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  1. I think it would be amazing to see a timer added into training mode that pops up when you test your parachuting. To actually time my drops and see which patterns consistently give me the cleanest landing times as well as the fastest methods for long drops would be pretty resourceful. I'm not sure how hard it would be but it sounds pretty simple. Just a basic timer that starts the moment you exit the plane and ends upon parachute cut and/or landing. Or if anyone in the community knows of a decent on screen timer i could run and stop/start as a i please that doesn't have a ton of bloat in it that'd be awesome!
  2. The title says it all. Whats your preferred Vikendi hot drop? So far with about 70hours between live and test servers I've been struggling to find a decent main hotdrop location. My favorite spot so far is Goroka ❤️...... but hardly anyone drops there..... Anyway I had about 12 games earlier where we tried landing at anything that looked remotely hot from the maps perspective and every time we dropped we were alone or had at the most 2-3 people. So with that said; where is the absolute hottest place to drop on the new map???? Currently this is the way i look at hot drops: Erangel ----> drops military base/School Miramar ----> drops Hacienda/Pecado Sanhok ----> Paradise/Bootcamp/Ruins Vikendi ----> ?????????
  3. Heylucilia

    New snow map, no cheaters!

    My god no need to be so toxic. Obviously the guys monitor isnt the best but even a really really cheap monitor now a days can look amazing with the right calibration. Where you went wrong was arguing instead of trying to help the guy. And as for you simply try adjusting all the settings you have available on your monitor. Mess around with ingame brightness/ Windows brightness.... etc etc. Id Maybe even go a step further and maybe adjust your GPU control panel...... Also how the hell did you guys end up fighting about this in here? Isnt the topic "New Snow map, No Cheaters!"........
  4. Ok? I was just sharing what happens when i played prior. They just released a patch and now i'm steady at 130fps-100 no problems. And honestly if you havent tried a 240hz monitor your missing out. Im never going back ever again. Having more FPS is a huge advantage. Just IMO
  5. Personally i haven't noticed much of an impact on my GPU with the new map but my CPU however seems to be doing quite a bit of extra work. Granted the game still runs really well at 100-120fps and i play on 720p even though i have a 240hz 1080p Gysnc monitor. The new map sometimes leaves me feeling kind of frustrated with the recent frame drops that happen occasionally in highly populated areas. (Lows of 60FPS) ((On live servers with older maps i never have issues ever. Sometimes i can get up to 160-FPS in low pop areas.)) Whenever i run my task manager or a couple other programs in these situations my CPU seems to rise to 90%-99%. But my GPU is only running at 70-80% like it normally does. So for me at least its being more cpu intensive. But if your GPU is having issues i would just try lowering your resolution to 720p and maybe cap your fps at something pretty practical to maximize results. (You could also raise your fan speeds) I'm pretty sure when the new map hits live servers it'll probably be much more optimized. But if not im probably just going to overclock my CPU/GPU and upgrade my ram to 16GB. You should be able to play the game ok on your rig but it wont ever look anything pretty. So you might want to consider overclocking aswell. Or if you have the money all together just make the investment. Its an investment you really wont regret as long as you buy smart. ----------------------------------- I5-7600k - 3.80GHZ 1050ti- not overclock just tweaked in the settings for fan speed/anti-aliasing off/ etc etc 8gigs of ram that were used for years and im finally about to replace. ------------------------------------
  6. Heylucilia

    Smokes on Vikendi

    Smokes on vikendi are giving me massive FPS drops. All other maps work great and live servers are flawless.
  7. Heylucilia

    PUBG Uninstalled???

