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  1. there was a nothing wrong with the way it was, they've even changed the bloody keys like wtf
  2. nub

    Cars and gravity

    deff something up with cars and gravity, i over turned one last night because i got into it too quick...
  3. nub


    we need some Fireblades...
  4. Not quite sure what servers your playing on but for me in the EU I'd say I get Sanhok about 80% of the time I use quick join. With Erangel coming second and Miramar being the rarity.
  5. Probably once they've worked out something better than the current crappy system.
  6. nub

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Erangel is seriously beginning to peev me off, along with the constant lobby restarts because the cancel match making fails, like wtf grrrrrr lol
  7. they should have left the map selection the way it was and added a simple max ping limit to the servers which would have kept people within their regions...
  8. me too, i have no interest in playing that map what so ever.
  9. just noticed your thread, but i've had this happen twice with an UMP after throwing a smoke.
  10. happened twice now, just after throwing a smoke while crouched, my weapon fires for no reason.
  11. i sure didn't, was fine the way it was before IMHO kind of ruined the game for me so far.
  12. well that sucks, i don't want to play Sanhok either as i prefer the bigger maps, was thinking you'd be able to at least multi select Miramar and Erangel ffs
  13. nub

    Cheating Discussion

    never mind, a new anti-cheat that should get rid of some of them for a couple of days.
  14. nub

    Cheating Discussion

    love the cheaters that try not to show that they're obviously using ESP lol gawd and all the perfect recoil control is just sooo believable.
  15. nub

    Cheating Discussion

    well first game of the day and i'm killed by an obvious cheater, and what a surprise it's a new account with only 20 games on it, i've submitted a ticket will be interesting to see how long it takes for them too actually do something about it.