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  1. Have played maybe four or five games since Apex came out. If they improve the FPS I might come back.
  2. Lol you're still here. Calling yourself great, and 300 IQ, with a perfectly normal play against a bad player. Reminder that your lifetime win ratio is under 7% and your K.D is 1.08. Stay humble 😂
  3. You can always start shooting hip fire and then go to OTS or ADS if needs be...
  4. SMGs for sure don't need it up close, however, I still take one over a comp for an SMG except for Sanhok, where i'll probably just go with whatever I find first. I guess to further my point also, flash hiders do reduce recoil so again, on AR's/for mid range, probably better off taking a flash hider than a suppressor.
  5. The challenges are so dumb it's an actual joke. They should be embarrassed by the 💩 they are encouraging. They should be things like: get X kills with this specific weapon reach the top 20 without getting shot or without firing a shot kill an enemy who is stunned revive a teammate or use a first aid in the cover of smoke grenades reach the top 10 without taking any bluezone damage kill a downed enemy with a molotov loot two care packages in one game Those would actually be indicative of good play / different styles of good play, and would encourage people to use different but actually useful strategies as well as different weapons. Challenges to stop in the redzone and take damage from bluezone are so freakin dumb, especially when THEY LITERALLY HAVE TIPS ON THE LOADING SCREENS TO AVOID BLUEZONE AND REDZONE. It's not even fun to do those things, it's counter-intuitive, grind-based and boring. Really shouldn't be this difficult to design interesting and fun challenges as opposed to some boring grind that has nothing to do with playing the game properly.
  6. Sorting my sensitivity out - Aim acceleration off, general around 10, over the shoulder around 10, all my scopes are 5/6 except for 3x which is 7/8. Can't remember exactly. This is what works for me, and now a few of my friends. Some players prefer AA on and quite high with scopes lower, work out what works for you. only holding breath on long-range standstill sniper shots and for the extra zoom on a 1x. Be sure to crouch to shoot if you can, makes recoil lower. Do not lie down though unless you know you have good cover and are using an LMG, asking to get shot! Stand still whilst shooting people at mid-long range. Of course don't stand still for too long, but stand still to shoot, then move, then stand and shoot. Shooting while moving is not the way to play PUBG. Go watch clips of Shroud to see evidence of this. In closer combat situations moving side to side a bit is beneficial, especially if you are hip firing. Use the right scopes for you - some people love the red dots some the holos. Work out what you're best with, for me love a 2x for my main AR/SMG and a 4x for a sniper/DMR. I can't stand the 6x and only take the 3 if I can't find a 4 or 2. Aim down sights. Using soft aim or whatever is just inaccurate and a crutch you should avoid. So often I spectate people in final zones using soft aim at ridiculous distances and getting destroyed. Very rarely use over the shoulder aim, much better to ADS (anything past about 10m), in very CQC I tend to just hipfire and try to be mobile. Stop caring about your K.D for a bit and just drop hot a lot and chase down shots. Drop military base, school, pochinki, pecado, power grid, el pozo, bootcamp, paradise, castle. Push shots, if you hear fights go get involved - chances are you'll have the element of surprise and they'll already be weak. Compensators not suppressors. 25% reduction in recoil is better than being quiet, if you want to get better aim and more kills. Only exceptions for me are the m16, SLR, and bolt action snipers. M16 with a 4x silenced is nasty. Sure using a suppressors makes you harder to pinpoint and maybe on a map like Sanhok with loads of CQC and trees is more useful but by and large, lower recoil is more important. There are much better players than me on these forums but FYI my current solo K.D this season is over 5.0. Duos and squads slacking this time around with around 2.0-2.5 kd, but I was top 50 or so in EU duos last season. I also tend to hot drop a lot which in solos I find more manageable but in Duos/Squads far riskier.
  7. I think it looks hilarious and want it so yeah...
  8. You can get used to it either way, but muscle memory will come quicker with aim assist off, or very low e.g. 1. Some very good players play with all sorts of weird settings, trick is to find what works for you!
  9. I have not seen a single commentator think making lvl3 helmets world spawns is a good idea. Not a single one. This really defeats half the point of going for crates and makes final zones a lvl3 fest. Putting them into crates was such a good balancing exercise and you've undone that. It's far more exciting knowing you will be guaranteed a level 3 out of a crate, than just finding one on the floor. So many people have made this point, so please take it on board. Oh and more actual snipers/ARs/DMRs and less SMGs - literally everyone is making this point... If you won't make these changes change at least acknowledges the repetitive feedback and respond to it.
  10. I'm not boasting about anything, I'm saying quit complaining. If I can win fairly frequently with a positive KD using a controller, I don't care about other people using MnK, and there's nothing that can be done about it anyway. I even acknowledged that people with way higher KD's use controller? Congratulations on your stats, if you have an 18% win ratio and 3.0kd using a controller then that further proves my point that MnK is not worth worrying about. My point was you're complaining about something that can't be fixed and or even detected and you're using completely made up statistics. And you seriously think a load of people are gonna spend money on a mouse and keyboard and an emulator cause of a bit of recoil? Good one. Sounds like the only person gonna be doing that is you. Game is losing players by the day anyway, I don't think a single person would switch to MnK because of a bit of recoil unless they already wanted to and/or already had the kit.
  11. Stop making figures up. Adds literally nothing to this already dead argument. You think increased recoil will make people switch to MnK? That's also made up. Switching probably takes months to get used to and costs, what, over $100 for an emulator? Just cause they increased the recoil a bit doesn't mean 10% of the playerbase will suddenly start playing MnK. Facts are: Some people use MnK - it is an advantage but it can't be detected. So, you know, crack on and get over it or go play something else. Very few players have a 2 to 3 kd let alone a 15 kd. The guys I know on EU with a close to 15 KD do use controllers. Point being? We all know MnK is a big advantage but you can still be very good with a controller. Putting a % figure on those using MnK is a joke - you have no way of knowing, there's no way of detecting it, so, just crack on and stop complaining. It won't change. None of the people I play with use MnK and if they did, I wouldn't care. It's just a game at the end of the day. Yeah it's "cheating" but so what. I can still hold a 12% win ratio and 2.0 kd. Increased recoil is good (okay this one is an opinion not a fact). Why? It makes it harder for everyone and on live server its just too easy with the m4/Scar. Personally found the test server great last night and the recoil increase very welcome. Those with better aim will simply do better. I got several easy kills on people who shot me first spraying and praying and missing, allowing me to turn and fire a few short bursts and get the kill.
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