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  1. DeadlyEggXoP

    Common settings and user configuration

    is the steam sharing thing actually a steam thing not a pubg thing ? I seem to remember that people were using it to cheat by steam sharing games and I thought that pubg made changes to stop people doing it anymore. if you are just talking about different steam accounts running under the same windows account, then I don't know why creating a new windows user is such a bad idea ? seems to make more sense. I mean why are people switching steam accounts all the time ? seems like it could be abused.
  2. cant even remember what ,kevel I am at I didn't find any of the skins that attractive after about level 50 anyway
  3. DeadlyEggXoP

    Wanna English player

    why not ask for someone who speaks your native language instead ?
  4. I play all maps as I mostly play squads, and we seem to get a fairly good rotation on the whole. But I think that they just need to adjust how the servers are spawned. What I think happens is that when x number of people in a mode / region queue up for a particular map, a server is spawned with that map and mode … this then gets pre filled with quick join players … perhaps enough that the original people who queued for the specific map are still waiting and another server gets spawned and the quick joiners go in first again .. this happens x number of times before all the ones queuing for a particular map are in a game or no longer enough to spawn an instance. This leads to particular maps being played all the time by quick joiners …. what I think would work better is, servers run a simple map rotation playing one map, then the next then the next over and over. people queuing for specific maps have to wait until the particular map they want comes around in a close enough server for them to join. so they are being picky and they have to wait. everyone quick joining just gets amuch more varied map pool. everyone is happy.
  5. DeadlyEggXoP


    omg one of the maps is not played very often in solos in some regions .. therefore everyone is going to go and play some other game that has only 1 map ... seems legit …...
  6. if they had something in the shop worth having all would be good, but there really isnt
  7. no harm in trying free to play games, in fact if you are remotely interested you really should. its not a competition ( well in game it kinda is but you know what I mean )
  8. I find apex legends doesn't have gunplay that comes anywhere near PUBG, its kind of boring and uninspiring imo. It also seems to have a very high ttk with players tanking shots and being able to med on the go. Then the respawn thing as well is kind of annoying. For who said Pros like high TTK … have you ever seen thislittle game called Counter Strike ? its like the biggest pro FPS game ever … have a look at the TTK in that game and try again. As for it not having cheats .. errr .. that's not right, there are a multitude of aimbot, wallhacks, esp cheats already available. That's quite apart from the inbuilt cheats ( the speed hack powerup, the teleport power up the wallhack powerup ) it still suffers from desync as well. I don't find it runs any better than pubg which is a surprise considering its apparently based on the source engine because my 1080 gets great frames in most source engine games. Its something to try .. I mean I played BF5 for maybe 3 weeks when it came out too, it was fun for a little while before I got bored of its uninspiring gameplay. Apex seems fine but I feel like its quake champions with BR .. just a mindless fragathon. It doesn't raise my heartbeat at all, it doesn't give me a buzz even when you win, it felt the same as placing top in a CS deathmatch server .. you go "oh yeah top score .. ho hum" overall I just feel its very different, it just smacks of a dev team that changed what they were doing that was unique about their game and threw together a BR because "ZOMG do you see how much money fortnite makes" its developing by the lowest common denominator. PUBG was great because it was doing something new and unique. not trying to cash in on what other games are doing well.
  9. DeadlyEggXoP

    Canted sights and hold to ADS players

    Yeah I haven't found them that useful. the most use I get from them is when I find one before I find any optics at all, it works fine as a red dot replacement. but as soon as you have a second scope on there it feels like it gets in the way to me.there is a slight pause mentally for me as I figure out which sight I am going to need to look through as I go into ADS that I feel like might get me killed. I tend to just make do without the canted sight.
  10. DeadlyEggXoP

    Idea: Judge Carbine (.45)

    heh .. its a great film. in fact there are not many bad Clint Eastwood movies imo, and all of his spaghetti westerns are epic Did you see the barrel on that pistol he leaves in his horse pack ? would have probably been better to use with the stock
  11. that's a good point about the logs and databases. We know from what they have said that they utilise the logs to help with cheat detection, so they of course need to take snapshots of those and probably purge old logs, maybe update ban list etc.
  12. DeadlyEggXoP

    Coupons - usable after end date of pass?

    maybe they are planning on making all in game purchases via the coupon shop and you will be able to buy a bunch of coupons to spend. In fact I would prefer it this way. then people who buy the season passes can earn a bunch of coupons ( having already spent money on the pass ) and others can save up coupons from free missions. Would make it much more worth grinding that last bit because everything will be purchasable with coupons. Perhaps even Crate keys
  13. DeadlyEggXoP

    Coupons - usable after end date of pass?

    yeah maybe they should allow you to keep all your tokens and they can be redeemed in thee future against new items ? People would appreciate that I think. as it is I fully expect all my earned coupons to never get spent because there really isn't any skins that are even remotely nice in the coupon shop. Obviously that's a subjective thing .. but didn't the dev team themselves call them things like Ugly jumper.
  14. DeadlyEggXoP

    Idea: Judge Carbine (.45)

    video said it was a 22 ?? didn't lee van clef use something like this in "for a few dollars more" Kind of an old gun
  15. DeadlyEggXoP

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    What he is saying is that oit effectively doubles the number of queues, splitting the community again leaving more queues with not enough players and therefore greater out of regiuon shifting and more lag .. which leads to less players which again then extenuates the player numbers issue.,