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  1. RT1971

    Region Lock Busted

    It has me confused why they can't send other players from else where to the OC server, but after spending several hours recording IP addresses the Sydney 1 was never pinged by the game. So it looks like they would rather we can't play it at all competitively, I suggest they give us half our purchase price so it matches the quality of the online experience. My ping has now gone from around 170 -250 to 290 - 510 which means I am now being killed by people before they are visible to me, even their footsteps don,t line up with their actual position outside a building. So dear devs thanks for making this 1 of the worse games I have wasted money on, you have no idea how to manage matchmaking, how come other games allow you to choose from a list of all available games your self based on your own choice of ping, because that is not how you are doing it. Region blocking is I thought was illegal in many countries if you want everyone to have a similar experience in your bug ridden attempt at an online game advertise it as an Asian and European game only and does not cater for many English speaking countries.. You have changed what this game was actually advertised as which here in Australia makes it possible for every Australian the ability to ask for all money they have spent on this game if they decide to. I know no devs will read these comments and Moderators will not bring most of these complaints to their attention. Another 20 mins of my life I won't ever get back.
  2. So where is the OP's answer, he asked for an official explanation. Is this forum ever read by devs. The new map will not be available to us on release as we are nearly 99% sent to cheat haven Sanhok. Had 2 more perma banned this week, about the only enjoyable part of this foreign language game that we are forced to endure. Why are we always sent to Asian areas, my guess is they won't match us to NA even when the ping is less because we will get blamed for their laggy game, don't they realise that the person suffering lag is a dead duck in a face to face shootout. I have to play defensively every game and avoid conflict at all time. Since they fixed matchmaking and desync for NA and EU this game just broke and nobody who is involved in the actual making of the game gives a flying. I am sick of hearing excuses from people who don't suffer this bug we have in OC server and why do we only have 1 server for all types of the game. TPP should have a separate server than FPP. If this ever gets looked into properly by a dev instead of hearsay from forum moderators and proof that our player base is too small and of course the biggest 1 WE SPEAK ENGLISH. Goodbye random games unless you like someone on your team telling you they would like to fornicate with your mother over and over instead of communicating game strategy and if they get bored they just kill you or abandon you to fight squads on your own. Rant over for this week as I need to check what new high priced skins I can buy to make this unfinished game even more money from duped players.
  3. Look at the bottom of your game screen, the last letters underneath your health bar will tell you that you are being sent to either 1 of the SA servers or SEA. The excuse given by moderators here is off putting to any one in Australia who was stupid to think that it would be fixed, apparently it is our fault because not enough of us play their bug ridden game that is under the control of the Chinese and tonight even a Vietnamese cheat who could see through hills and fences. Looks like he has just registered a new account. Also if you play in Duo or Squad with randoms, apparently us Aussies have to learn Mandarin if we want to communicate. The match making is broken except in NA and EU where they fixed it where the most money comes from.
  4. RT1971

    Game Lag spiking + pictures

    Yes I have also seen a lot of stuff on Reddit about it and most of the comments say if the player count is down it is probably due to the fact that you could not join the OC server to begin with. I'm still hopeful they will do what is right by us as we have paid for a game that does not perform the same in our region compared to the ones they care about, NA and EU. We have virtually been banned from playing the game in an enjoyable state. Apparently Russia is also being sent away from EU where they have a lower ping. Well if they do fix it for the better I hope they also come up with a better leader board system, because I'm definitely not Grand Master material, more like store dummy playing at this ping level.
  5. RT1971

    Ultra high ping and packet loss

    In Australia it comes up with unknown now, you will likely be on SA or SAE server because apparently very few Australians play so its to difficult to match make to what style of game you are playing. Plus checking the servers or should I say server, as it seems we only have 1.
  6. RT1971

    Game Lag spiking + pictures

    If you are from Australia you have very little chance of a logical answer . I was told by a moderator that there are not enough Australians playing so we get lumped onto either SA or SEA servers. If you play first person you are even more likely to be given a poor experience. Also you will notice OC only has 1 server so I find his explanation is discriminatory. Good luck I usually never see much yellow always above 200 spikes to over 1000 sometimes when the plane takes off.
  7. RT1971

    Since 23.1 Patch more Bugs

    I usually never get sent to any other islands if I choose them only, so I choose quick and 99% of the time it will guess about 12 seconds to join. So I will then end up in Sanhok. I only play in FPP view as I dislike the fact that you can be watched by other players over walls and around corners. I live in Australia and usually don't get to play till after Midnight, so around 7:30 am in the USA. I only play solo as I am always on a server with non English speaking teams, also because of my lag I don't want to spoil other players fun with what I have to deal with. As far as friends go to form a team I am about to turn 61 so I don't have friends with the same taste in games, and last but not least I suffered a severe injury 12 years ago at work and have lived with pain in both shoulders my elbow and wrist and now have severe anxiety which makes it difficult to talk to strangers online to make friends. This is the first game I purchased to help me get back to what I loved doing. But since the patch that removed server choice the experience is extremely frustrating. So now I will never really know if I am a good player because everyone else just see me as a dummy standing there waiting for them to practice their aim. I will probably try and play till Tuesday then will check my rights here in Australia to get s full refund of everything I have wasted on a game that does not work as advertised. Good luck to all the other countries that have more than 1 server that i am virtually banned from using, thanks for breaking the forum code with discrimination.🎅
  8. RT1971

    Since 23.1 Patch more Bugs

    The excuse for the server selection is not very helpful, so what your saying is my game experience is not going to be what I paid for no matter what because you have locked me out of selecting a lower ping like NA than the cheat ridden SEA server and only ever play on Sanhok. The thing that confuses me is if your team sets up the server why won't it try and connect like some of the other servers and if not enough join it just won't start so most of us just leave and wait again. Lastly why SEA instead of NA or EU which were better before they changed server selection. Most of the time NA shows a lower ping than SEA and Japan is always lower. I have played online for years and never had the experience I am having with this game. OK then anyone in Europe have a house to rent so I can play a poorly optimized online ONLY game.
  9. Since the patch released (23.1) I now don't have players names displaying so have no idea who killed me unless I watch the replay, the second pic is a problem the developers seem to be ignoring after the fixed NA and EU servers. Oceania server can not be joined even though it shows up on your own site as available at a 35 or less ping. The SEA server i am always sent to has sometimes over 470 and boots me even when I was 3rd man left. I can be shot and killed by someone after I have fired over 15 bullets at them at close range, they fire 1 to 2 shots and I die. Viewing a replay from their perspective shows me maybe standing there like they haven't even enter the room or a bullet may hit them. The last 1 is suppose to be a report about the 100 + cheats that have been reported and banned, but that is stuffed as well. Finally if I go straight to an area where there is normally loot it does not render for several seconds pretty well making me someones potato. I don't expect a response from the devs while we are still paying for the free Google version. Sorry 1 more thing, when is a true ranking system being employed, I am not what you would call a Master without even winning 1 game but apparently I am, but I do make the top 10 a lot by hiding, even would have won 1 if the vault had worked properly I would have lived longer than the winner as he also died outside the zone and I only needed to be on the other side of a fence.
  10. Since the new patch installed today I have played 5 games and everyone has crashed without even giving option to report. Sound goes weird in left ear then game just disappears. Steam says it is still running so have to wait till it allows me to restart game. 4 out of the 5 games I was actually still alive when the game restarted, 3 of them almost dead by the time it reloaded due to being in the blue zone. Before this patch my game has crashed 2 times in well over 100 games.