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  1. Squad FPP seems to be coming back alive again only on NA server I wonder what brought people back to play FPP on pubg again
  2. xX2kLEWISXx

    PlayerUnknown Says PUBG “is done”

    One fact I can tell you is that pubg is far from done there still needs loads of work to be done to the game before they can say the game is finished
  3. xX2kLEWISXx

    Make pubg 2 devs

  4. xX2kLEWISXx

    Make pubg 2 devs

    I know from the morning to about 4pm FPP was dead on Europe server but after that I got in a game very quickly and true apex took all the FPP players
  5. xX2kLEWISXx

    Make pubg 2 devs

    What server was you on because i use to get in a game with in seconds with an full lobby and I play on Europe server but I usually play about 6 to 6:30 pm UK time that’s when every body was because they have finished work but now it just puts me on NA servers for FPP with like only 5 players waiting or there was a 10 minute waiting time. There was a big player count at the time but now since apex has come out FPP is a dead completely
  6. xX2kLEWISXx

    Make pubg 2 devs

    There needs a to be a pubg 2 for console only and spend a lot of time making the game run properly. Spend like 2 years making the game and release a beta one month before the actual full release of the game to find any bugs that needs to be fixed because by the time this game is actually fixed when ever that will be you would have lost probably 90% to 95% of players because of stupid bugs. Something to think about devs. Example: look at FPP when it first come out there was a massive player count and now since apex legends have come out FPP is dead completely dead you have lost a lot of players because of bugs that you never fixed.
  7. 63DA2120-062B-407B-9FD0-B5F745F0A95E.MP4
  8. xX2kLEWISXx

    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Can’t pick guns off the floor this has been a issue for a while now 7596BAB5-A4F0-4E61-B6F1-2AFFB1A8C184.MP4
  9. xX2kLEWISXx

    Pubg corp have plans to remaster erangel

    The small areas can be good for loot for example iv dropped at pochinki and I can’t find anything then in another game I will drop at a smaller place and find really good loot the loot system is off I think
  10. xX2kLEWISXx

    Colorblind Mode - Tritanopia

    I’m loving the protanopia colour blind mode the blood looks amazing
  11. I was scrolling through Facebook and came across that pubg corp have plans to remaster erangel what stuff would you like to see to be added when they do remaster erangel. I know it won’t be coming to PS4 anytime soon
  12. Hi all, I was playing on miramar yesterday and when I was parchuting it kept glitching backwards and forwards Iv got a video but I’m at work atm so I will be posting the video later
  13. xX2kLEWISXx

    Colorblind Mode - Tritanopia

    What have they changed it to because I use that colour blind mode
  14. xX2kLEWISXx

    Hotfix delayed no surprise there

    I didn’t call you petty I called you a bitty guy you are telling me how to spell you can’t even read lol
  15. xX2kLEWISXx

    Hotfix delayed no surprise there

    Thank you