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  1. I didn't see these a min. ago that 1st clip was sick. The 3rd to, nice long shot with the 3x. I have a hard time with the 3x sometimes. More so with the m24 than the kar.
  2. Thanx once again I appreciate it. Glad you liked the vids.
  3. That's 61% more relevant than the word dubious in your post. It's OK though majorhater you don't like it 👍 there's always those few who have something to complain about
  4. Kills/knocks Kar98K - 19 M24-15 SLR- 3 SKS- 1 Mark14- 2 AWM- 1 Dubious... seriously? Right there's the #'s in the video. The M24 and the kar have similar specs and are both bolt action rifles requiring similar skills to use in the game. The M24 is also inferior to the kar in longer range shooting. There were only 6 kills in the video using a semi gun and since I already had the video made Im not gonna spend 30-60 mins trying to edit the kar only clips and I load my YouTube only clips so that when people click the link they actually see a video instead of a message saying it no longer exists because it had to be erased for space.
  5. A few more to add in the pile
  6. I absolutely hate the parachuting mechanics. I like the sound of it now but hate how flying works I liked it better before. I could at least reach a place at the same time as everyone else before. I have also hit stuff at cement factory and fell taking huge damage. I play on a one x and feel it should be playing a hell of a lot better than it is. I have a 4 tb ssd that I bought to record entire games months ago and was thinking of formating it to improve performance but my brother who also plays on an x did that with his ssd and seen no improvement whatsoever so I'm not even gonna bother. It is aggravating trying to complete these stupid challenges when I'm falling under castle or getting stuck in shit again. It just adds to the list of crap game play issues since the release.
  7. lol thanx. That was a hell of a shot BTW especially with the 3x scope. Glad you started this thread makes me wanna dig through my external hard drive to see which clips I have left. I had some decent stuff stored online but my account was recently hacked. MS was able to recover it for me but all the stuff I had stored on one drive has been lost. I messed up and erased about 10 mins worth myself awhile back but the hacker cost me my favs and I hadn't uploaded them anywhere yet because they still needed editing.
  8. These are fAR from my best, a few of my favs were captured during my full game recordings and would be a pain to edit together. I do still have some on my external hard drive I haven't taken the time to piece together but the very best I had were accidentally erased due to my ignorance and lack of patience.
  9. I can't believe some of these guys are actually streaming using a m&kb. Some are just out right obvious. Just saw one who's high up on the leader board, I was watching him for about 10 min when a guy in the chat asks "what controller are you using" I was literally typing the exact same thing when it popped up(I had already figured he was m&kb). The streamer says we can debate about this all day, nothing else and the chat board rules pop up about blah blah blah. I would be embarrassed to be doing this crap to start with I def. Wouldn't be streaming doing it. I've ranted and raved plenty about this topic on this forum so I won't go on about the advantages and etc. Just can't believe people wanna watch these guys. Funny thing was he got in a 1v1 2 alive while I was watching. After the guy out plays him and wins it's the ole what just happened bs. What lag, and desync bs. Guy had 19 kills the game was fine he just got outplayed. I honestly could care less about the controller mod devices. They aren't as effective as people probably think. And I have no problem at all with handicapped players taking advantage of a device that allows them to play on console. When I was in school I knew a guy who had no function with his right hand at all, but he was a damn good street fighter player on the snes. It was definitely an incredible thing to watch how he had adapted and overcome to be able to play and enjoy the games with the rest of us, and I wish he could have had more tools in our time to have enjoyed it more. But that's not what we are seeing here. It's people who want an advantage over the rest of us. Because if it wasn't they would either be using a controller, or they would be playing pc where this game is leaps ahead of the console.
  10. I have had plenty of invisible wall problems since I started this game. I have learned to deal with it since it's no where near the crash problem we are all having, but since these last updates they have evidently either added or super buffed the damage you take when someone collides into your vehicle. 2 times in this week I have had to jump into my vehicle to prevent being ran over. 1st time I was being chased through the storm by a duo and decided to stop in the road to fight after shooting at them, as they are flying after me I jump back in about 3 secs before they rear ended my truck. I died instantly even though I had 3/4 health and half boosted. Neither of them were knocked from the impact. 2nd time was today I had just won a gun fight when a car came flying straight at me, I jump into my car, get t-boned and instantly die while he hops out and loots my body. I know this isn't a "glitch" but it is in my opinion wrong. We already have plenty of games where there are people just driving around the last circles trying to run people over. Not really fair to those who are actually fighting. If the guy getting hit is gonna take enough damage to kill him then the guy running 100mph+ should aswell.
