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  1. There's this awesome stuff called lag and dsync which effects what you see versus what actually happens on the server. There are websites (pubglookup) which break down your damage output via both weapon, location on the target (arm, body, leg, head) and the damage done. There are times where I felt I was only hit with one shot but on the server I was hit several times. You'd be surprised when you actually see that those shots you hit weren't anywhere vital.
  2. Play FPP where people can't camera peek you from cover and actually need to peer around cover to see you 🤷‍♂️
  3. Buy an elite controller 🤷‍♂️ -I have my paddles mapped to X, Y, A, and B and swapping sights are a breeze for me
  4. If it's random letters he's probably using a m&k and other cheats and doesn't care if the account gets banned.
  5. Fun and balanced? There are "other" BR style games 🤷‍♂️
  6. I also prefer to run all 762 if possible AKM/Kar9 is my setup. The increased damage payout is worth the restricted ammo storage.
  7. If im running both a 556 and a 762 rifle I try to carry an even reload amount for each (120, 150 or 160 with an extended mag). I'm always looking to drop the extra AR for a DMR or SR then I will drop the extra ammo. If you're planning to have enough engagements that you need "all" the ammo you can let your victims "loot" for you.
  8. Haha yeah it drove me nuts too when I saw people playing DayZ and Escape from Tarkov!
  9. The game is trying to predict where you're going to land while loading loot, buildings, terrain as well as doing the same for the (x) number of players landing around you. I wish their was a way for the game to load the building you drop a pin on first to reward you with improved load times and loot if you land in your predetermined building.
  10. It's people who are playing on PC but logged into their Microsoft account.
  11. Maybe because the rounds are larger and heavier?
  12. Why do you even bother waiting this long?
  13. I had this problem initially when I had the game installed on the internal HD. Once I moved it to my external ssd I haven't had the problem since. Xbox 1X, Wired 1gbps, external ssd
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