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  1. Last night my duos partner and I won a game and encountered a pretty serious ingame error..... It was very late and not a lot of duo games were happening. We kept encountering that new lobby bug where it throws 1 party into game and not the other. Eventually though we got into some games and they happened to be half lobbys..... Now im not sure if the half lobbys were a symptom of the bug or if it was just super late but there was about 43 people in our game. We drove around and aggro-ed everything. Eventually we got 19kills and won that game. Later on though i went to check my pubgop.gg and i noticed the game wasnt present. I then checked my ingame stats and they were no different aswell........ So according to my stats/pubgop we never played the game. Yet i have highlights/a replay and a server identification number...... this is a pretty serious bug. I mean whats the point of even playing the game if my wins arnt counted?????
  2. Smokes on vikendi are giving me massive FPS drops. All other maps work great and live servers are flawless.
  3. Hi so i recently just got 2 more 4 sticks of ram. Same brand/model etc etc. I was experiencing crashes with the new sticks about 3hours into playing pub and only on squads. So wondering if i got bad ram i decided to go and set the speeds and voltages a bit lower to run some stress tests. (I already tested the ram its good.... or so says my diagnostics..) During which i crashed 3x in two days. For a combined total of 4 crashes. But on the 4th crash something weird happened. When i restarted my PC pubg was uninstalled. I figured wow thats not good and then started my PC in safemode to see if it affected anything. Still pub wasnt there. Finally i rebooted and started normally once more, looked to see if pub was there, it wasnt, so i reinstalled..... but during the course of reinstall it found all of the files and it finished downloading in a second. Im figuring my ram fucked with the pub files and its that. So i took it out and im sending it back. But i figured i should report it just incase if there could be something related. Ill post my specs in a bit. Sorry if im not making much sense im typing this on the fly.
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