  11. Just got home from graveyard shift wanting to play few games before bed. Cut on the xbox start a solo game. Get down to 14 I believe alive, I'm loaded out with everything I want and I crash. 1st game!!!! Come on this was a pain in the ass before now it's something I don't even have the four letter words for. Shit has gotten stupid worse and my favorite game is about to be erased and never played again even if it's fixed. I understand it's the preview yadaydayda but jesus isn't the whole point to get the $$ for development to make it better not worse. BTW dead when reloaded of course feels great to get near the end and know your guys just standing there with his thumb up his a $$
  12. Been crashing as usual, always seems like duo and squads is the worst. Anyhow I was in squad and crashed in the 1st couple mins, came back in and drove us into next circle I had just got outta our vehicle and knocked 2 people while I was shooting one of the guys knocked I crashed. Of course I was killed. I came back into the game though and spectate my friend. He was down to 3 alive and while spectating I crashed again. Next game I crashed one time so I decided to hard reset my xbox and I actually made it 3 or 4 games before it happened again. Xbox box one x with wired connection- cable 100 mbps
  13. Now I know why they are called blue hole, because that's what they give you. Up until a few days ago I was crashing out 1-2 times in s 12 hour period. Now it's every other game or 3rd at the least. Worst part is its when I'm loaded the hell out and near the end. Few games ago with 4 of us alive I headshot a guy with a level 3 helmet with the kar98, I pushed up instantly to the tree he was behind to finish him with the ump while he was healing and as soon as I start shooting him my damn game freezes with that loud ass buzzing noise. The other 2 guys had been fighting and 1 died, so it woulda been me and 1 guy left. Then it screwed my shit up so bad I couldn't even capture anything. Once I finally got it to working my one x won't go back more than 2 mins or I'd have the video on here. The duo game I was just in me and my friend were loaded and on a kill spree with only 15 left. I crash at the edge of the circle while driving our car and of course someone kills me leaving my friend 2 v 1 and 30 secs after I crash he says he just crashed to in the middle of the fight. And the sad thing is this issue has gotten worse, but instead of fixing things in gameplay they have gotten worse to. My guy stays leaning sometimes even though I'm not ADS. My frag arrow guide isn't a guide at all but a big red circle that does nothing but block my view, still crappy frame rate issues, and iv unloaded full clips of 7.62 into people at point blank range and it do nothing, and iv had people dissappear right in front of me and reappear anywhere between 10-50 feet away. My hats off to you guys though youre managing to ruin one of the most popular games in decades. Alot of my friends have went back to rainbow (before this update) and now I can't blame them who wants to spend 15-20 mins looting and fighting only to crash near the last circles 2 outta 3 games.
  14. The device emulates the same parameters as a controller, there is no argument there and none of us who are opposed to the m&kb I think have tried to argue it. The problem is the ability to control those movements, obviously aiming being the primary factor. It is alot easier to use pin point precision with a mouse that uses your entire hand vs a thumbstick. Anyone who argues this is talking about sh1t they don't know about. Also I read an article where they were discussing the results of the GOW4 cross play statistics. They said the results between the 2 weren't that noticeable. Alot of pc players were also posting on gow's forum about how us console players were wrecking them. I just wanted to point out in case anyone else stumbles upon the same article, that alot of us (myself included) have been playing gow for over 11 yrs so it's a game that we had put thousands of hrs into over all the series. Along with that gow has completely diff. Movements and targeting than a game like pubg. It was created and sculpted specifically for the xbox and controller users. I think various games there might not be a huge noticeable diff. But there are games like this one where it is.
  15. This is something until recently that I was unaware of. I am 35 yrs old. Lived in the days of atari, had an original Nintendo, a super, a Sega genesis, Sega saturn, n 64, original playstation, ps2, xbox 360, xbox one, xbox one x. etc.... I could go on on on. I been playing since I was 4 on one system or another hell alot of people reading this woulda like me played Oregon trail or wolfenstein on computers in the 80's. Last 3 or 4 months I ran into a number of people where I just couldn't believe their precision especially the speed that it was done. There were 2 players(diff. Matches) in siege that were moving at mach speeds with pin point accuracy. I recall thinking at the time I played them "damn they play like a solid pc player". Then back about a month and half ago I started playing pubg. Alot of the gunfights I lost super fast when I started I chalked up to people being better and or having more experience than me. Now that I have put in literally days and days worth of playing I can tell when someone is most likely using a m&kb. Once I had started suspecting it I started researching if it was possible. Then of course I came across the xim as the top dog for this area for lack of a better word. My comment to the people saying there's not many people using them is take a look at xim's Web page and distributers they are back ordered and have been for months apparently. That alone is proof that there are possibly hundreds of thousands using m&kb on xbox and ps and I would say that # is low. Secondly those who say it's not a big advantage are talking out their rear ends or are actual users of it and don't want it banned. I have a gaming pc aswell but I choose to play console because of friends and it's what I like but diwing on pubg by someone who is clearly using xim or another device is becoming so frequent I'm to the point where I want devs. And people at the top to say for sure this is gonna be banned or its gonna be allowed, because honestly if it's not gonna be addressed and soon then I'm setting my gears elite controller to the side and buying a xim just so I atleast have a level playing field with the other players.it's not what I wanna do its either that or quit playing pubg atleast. Even if only 20 people out of the 100 in a match are using this setup you can guarantee that atleast 3-5 will be in the top 10 and if your using a controller your a under dog.
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