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  1. 60 FPS is a fairy tale dream. It will not happen.
  2. These are what I believe should be the priorities to make this game greater. Before starting they should halt all work on new content and shift all of their Xbox resources to complete the following: 1st - Fix the rendering issues. 2nd - Push for cross play between XBOX and PS4, this will fix the low player count issue. (Don't release it until you're certain that it works and that desync won't be a major issue) This will once again keep players happy. 3rd - Release new content, along with minor updates for stability and performance. This is what I think the roadmap should be, keeping constant communication is key.
  3. It's not about PC being ahead, it's about the amount of updates PC have received vs the ones Xbox have received. I believe it's a 3 to 1 ratio in the span of about one month give or take. Clearly the resources are balanced in favor of PC and as an Xbox player that loves the game and supports it, even though it's current state isn't good, I feel left out and forgotten.
  4. Hey devs, anybody there? Console players still exist you know. The lack of communication is horrible. I would like to know what's next and when we'll be getting it.
  5. This is an interesting and fun question. Trike : Three-seater Miramar Camper van : Mistery van Erangel 2 story round tower things - Acorn Miramar double concrete garage buildings (one open, one 2 story) - Concretes DP28 - Big Sloppy Miramar SUV truck - Bronco USAZ - Jeep Random really small buildings (concrete or wooden) - Shiter We are also constantly saying how amazing the crossbow is when we see one or a quiver. When we get a level 3 vest or helmet, we make a noise (GEEEEEAAA) followed by the word Vest or Helmet. 🤣
  6. Long wait to get yet another disappointing update. This small change could've happened weeks ago.
  7. How in the hell have they not optimized the Menus? They're so lagy.
  8. What about FPS, does it really feel/look better? Thank you for your service for those that haven't had the chance to play.
  9. Has anyone had the chance to play with the new update and have you notice and actual improvements. Please do elaborate on your findings. Thank you!
  10. They should probably do a map with two versions Battle Royale and mini.
  11. I think PUBG shines best when the map is large, it was intended to be a slow paced tactical survival shooter. Erangel is still the best map, maybe a 6x6 isn't bad, it's just that the current state and loot of Vikendi doesn't do it any justice.
  12. Its not the size of the game, its the developer. Blue Hole didnt expect this game to get so big, they ended up biting more than they could chew. a) The money they made from the game has not been invested properly. They should have AAA designers and coders and it doesnt look like it. Or b) the game is unfixable and what they’re trying to do is patch what they can with people with little experience with the engine and games in general. If people still think the game may one day reach 60fps, its time to wake up. If they cant even get a simple menu to run smoothly without any lag, do you really think they can reach 60fps with perfect loading, match making, and no desync? No game is perfect, I know that, but lets face it, the way the game runs is a joke. I cant even get through the menus without it freezing. Dont get me wrong I love PUBG because of the experience it offers, no other BR gives you what this one does, I love the tension and realism.
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