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  1. As the mobile version is contained, it is now more supported than the console version. Compared to the console version, it appears to be Alpha! Developers who devote our version are very few and more importantly are slow!!!!
  2. I don't know how many of you like this, but I find the most beautiful to play Duo in co - op Of course you need to fix some insects like entrance to the rocks, but I don't think it takes a Nasa X expert to solve the problem! We divide the types of maps for the measures: So we're all happy and not leaving Shanok like the main map! Shanok 4x4 and vikendi 6x6 Erangel and Miramar 8x8 I think it's the best choice
  3. He was streaming and was setting up a funny trap, there are dozens of videos on Youtube
  4. Hey, guys, what do you think being the best tactic in the duo and what in the squad? I mean, when are you attacking enlarged or staying tight? When you get attacked, how do you defend yourself? Do you act at the ribbon of the wave or go to the centre of the circle? I'm curious how you play cause I can't win anymore! 🧐
  5. Dearly developers decrease the size of Erangel and Miramar to the size of 6x6 as vikandi! It's the perfect size for playing 100 player! Shanok, increase it to 6x6 4x4 playing in a squad mode looks like a continuous fire without a tactic worse than COD!
  6. Mode of teams not four but three players! It would be less chaotic and more tactical
  7. Ah ok ! now i get it !
  8. My friend, I don't mean the color point on the map, I mean, in the game, they appear under the coordinates of the yellow or red - burned compass, as if they indicate something, then they disappear, you know what I mean? Thank you
  9. Hi friendss !! What are those coloured marks that occasionally appear in the compass?
  10. There are videos from me and other users in the discussions in this section .
  11. Notice x The developers !!!! dear developers Your understand that the dirty players come in with a trick inside the rocks or mountains and kill all the other players? Is it hard to understand that you have to solve the problem? there are plenty of bugs/glitches in this game. The most important glitches that ruin the experience are 2 as already reported by many users: Many players manage to get inside the rocks or mountains using a glitch by exploiting motorcycles or high-speed cars. From inside the rocks and mountains can see and shoot enemies and can not be seen and hit by anyone! This is a glitch that has been going on for many days, already reported several times What to expect to solve this problem?
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