    Hi so i recently just got 2 more 4 sticks of ram. Same brand/model etc etc. I was experiencing crashes with the new sticks about 3hours into playing pub and only on squads. So wondering if i got bad ram i decided to go and set the speeds and voltages a bit lower to run some stress tests. (I already tested the ram its good.... or so says my diagnostics..) During which i crashed 3x in two days. For a combined total of 4 crashes. But on the 4th crash something weird happened. When i restarted my PC pubg was uninstalled. I figured wow thats not good and then started my PC in safemode to see if it affected anything. Still pub wasnt there. Finally i rebooted and started normally once more, looked to see if pub was there, it wasnt, so i reinstalled..... but during the course of reinstall it found all of the files and it finished downloading in a second. Im figuring my ram fucked with the pub files and its that. So i took it out and im sending it back. But i figured i should report it just incase if there could be something related. Ill post my specs in a bit. Sorry if im not making much sense im typing this on the fly.
  8. Heylucilia


    I think they could do it. Its a hell of a lot easier to sell a $5 price tag than a $30 price tag.
  9. Heylucilia


    No no dont get me wrong games like fortnite are rampant with cheaters to an extent.... But at the same time i do have to say i feel like free-to-play might be the best option. Lets face it. In some areas there simply isnt enough people to actually fill servers. In which cases they just get sent somewhere else and get a terrible ping thus ruining the PUBG experience..... Now picture this. Fresh blood. And im talking fresh. All those kids that always wanted to play the game but never could convince mommy and daddy to shell out $30 FINALLY GET THE CHANCE TO PLAY IT. Servers would fill up and i mean FILL UP. And because of that more servers can be added; people start getting better gameplay because of better connections and all of a sudden there's a MASSIVE amount of people trying to play. Games start quick, theres plenty of noobs to kill, and PUBG would make a KILLING IN MICROTRANSACTIONS. Streamers get more viewers because of the bigger audience, it generates this huge hype wave again, you start seeing people like shroud and doc making it their main game again............... the only thing that i can see going wrong is the fact that hackers could simply just make a new account.... Which is why PUBG would have to move towards IP banning. Forcing only those willing to go out and to pay a monthly rate for a decent vpn and their hacks to be able to come back.
  10. Heylucilia


    Yeah your right it would be hard for some of the more isolated areas... WTFMoses made a decent point earlier today ina video he made. He was suggesting PUBG perhaps in the future should move towards "Free to play". That way it gives them new blood so there will be a massive influx of players, all those kids spending $$ on fortnite can buy skins, and it would increase the player base so PUBG could post more servers. The only cons really are the fact that there might be more hackers..... but i guess if they buckled down on a serious anticheat it would balance out. There would be so many games that hackers would get watered down with new players.
  11. Heylucilia


    Yeah i understand all that but why dont they just reroute a few servers and replace a couple in old locations with new locations? Sure in early access pub it was understandable but now...... Plus I'm sure they have some sort of statistics right now on how many players connect from where and they've been collecting them for a long time. Use that and simply find out where the largest audiences are that don't have their own servers and fill in the blanks. Then for the areas with more minor issues; simply give them the option to switch between regions within their own area. And finally if you want to play with friends from different regions the server will put you in either the hosts region or they could have it balance pings and select the best region..... This is pretty much standard practice for most games now a days anyway.... Sure it would take money, but depending on how its done it could be a easy transition or a nightmare of one. I just really hope they decide to add new servers soon..... Im nearing 2000hours and i dont want to stop.... but if i play better in every other game because i can play with a local ping..... then idk. Heck i would honestly pay out of pocket just to get one server for the entire west coast. Idc if i only get to play it once a year that one day would be amazzzzzzzing. ((And yes i know a lot of people would be mad saying "Oh the hackers are back" but come on.... anyone with a vpn can get past a region lock))
  12. Heylucilia


    Idk your right they're cheaper.... but at a certain point they've made their money. PUBG is the 5th best selling game of all time.......
  13. Heylucilia


    If PUBG is run on amazon servers i'm actually shocked....... Why not just pay the extra cash to swap over to valves servers? They have servers everywhere and they're actually a fucking gaming company that knows how gaming servers are supposed to be run and how they're supposed to be spread out for locally based gameplay. Not piling everyone in the world onto a few servers and calling it a day....... I really dont even care how long it takes me to get a game... i know PUBG is declining in player base but come on. And to everyone that complained about server queue times you caused this. Who gives af if it takes longer to get a game. If you cant wait 2-5 extra minutes then i don't think this is the game for you. Hell half the whole game is about timing and placement, the other halfs aim...... These are 100 person lobbies and if you want local gameplay it'l take time to fill..... its as simple as that....
  14. Heylucilia


    Whoa whoa whoa........ Pubg uses amazon for server hosting??????