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  1. rONJa gONJa

    Throwables bug

    Happens with grenades too.. they don't leave hand when thrown. If you hold to cook then try and release, character holds and you blow up
  2. rONJa gONJa

    Matchmaking broken

    Matchmaking totally not working after traininggrounds update.. Will not make match no matter what I choose, tpp/foo solo,duo or squads, one man either.. have waited for almost 20 min in each. This is serious issue, can't teat if can't play. Now if I query training grounds it starts 10 to 20 seconds if not less. I was able to play PTS fine till training grounds update. DEVS PLEASE FIX.. and do before push to live.
  3. rONJa gONJa

    Thoughts on the new Training Mode...?

    I like the idea of the train mode and it runs good for me.. I just wish the trolls were a little less. So I'm sitting on the 800m range with a sniper laying down and taking shots down range and I ran out of ammo so I jumped up and noticed I had about 20 arrows in my ass.. really!!!
  4. So I'm playing on PTS, and as it is right now.. solo tpp na.. but see a guy and I open up on him then get shot from closer.. and both run right to me, loot for a min and as I spectated they play together till last 5.. then both get killed.. what cheats.
  5. rONJa gONJa

    Raining in Erangel

    Very realistic, sounds and look. I enjoy the weather and thunder scaring the poop out of me.. and fog.. the fog.. scary.. I was looking for swamp monsters too
  6. rONJa gONJa

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I hope you decide to fix before live push... seems this would have been found before PTS went live.. I saw all the DEV names on leaderboard.. none of those guys/girls play type b and no one picked up a scope while testing... seems strange.......
  7. rONJa gONJa

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Same here.. after scope in then when you releae I can't move right stick unless I go onto settings then back out at that time movement returns.also free look will slow to crawl u less go onto settings and back out.