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  1. Sorry, it was nothing personal, no need to get upset 👍
  2. It's probably because 99 out of 100 complaints are all just from people who are frustrated on their own gameplay...
  3. Just have to say. It's the same song after every new title release.. When Black out, BF5, RDR2 came out I had no trouble finding a match on PUBG... These are all very good games as is APEX, but still we have our player base. There's nothing wrong to try out the new games, and if one likes it and leaves PUBG, then so be it.. I'm sure there are newcomers to PUBG as well. It's all about the things you think are important. For me it's the intense feeling that PUBG gives. It overcomes all the flaws and that's why I rather play PUBG then any of these new ones.
  4. Lantis

    Next Update?

    I've mainly played solos and duos after the update and only once I have seen a car that was flying.. Haven't fallen through the map or got stuck in stairs/walls (happened to my friend once). Though the rendering is not good in Vikendi, I don't think it's game breaking. Whoever is experiencing falling through the map is this happening only in squads or also in solos and duos?
  5. Lantis

    Only took 1000 hours of game time

    But if that is what you were trying to do from the start, then you've achieved your goal 👍
  6. Lantis

    Buildigs Not loading new map

    For me the rendering is fine when I land (xbox one s, ssd). But it's very hard to navigate while in the air when all the structures are missing.. Buildings render just as the parachute is forced to open. This happens only in Vikendi.
  7. Lantis

    Ready Problems after matches ?

    I get the same problem but only while playing duos. In solo it works just fine. Don't know about squads...
  8. Lantis

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    What I like is that PUBG is not constant respawning, explosions and endles stream of enemies... I love the variety of choices the game gives you for your own game play. Be aggressive, play safe, fight with a pan... Man! Endless opportunities 😄
  9. Good video and a nice play 👍 But maybe you should try a different approach to your own gameplay next time you post a video here, I'm sure the feedback would be much more positive then.
  10. Lantis

    well crap...

    Why do you think you will not like Vikendi? I like the fact that Vikendi will be 6x6km, at least it sounds good... Something in between the current maps.
  11. Lantis

    Futile Arguments

    Totally agree! Thumbs up for Raced 👍👍
  12. Lantis

    Did we?

    To give you hope, and something to look forward to...
  13. Lantis

    Most CD’s in one day?

    Back in the day there was a special offer in one of our local record stores, pay 1 get 5! Couldn't say no to that, so I went crazy and got the 5 CD:s within seconds! 💪
  14. Lantis

    I see lots of good PUBG things

    Nice positive post! 👍