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  1. I do that every time too.. Still find myself from OC from time to time
  2. Lantis

    Feb. 28th Update

    I think they will balance the spawn rate of AR's, SMG's and DMR attachments.. Isn't that what they did on PC too? Don't know about the other maps though..
  3. I'm only backing out if I end up in OC servers... Some serious lag there, as I play from northern Europe
  4. Lantis

    All the sweet threads

    I also thought that the good old TPP/FPP debate would've been up there.. For the feedback part I must say that yes it could give decent feedback for the devs but unfortunately there's just too often something like this below.. It shouldn't be so hard to keep the criticism constructive rather than just spit out ones frustration by threats and demands. And I'm not saying that all the threads about the games bugs and issues are pointless, hell no, there's even a whole own section for bugs and issues.
  5. Lantis

    If these were you..

    I now a couple of my friends who would probably rage quit, but I would just back out and hop back into the plane, with no specific feelings. It's not that serious, it's just a game
  6. Lantis

    All the sweet threads

    Ooooh, good times...
  7. Lantis

    All the sweet threads

    You're right, but I kinda left it out on purpose because very often it is a part of the ¨PUBG is dying as AzzaSsiin mentioned. But yeah, it could have been on it's own too 👍
  8. Lantis

    All the sweet threads

    Consider it as you will 👍 I just thought that it would be nice to clean up the forums a bit by bit
  9. There are so many threads... And I think that these four are the ones that pop up very regularly although one might say that there is no need for that.. Maybe we vote and make a difference! The one that gets the most votes doesn't need our attention anymore.
  10. Lantis

    My son steals my kills

    That would be so much fun! My son is only 9 yrs old, so still have to wait a bit before bringing him in to the world of PUBG..
  11. Sorry, it was nothing personal, no need to get upset 👍
  12. It's probably because 99 out of 100 complaints are all just from people who are frustrated on their own gameplay...
  13. Just have to say. It's the same song after every new title release.. When Black out, BF5, RDR2 came out I had no trouble finding a match on PUBG... These are all very good games as is APEX, but still we have our player base. There's nothing wrong to try out the new games, and if one likes it and leaves PUBG, then so be it.. I'm sure there are newcomers to PUBG as well. It's all about the things you think are important. For me it's the intense feeling that PUBG gives. It overcomes all the flaws and that's why I rather play PUBG then any of these new ones.
  14. Lantis

    Next Update?

    I've mainly played solos and duos after the update and only once I have seen a car that was flying.. Haven't fallen through the map or got stuck in stairs/walls (happened to my friend once). Though the rendering is not good in Vikendi, I don't think it's game breaking. Whoever is experiencing falling through the map is this happening only in squads or also in solos and duos?
  15. Lantis

    Only took 1000 hours of game time

    But if that is what you were trying to do from the start, then you've achieved your goal 👍