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  1. joppe38

    fix grenade parabel

    They don't go where I aim but they used to go where I aimed. They changed it
  2. If you don't have a gun, the first thing that should come to your hand is a gun. #FIXPUBG flash hiders are pretty useless for fighting
  3. it used not to be broken, now the grenades don't go where you aim. Either fix it or remove it completely
  4. Right now we can select all maps or just one map. However, we can only select one mode (TPP/FPP) but not both. Make that happen! Also let us select all player modes (solo/duo/squad/squad with less people)
  5. This game has so many problems with desync, the game is currently unplayable.
  6. joppe38

    Skin Trade Up System

    Also box trade up system. Can't sell these 3 cent worthless boxes...
  7. joppe38

    Chinese on EU

    I think Finland should be region locked. They always play with high ping
  8. trying to report someone -> "you cannot report yourself"
  9. joppe38

    Explain this

    You aren't supposed to recieve any packets but you are supposed to send packages. That way, you can send damage to enemies but you can't recieve damage
  10. I am tired of shooting a guy and in the death cam I just stare at the enemy. Why would I stare at them when I did actually shoot them?
  11. joppe38

    Explain this

    In PUBG, the player with higher ping will always win
  12. Why should they fix that when they can add more cosmetics?
  13. you removed voice chat, right? Then why are there still options for voice chat? And why is it still possible to report for verbal harasment?
  14. use a first aid 0/1 After using first aid 0/1 did fixpubg already end? Here is a suggestion: don't add content to this game, fix the content you have, then you can add more content. And before you add it to the actual game, fix it
  15. joppe38

    Desync back to level 11

    I pre-fired a guy. He killed me According to deathcam, I never shot him