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  1. Jake Rogerson

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    All that pubg needs is to listen to the community. That’s how big triple a company’s do so well
  2. Jake Rogerson

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    Pubg corp just needs to listen to what the community want! Not what they want to do. I’ll be playing apex a lot until the map selection update
  3. The ability to not play sanhok at will is awful. The best map out there and I get to play like 1 once a day twice if lucky. I used to play 8 hours a day, I play around 2 hours now. until they release map selection I don’t think I’ll be sticking around. I don’t need to be told “then don’t stick around” i no lol. See you at apex!
  4. Jake Rogerson

    Please give us a Sanhok only option again!!!

    Sahnok please devs thanks 👌
  5. Jake Rogerson

    Player movement

    It’s not just the movement that sucks. I agree it could be better but stating that you should stop immediately would feel to fake. Desync is one of the worst things not movement. Just look at this, i didn’t even hit the guy behind his mate And somehow I killed him B69CA389-438C-426C-BF37-4F85C1B5FFF9.mp4
  6. Jake Rogerson

    Player movement

    When you sprinting in real life do you come to a stop instantly? No... it’s based on realism...
  7. Jake Rogerson


    Unfortunately I don’t have the video saved, when this happens again I shall save it for you guys to look at
  8. Jake Rogerson


    @PUBG_Andymh5 I have a problem when I’m shooting people, I can hit someone in the head 2 times and take their helmet off but yet they don’t get knocked? How come
  9. When it comes up in the lobby saying oc don’t ready up until it goes away, then you will be on your server, figured it out day 1
  10. 240gb Kingston ssd on Xbox one x... no problem what so ever and feels like 60fps to me haha
  11. Jake Rogerson

    No survival title?

    In the post it mentions you will see the survival title next to your name but I don’t see them? Is it a bug or just not in the game?
  12. Jake Rogerson

    Shark bite skin bug

  13. Jake Rogerson

    Shark bite skin bug

    Fixed close post
  14. Jake Rogerson

    Shark bite skin bug

    Yes I have, here’s a screenshot to show I don’t even own the multi coloured skin but yet that’s the one I have in game when the shark bite skin is applied
  15. Jake Rogerson

    Shark bite skin bug

    So I bought the shark bite which cost me 1,100 g-coin. when I’m in game and find a kar98k it’s not actually the right skin. It’s the multi coloured one which is not what I paid for? Any refunds or a fix?