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  1. KilledByMnK

    Ps4 keyboard/mouse support

    Hi @mac9yv3r ! How you been? Funny you mentioned PTF! 😘
  2. True story. It wasn't banning MnK users it was kicking them back to the lobby. This was purely because of cross platform reasons.
  3. Exactly. I just play for fun and enjoyment. MnK is just my preference to play. Im not good nor bad. Below average. So some people just gotta stop blaming mnk for their defeats in this game and just get better.
  4. LMAO. For games that allow it huh? Let me just leave this here.
  5. Fine I'm a cheater. Whatever you wanna call it. I'm fine with what I use. It's a win win for me. I'll enjoy this game how I wanna play it. I've been using this adapter for over 10 years and still going. Have a good night.
  6. Then ask them about this. Obviously you are uninformed.
  7. I play with a Mouse and Keyboard. Is it an advantage? Yes and No. But mostly Yes. I'd be telling you lies if I said NO. Does it make me a GOD in this game? Nope. Why don't you play on PC? Because just like on a console I'm not that good and just average plus everyone that I play with are my RL friends and people I've met through them. Do I suck on PC? I'd say below average. Why do I use MnK on console? Because its what I've been using since I started playing video games. Why don't I just use a controller? Sure I would, but why would I? This said adapter is available for everyone. PC has hackers, Consoles has cheaters and people who like to take advantage over other players ( MnK. Scuff, Cronusmax, Titan 2, Elite, 1ms monitors, 4k monitors, Premium gaming headsets, Gaming chairs, Red dot on screens.etc...you name it ). It's just the nature of the beast. Is it fair? Nope. Is life fair? No. Everything in life is about taking advantage of the opportunity given so why pass it up? If I wanted to really take a huge advantage id use an aimbot, wall hacks DDOS, ESP on a console and/or PC but I don't because wheres the fun in that? I still gotta move, still gotta aim, still gotta make the right decisions in order to come up on top on this game. So with that said not everyone that uses a Mnk uses it just to have a huge advantage, the majority use it as a preferred method on control. I play with people that know I use a MnK and they are cool with that. Am I proud that I use one? Yes, because it's all that I've ever used and grateful that such device exists so I can enjoy a game how I wanna play it. I understand the console community looks down on MnK users but that is not gonna stop me from doing what I do....and that's to just enjoy a video game.
  8. We should have parity servers for OG Xbox, Xbox One S , and X. That's fairly matched right? GTFO here, we'll never see that! And you wanna see separate servers that lock out 60fps systems? LMAO. I'm done. What we should have is a parity for members on this forum so all the dumbasses can get together and be natural born dumbasses.
  9. Read my posts dumbass. I said if you wanna stay competitive you'll need a good PC because with a cheap PC you're at a disadvantage thats why people say they can't afford a PC. I never once said I wanted MnK on Xbox, again read. Comprehend much? What I mean my competitive is you play to win the end game. Just wanted to clarify that with you since you seemed a bit challenged when it comes to comprehension.
  10. PUBG is already popular worldwide and In poor countries too ( unfortunate one's play on PC cafes where they pay to play for a few hours ). They haven't done sheet besides ban cheaters. It hasn't changed , there are still hackers in this game so how can you expect them to accommodate poor countries just so they can play this game in a sheet system. It's just pure and simple if you're not fortunate enough to have a system to play this game, what makes you think they'll spend even more money to accommodate their needs of a "fair match"? Be realistic.
  11. So the main factor of having split servers is so they can buy skins? LOL. Enough already. Hahahaha.
  12. Developers will not spend more money for an additional server just to accommodate players that can't get more than 60fps on their system. That just doesn't make sense for them.
  13. $500? That only gets you a processor, RAM and motherboard. Lol Might as well stick with console if that's the case. A graphics card alone is $300+ for a decent unit.