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  1. If it's a bug it has not been fixed. I won one chicken today. Got double for it
  2. From what I can tell it depends on how many people are alive once you win.
  3. That's for sure not true I know for a fact if you win a squad match and more than one person survives If you pay attention to your stats You get more than one chicken
  4. Ok so how does it work if you have more than one player alive if you win? Do you get a chicken for every alive teammate? Or just 2 if more than one teammate is alive? I'm getting conflicting info & results.
  5. Not sure if they're suppose to add together, but I had a 8%xp boost and later a 2%, and they combined together for a 10% and when I got to my items to use the 10% boost I don't even have an option to click it. So, bascially I can't use my boosts.
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