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  1. KL Belec

    Bluezone effect changed?

    It was also causing performance issues on the X.
  2. KL Belec

    Miramar Render Times

    Still god awful on the X.
  3. KL Belec


    100% drifting and I feel like I’m on ice. This needs to be addressed but let’s be honest it’ll get pushed to live as usual thanks dev team!
  4. KL Belec

    Floating Around

    My character very slightly floats around while standing still, I’ve tried 4 different controllers just to see if maybe it was my sticks, but same thing on all 4. Tried adjusting left stick deadzond and still the same issue.
  5. KL Belec

    Unable to "Exchange" weapon skins

  6. KL Belec

    HDR worse again?

    I also have a C7, I disable HDR for pubg ?
  7. KL Belec

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    For some reason the match starts off fine and then the sensitivity drops and gets stuck super slow. A and B type haven’t figured out a work around literally can’t play.