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  1. JaptechSmokey

    LOUD vehicles idling

    The game is supposed to be realistic. That’s the whole point of pubg. And 9mm should do more damage close up than 5.56mm. Basic physics. However I’m also sick of the cars running once everyone is out of them. Happens on every map, randomly. Also have to run up to them and touch them to get them to stop
  2. JaptechSmokey

    Why do weapons take so long to spawn?

    Also having this issue. Xbox one x. Wired internet. WD drive
  3. you’re holding a ump. You swap to a grenade to throw it but before you pull the pin, the guys rushing you. You press Y to swap back to your ump but instead it pulls the kar98k out. You’re dead. Annoying. When you have a throwable or melee weapon can pressing Y swap back to the weapon you had out before you selected said throwable or melee weapon please!! Thanks
  4. JaptechSmokey


    I’m constantly being put in NA servers when I select squads on vikendi. Doesn’t matter what time of day. I live in England so should be put in European servers. Lag is horrific
  5. JaptechSmokey

    Shut the damn cars off after we get out.

    This happens to me all the time. Incredibly annoying
  6. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Any joy with the above post andy?
  7. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Ignore the 2 posts above. Ok I've had a play with upload studio. have a look at this video on youtube andy. random incendiary bukllet glitch which was actually quite cool. a nade trick shot (ignore that no faults haha) the ump disaster where he just didnt take damage and a miramar clip where hit registration just didnt work at all.
  8. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Any good now andy?
  9. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Tried reuploading? Other than that I could email?? Just on my phone sorry
  10. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

  11. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Any news andy? Just had another really bad case of this
  12. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    Nope sorry. Just on my phone. Does the video not work if you click on it?
  13. JaptechSmokey

    Fix this please???

    5 (ish???) headshots with a ump to a level 1 helmet??? BEBE6C67-2E43-403E-BA89-D151DA30DDE7.MOV