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  1. ForgedInKhaos

    Public chat and replay

    Seriously isnt it about time for public chat?? Computer has had it for so long yet we have heard no word (literally). I'm ready to be able to tell the guy camping in the 1st floor bathroom across the street during final zone that wasnt the best location as I lob a cooked grenade through the window into his noob face. Also wouldn't it be nice if you could see that video from both perspectives? But we also do not have replay(theater)
  2. ForgedInKhaos

    Standing still, yet moving

    Yep me too
  3. ForgedInKhaos

    Autorun not working

    Try keeping the stick dead center in no direction and doubled click, I've noticed alot of problems while running and initiating it. Even staying still, it still takes me a couple clicks