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  1. I have fixed this issue for my PC. So, it turns out the issue seems to come from the poor optimization of the game and hardware issues. After doing just about everything to try and fix this with no success. I finally decided to go into my bios and check my Fans and CPU. Well it turns out my CPU was running hot and when you would load into the lobby or during the match, all the unnecessary sounds and explosions can literally burn up your cpu, causing the horrid sound distortion thus causing the frame drops. I solved the issue simply by cranking up my fan speeds bringing my CPU Temp from 60 degrees to 35 and for good measure I OC my CPU to 5.0 Ghz. Game runs like a dream now. So, I suggest that anyone having this issue go into their bios and look at CPU Temps and fan speeds. Sadly, if your PC just is not good enough to power through the processor bog down then I feel you will probably not be able to fix this issue and will be forced to wait for optimization updates in order to play. RIP sorry. TLDR: Go into Bios and check CPU Temps and Fan speeds. If your CPU is running hot, cool it down as much as you can and see if that helps it process all the clutter. Low/Mid end PCs will sadly probably not be able to process all the clutter no matter how much they OC or cool down. Don't break your PC over this game, wait for optimization if you're in this group.
  2. I am experiencing a large amount of audio distortion at all points in the game. Everything sounds like it's coming through a horrid filter. Somehow this is also linked to frame rate because it causes large frame drops, from my already limited frame rate, whenever a large amount of sounds happen (gunshots, explosions, cars, ext). This person also had the same issue but it seems his isn't nearly as severe as mine. As his seems to come and go as his description describes where mine is constant from the moment of installation. Began on 3-23-17, game started like this. I have tried all of the frame rate increasing options available, reinstalled my audio drivers and video drivers, reinstalled the game 3 times. Nothing works. The bug seems to be linked to the game's effects audio. I have turned off the effects volume ingame and it very slightly increases my framerate, making the game just barely qualified as "playable". I am currently using -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system launch options. I have tried launching using -sm4 -d3d10 and -lowmemory none of them seem to increase framerate in anyway or fix the audio issue. My specs are more than qualified to play this game...
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