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  1. I think it would be amazing to see a timer added into training mode that pops up when you test your parachuting. To actually time my drops and see which patterns consistently give me the cleanest landing times as well as the fastest methods for long drops would be pretty resourceful. I'm not sure how hard it would be but it sounds pretty simple. Just a basic timer that starts the moment you exit the plane and ends upon parachute cut and/or landing. Or if anyone in the community knows of a decent on screen timer i could run and stop/start as a i please that doesn't have a ton of bloat in it that'd be awesome!
  2. The title says it all. Whats your preferred Vikendi hot drop? So far with about 70hours between live and test servers I've been struggling to find a decent main hotdrop location. My favorite spot so far is Goroka ❤️...... but hardly anyone drops there..... Anyway I had about 12 games earlier where we tried landing at anything that looked remotely hot from the maps perspective and every time we dropped we were alone or had at the most 2-3 people. So with that said; where is the absolute hottest place to drop on the new map???? Currently this is the way i look at hot drops: Erangel ----> drops military base/School Miramar ----> drops Hacienda/Pecado Sanhok ----> Paradise/Bootcamp/Ruins Vikendi ----> ?????????
  3. Heylucilia

    Ranking System under-tuned?

    The ranking systems broken right now period..... If you want proof go compare these 2 random players public stats. Right now LyceNs is ranked #4 in the world for FPP Duos on steam and TMC is ranked #9...... ...... check out the stats and youll legit laugh so hard. TMC-12 Stats: https://pubg.op.gg/user/TMC-12 LyceNs Stats: https://pubg.op.gg/user/LyceNs The whole system is based off of SP..... what actually is SP???? As far as i can tell TMC has a higher top 10%, a higher KD, a higher W/L ratio, a higher ADR, a longer average survival time, and a farther longest shot..... not that the last one really matters. But all LyceNs has higher is his headshot percentage and the amount of games hes actually played..... So as far as i can tell its really just who plays the most i think.....
  4. Heylucilia

    Top 100 kill rating

    Ohhh yeah its insane what people think they can get away with in those games. It kind of makes you wonder if they think theyre invisible lol
  5. Heylucilia

    Top 100 kill rating

    Thats very true but at the same time you have to think. Pubg isnt crossplay and we dont have near the playerbase fortnite has. So developing any sort of real ranking system for MM would be a bad idea considering how low our player counts are. Now think of it this way. For every 100 bots there's only 1 god. Wouldnt it be more beneficial to just stay a low rank, dominate everyone, and get fast games? Idk.... i mean it would be amazing to have a real ranking system in the game but its just not practical with PUBG rn. If you want better comp swap to PC and get on FaceIT.
  6. Heylucilia

    New snow map, no cheaters!

    My god no need to be so toxic. Obviously the guys monitor isnt the best but even a really really cheap monitor now a days can look amazing with the right calibration. Where you went wrong was arguing instead of trying to help the guy. And as for you simply try adjusting all the settings you have available on your monitor. Mess around with ingame brightness/ Windows brightness.... etc etc. Id Maybe even go a step further and maybe adjust your GPU control panel...... Also how the hell did you guys end up fighting about this in here? Isnt the topic "New Snow map, No Cheaters!"........
  7. I really feel like region locking isnt the answer...... all they need to do is add more servers so that people gain a better connection, tell everyone to deal with a 2minute - 5minute que time, and simply continue optimizations. Because at the end of the day if some guy on the other side of the world with 300ping wants to come get handled its really that simple. He'll get handled. So just let him try. At least IMO.
  8. Heylucilia

    Constant "Server Lag Detected"

    I really think pub servers are just having serious issues right now. That 4-5% on the upload end is starting to be very very consistent . Plus Ive asked around on a few of the popular discord servers and just about everyone that plays pub is experiencing it right now. All People with varying connections/bandwidths but playing on NA. I mean 4-5% isnt a big deal at all really but when im playing with 85-90Ping to begin with because my continent only has one server locations its frustrating. Just curious though. What do you think that 4-5% on the upload end could be? Like you said anytime its on both Down/Up its been a user connection problem not the servers.
  9. Heylucilia

    Constant "Server Lag Detected"

    Thats a pretty common issue i feel like. Just about everyone i know that plays pubg experiences it. Its always this 4%-5% packet loss in the upload side and the download sides clean. Ive always just chocked it up to bad connections with the servers... Its just so common and never happens to just one person at a time that i feel like it has to be. At least IMO.
  10. It would be cool to see a damage indicator at the end of each game that says "You took (XAMOUNT) of damage from (XAMOUNT) of enemies before dieing" or "You Survived damage from (Xenemies) taking (XAMOUNT) of damage and won the game!" Something like that would be neat. CSGO has something similar for reference's.
  11. Still though EPIC is a huge cash cow right now and they would never drop fortnite. China's population is masssssive. Idk all this is just IMO and opinions vary. But look into the number statistics online. There's a huge amount of cash flow just between those two companys. It may not be his major revenue source but its a large one none-the less.
  12. ehhh idk.... thats a lot of money.....
  13. I really doubt they would ever ban those types of games in china. The 14th richest man in the world is the founder of TenCent which basically owns EPIC and PUBG Mobile.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Huateng
  14. The title says it all. See-through stairs in volnova. Use the radar to find exact coordinates. Loving vikendi though! https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingElatedSoybeanPanicVis
  15. Heylucilia

    Xbox player moving to PC

    In games like CSGO yeah no problem. But in games like pub not as much. IDK it doesnt stress my PC at all because i play at a lower res. But it still helps a ton; especially with gsync. If your swapping over to PC a 144HZ monitor or better is a must. Regardless if your Rig can handle it you can always set it at a different res.