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  1. DeadlyEggXoP

    make kar98/m24 crateonly?

    Then you make them worthless next to a DMR …. why would any one use them when there are far more DMRs and in that situation they would be a better choice ..
  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Vehicle handling is terrible again

    Let go of shift sometimes
  3. DeadlyEggXoP

    make kar98/m24 crateonly?

    ok so you put all bolt actions in the crate because they are too powerful .. now DMRs become too powerful compared to the other weapons, so they all go in teh crate, then ARs are too powerful so they all go in teh crate … you see where this is going yet ? They were in the crate, they got taken out for balance reasons.
  4. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    lol good arguments, good evidence, irrefutable.
  5. DeadlyEggXoP

    a blow to the face of every honest player

    Notice the perm bans explain what the ban was for and th temp ones not. I suspect that if x number of people send reports on a particular player, that he gets auto temp banned without human interaction, and you get forwarded the message by a computer. Then when th4e humans get around to watching teh footage you get a perma ban. I guess that the ones with x number of reports go to the top of the list for review. the other ones are just when they get to them and they haven't had x number of reports.
  6. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    I am not trying to write you off as anything, I was simply suggesting that you maybe had the same sort of reaction as I did after playing pubg in TPP first, at first it felt like I was a lot lower. SO I went and checked, and as has been categorically demonstrated by the video clip and the screenshots, your eyes really DOES line up with where they look like they are in T{PP. its not a point you can argue from the evidence is literally right there. and its fine if you don't like it because it feels like that to you ( your reasons are wrong but you don't have to like some things ) As for you actually calling me names and trying to deride me personally, that's an entirely different thing that says a lot mor4e about you than me.
  7. DeadlyEggXoP

    What is the point of a test server?

    It used to h ave a point, it always got peope playing it to try the new patch, but now the population is too small to support its used really.
  8. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    KNOB HEIGHT M8ZZZ if I went any closer it would be so far below vision that you wouldn't be able to see it even Team mates perspective First person perspective … oh look eye height is the same as it looks in third person
  9. DeadlyEggXoP

    Feet damage when not wearing shoes.

    if there was a big advantage to wearing or not wearing shoes then maybe ? but mostly no shoes are the tiniest bit quieter than shoes on most surfaces except sand I think where bare foot seems WAY louder. but the difference is too small for it to really be an advantage. But yeah I think teh difference would have to be stark for there to be a big disadvantage like foot damage or bloody footprints.
  10. think teh longer you stay still the louder it gets 😛
  11. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    The camera position doesn't change depending on the map ? if something is the wrong scale in FPP its the wrong scale in TPP also because its the same thing ??
  12. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    the door is the same in whichever mode you play in what my video shows is that your first person camera lines up with your characters eye level i.e. its not "off" its fine if you don't like fpp mode, but what you say about the camera being 3 foot high and not the correct height for your character is factually incorrect. You are the one promoting the idea that the FPP camera is the wrong height, how about YOU provide some evidence to back it up other than just saying "Read re3ddit" .
  13. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    Forums are full of people like you, and you are wrong, not a good way to tell if something is or isn't. How aobut press 1 button in game and find out for yourself Like the first week it was released the camera wasn't the proper height but the fixed it up right away … here I went to the trouble of recording a youtube video to demonstrate that the camera is just where is should be in FPP
  14. DeadlyEggXoP

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    Are you certain that its not just that you started with TPP and got used to its very high camera angle so that now having the camera at eye level seems really low to the ground ? I felt that way initially when they released FPP fairly early on in early access. but thenb I realised that it actually lined up as it should and it felt a lot more immersive to me. I often felt a disconnect from the game in TPP, it was still fun but yeah it didn't seem to get my heart going wquite as much as FPP and how everything you do in FPP is risk / reward, in TPP certain situations there is no risk at all and so it didn't really get the adrenaline flowing as much . That's just me I have nothing against TPP players, ther ewas a streamer guy fugglet who played a lot of tpp and he was insane. and I love the erasable ninja and benjoi who really require third person cameras to achieve what they do ( e.g. hopping in a UAZ with all 4 enemy squad member sand knocking them out with a pan one at a time ) anyway before you deride the mode completely you should try and be a little more objective FPP doesn't have 4 foot high camera, it has one that lines up with the eyes
  15. DeadlyEggXoP

    Replay Camera paths ?

    So anyone know how to set camera paths etc in teh replay. I tried messing about with key frames and stuff and it seemed all glitchy and weird things happened where I couldn't move anywhere. so I ended up having to just use free look and use teh nvidia capture thing in geforce experience to grab a bunch of clips and then mash them together in a video editing app. Its kinda scrappy but was a fun game and I wanted to get something uploaded before the game client changed and I couldn't watch teh demos 😛 heres what I ended up with, its a bit long but this round had a story that needed to be told. For example I forgot to mention in the video but by the time I got to where I was going I had zero meds left, I had used every last one ... anyway heres the video