makes NO DIFFERENCE that the games offer different experiences, they are both shooters that offer skins for weapons and items ( gloves etc ) . and PUB literally stated that they were trying to go down the CSGO route with crates because it seemed to them that the CSGO community had accepted them and that the market was thriving, so it seemed like a good system to follow/copy. In CSGO you get LESS crates, 2 a week max I think in pubg you can purchase up to 7 or 8 with your BP. in CSGO crates that have key requirements ( all of them ) the keys cost …. $2.50 each, the exact same price as pubg went with .. In CSGO all crates have loads of chances of getting complete shit items worth less than the minimum value you can enter on the steam market, and a couple of really high tier items that you have like a 1 in 50,000 chance of getting … just like pubg .. its like they copied the idea … oh wait THEY DID As it happened after this was set up steam tried rolling the gambling sites, and the backlash ended up getting media frenzy involved to the point that some countries introduced laws banning specifically loot crates in games. this was the end of that as a way to support pubg with micro transactions .. the trade bans that came into place at a similar time just added nails to the coffin of loot crates .. no need to remove them from the game, only idiots would pay for keys, and you can now buy keys using currency earned in game rather than real money
  10. And in those countries you cant buy those items. had a person on here just the other week saying just that, that they cant buy crates or keys so the rewards that pertain to getting keys in the season pass were no good for them. in other countries where its legal then they can buy them. I seem to remember this was an 18+ game when it first came out anyway ? Lastly. If you give a child access to an adult video game and also access to credit card facilities, then frankly its your own fault for not being a good enough parent when they spend a bucket of cash on fuck all. and well done tfor totally missing the point of that post which I spent some time to on help you understand why microtransactions are REQUIRED for this game to continue,. without them no one would be able to play, so be thankful that some people are not super stingy and help keep a game you clearly play, availablew for you. its like the old days when you rented your own CS server and built a community of people that played there, and all wanted admin, bitched that they woulkdnt stand for cheaters etc but then only maybe 4 of them ever contributed to the server rental.the other 500 regulars just took took took and bitched.
  11. lmao .. sure thing buddy you would achieve what no popular online PvP video game has ever done before and rid it of cheaters .. and not just by being such a bad game that no one plays it. If you really think that pubg have been lazy in some way regarding cheats, then you have not been following their development cycle like .. at all.... ever … Why are there still cheats ?? because its still a popular game and therefore its worth peoples time to create cheats for it. They have a dedicated anti cheat team that works pretty well, pretty much all my cheat reports come back by the next tim eI log in with a confirmation report. that's with them sifting through 1 million false reports for every correct one. so afaict they are doing a thankless but decent job, its just that its a lot easier to generate cheats than it is to prevent them.
  12. No but it was on the test server already and we had two patches on there without it being pushed live ? I just don't get why ? Im basically excited to play on the new one. Have uninstalled the test server because I could never get a game with reasonable ping on it so it didn't seem worth trying to offer up useful test results when I am such a heavy disadvantage already. my feedback would probably just lead to delays because I couldn't tell if my issue was a bug or because I am lagging.
  13. ?? More practice is what I think ? what are you missing 19 times out of 20 ?
  14. PC forums so you may be better to post in the xbox one ? not sure however, it seems that the xbox will have a tough old time trying to render 4K. any way you can lower the resolution ? do you get similar issues just running the xbox at 4k while not playing pubg ? I guess its a first world problem your screen is too high res
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