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  1. Not sure about that - pretty certain that if a streamer was winning close to every other game with a high kill average, their streaming audience would be pretty entertained! Personally, I find having to sit through a hot drop streamer pretty tedious given they generally die most games (on average) and you end up having to sit through multiple repetitive instances of matchmaking, lobby, jump, fight, die before they actually get a good run going. I’d rather watch a match that I know is likely to have good kills and a victory.
  2. It’s what the big banwave for the professional PC gamers has been about recently, although I believe its possible on xbox too. Essentially you route your network traffic via a 3rd party server before it hits your xbox, and that third party server interprets all the data and gives you a handy map to view via an app that displays the location of the other players and all the loot. So you would play with a second screen near you and hunt down the opposition. ETA I don’t know if Im allowed to post the above or not, so apologies mods if I’m not and please delete immediately if thats the case.
  3. OK, but if we think they’re cheating on Xbox, then how exactly to get those kind of stats? I mean you cant run an aimbot to or wall hack or anything that modifies the source code, so you’re either teaming (which would be nullified on duos and squads anyway), using a radar, a keyboard & mouse or a modded controller of some sorts for recoil removal etc. But I still would struggle to image any of those would allow you to get a 40%+ win ratio?
  4. I’ve had a reasonable run of good games in the last few days, so I think for the first time ever I took a look at the leaderboard. I’m in at 762, which I’m pretty happy about as I’m not that good generally. Anyway, was looking at the stats of the player at position 1, purely to see what the really good players can do. And, well, their stats seem too good to be true. In EU solos for example, this individual has 42% win percentage with 80 wins and a K/D of 8. In duos and solos, th win percentages are even higher but with lower K/D and actual wins. Running at over 40% win ratio just seems totally impossible to me, specially if you compare that to some of the top level streamers who arent even over 10% win ratio. Also, in 3rd place on the leaderboard, the player has a playtime of -24856 days, which is clearly erroneous but is either a bug or someone has hacked the stats. Those are the sort of strange glitches you’d see on MW2 leaderboards when hacking was rife. What do do we think?
  5. GingerP1ston

    What the hell pubg?

    Yeah, that is appalling. Netcode in most games always seems to favour those with the worse ping. I’m in central London, right near an exchange so I get onto a main backbone pretty fast and as a result I tend to have the lowest ping/latency in Euro lobbies (on games that display such things). I’m forever getting shot behind cover, round corners etc. It’s so bad in Battlefield that I’ll try and get on matches on the German server so rather than the UK ones, just to give myself a fighting chance.
  6. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gingerp1ston/video/66068852 I love this game and check in daily but since nearly all my friends wont bother playing it any more, I'm generally stuck on solos. And the above clip is why I find it intensely frustrating and find myself wanting to play it less and less. Full health, undamaged level 2 armour, running, yet miraculously melted by someone who is essentially invisible, with an AR, in under a second. Literally no time to react, or move. A headshot with a sniper is one thing - they either are an amazing shot or got lucky, but this just doesn't feel right to me. Anyway, minor frustration over. I may go jump into Vikendi and admire the scenery.
  7. GingerP1ston

    No FOOTSTEP Sounds

    Ive had it in other parts of the map too.
  8. GingerP1ston

    New report feature

    Glad we can now report players for teaming. My fourth game on the PTS in solos and already run across two idiots teaming. Reported them both of course. Any of the team care to comment on how you process these reports?
  9. GingerP1ston

    Audio is not good

    Also, the snowmobiles won’t shut up once used and parked. Sit there groaning away drowning out everything else.
  10. GingerP1ston

    Audio is not good

    Had two games so far, one squads, one solo. Was inside a building in the squads match and my movements were totally silent. In the solo, the audio was telling me an opponent was straight ahead of me, where he was in fact to the left running into my building.
  11. GingerP1ston

    What would bring TPP players over to FPP?

    I’ve given up trying to find FPP matches in EU, but really wish they were as easily available as TPP
  12. GingerP1ston

    Looting Speed

    Exactly this. This is especially noticeable when doing an early gun grab. Get gun first then hit X fast to get the ammo boxes. If you hit X while it’s still in the animation process of grabbing the first box, it doesn’t pick anything up at all. So it’s pick up box of ammo, wait for the animation to finish (yawn, stretch, scratch balls), pick up next box....and repeat.
  13. GingerP1ston

    Survival rewards

    I'm level 27. So far I've had a pair of sunglasses, a blue bandana, the Miramar biker pants, and the Erengel biker pants.
  14. GingerP1ston

    new cheat mode? no-sound steps?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this form of cheating (namely changing the actual game code) is not possible on Xbox One. Unless this is a bug/glitch, this isn't an actual cheat.
  15. What's up with the map balancing in Battle Royal at the moment? Having played one duos round on Miramar, we decided to have one last game on Erangel. We got put into Miramar seven times in a row (obvs quitting each time as soon as possible) before eventually giving up. Clearly all the servers are heavily Miramar biased right now. Why?