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    I'ts crazy how we take these little things for granted in other games... You only miss them when your crosshair has the resolution of a 90s RPG.
  2. No need to get mad, I'm totally with you, I don't think anyone should be using M+K if it's not supported by MS and if they add it, they need to split the lobbies into KB/controller lobbies. Anyone playing with a controller is going to get wrecked in m+k games. I'm all for them adding it - but I can see how it could divide the community. I'd rather use a mouse by far - I'm happy to kill mouse players, if I had a decent gaming PC I'd probably play on PC but I just don't have the room in my house at the moment to put another desk/etc. I know I'd do a lot better on PC.
  3. Agreed, but as soon as official support lands I'm going to start popping heads left/right/centre.
  4. Deluded mate - you must be one of those people who can't aim with M&K. Disclaimer: I'm not saying there's a problem with M&K players in PUBG - I'm just reacting to "there's no advantage to M&K" unless you mean just in PUBG in which case you may have some case (game runs like shit which means it's harder for M&K to be consistent with their aim). Simple fact is though, m&k outplays controller 99% of the time even in an average users hands - emulated or not, it's just more accurate.
  5. Oh I've not got a problem with using m+k if it's officially supported. I'll be laughing.
  6. I'm not blaming anyone for anything, just saying that the mouse is an advantage over controller, plain and simple, no matter which platform or if it's emulated or not. I get killed plenty by controller players, I just know I'd do a lot better with a Xim, but I don't have one because it's a moral issue for me. I feel more accomplished beating people fair and square.
  7. I totally agree with this, I'm happy to get shot in the face by a good controller player, my argument this whole time has simply been that m+k has a much higher potential than controller just because it's arm vs thumb. I don't call anyone out for m+k, I'm really not bothered on console, if I wanted to get really competitive I'd play on my PC (and smash people). Just don't have time these days, console is casual, but adding m+k support will divide the player base as the average controller player won't be happy queueing against m+k.
  8. Right, no difference? Try playing ranked on siege vs a couple of mouse players and see how well you do. He got crap loads of down votes, why would he get down votes if people didn't frown upon it because it's a clear advantage. Getting the impression you have never played m+k or were pretty terrible with it.
  9. This guy doesn't seem to have any problems with jitter/turn speed, look how quick his awm shots are. Look how accurate his tracking is. Advantage.
  10. Same issues my friend said when he tried to play pubg, not a problem on other games where the input is decent and frames are higher like siege. Like I said before, when the game is better optimised the mouse will become more effective. I'm not saying that the Xim is the be all/end all right now, but I'm saying mouse and keyboard is a superior input method for accuracy/speed, something that will become a bigger problem when official support comes out and there's no emulation layer.
  11. I can just keep linking you to videos of the same person playing the same game with a clear advantage using the Xim: I'm not sure what your argument is - are you saying that a Xim/mouse is the same as a controller?
  12. I know how it works - I know what emulation is, I'm a software developer by profession. The emulator is bound by the mechanics yes, but there are two variables you are forgetting about: 1. You don't play your console games on the maximum aim settings or you end up looking at floors/ceilings/sky/missing every shot 2. You are using a thumb to move a tiny stick vs your whole arm to move a mouse We could even just base this on the fact that the margin of error for thumbs is much larger than your whole arm/wrist - forgetting the sens settings. Even with the same sens settings you are much more accurate on a mouse.
  13. So you play all your console games on max sensitivity settings? If not then you are losing out vs any mouse player since they will be able to turn faster than you. Use your brain and think about what you just said... It doesn't matter how many buttons you have on pad, most people use 1 thumb to press the YBXA buttons and two fingers for the triggers meaning you: * Can't press the ybxa buttons while you are aiming * Cant press a shoulder button while ads without using your middle finger for the trigger (hold breath with type b controls). Most people pull a trigger with their index finger I'm sure I can think of a lot more examples but the best controller player shouted during a ranked siege game at my mate who was using a m+k "I can't do all those things at once on a pad I don't have enough buttons"
  14. So I've proven my point, even on the correct platform and you throw some argument about PCs in here that no-one mentioned? Not sure what you were trying to say there, this is m+k vs controller, the acid test, and the controller loses badly.
  15. Have you used m+k on console? What are the differences?
  16. Same game, same platform. Even if the mouse input on a Xim/whatever isn't perfect it will still be much more accurate.
  17. Really don't get what you don't get here, why does platform matter in the videos? They are the same game... Different control schemes... The m&k players are clearly faster/more accurate etc. Show me someone that can rocket jump their way around a quake map with a controller like the average quake player..
  18. It proves that a mouse and keyboard are a better input device... The best controller players will never be as capable as the best mouse and keyboard players. Simple fact.
  19. For anyone that doubts the difference between the two control schemes there's a YouTube video here showing some games played with both I'll see if I can find an actual m+k vs controller video with two people in the same game but the difference here is night and day.
  20. People like you are deluded, the advantage m&k gives over a pad is massive. Don't forget, it's not just mouse, it's the keyboard too, you don't get analog controls with the keyboard but you don't have any left stick travel time making your peeks and movement quicker. Rainbow 6: Siege, a game where combat is mostly holding angles and short range, my friend is diamond but only with m&k. He's only recently picked up the m&k, he's terrible at CSGO on the PC, but he can outplay controller users most of the time. Consider the advantages you get: * Quicker turns * Consistency in close range and long range aim * Ability to pull flick shots that are much harder on a pad * Easier tracking * Quicker response in movement * More buttons at your disposal (eg ads+hold breath with type b controls is a pain on pad, easy on m+k) * It will only be easier for them when aim acceleration is actually turned off (it says off in the menu but it's still on), so expect it to get worse. I know for a fact that 90% of fights I lose at close range and some of the fights I lose at long range I'd have won easily with m+k. I wouldn't even need a 4x in most cases, a red dot is enough to get a 200m headshot when the target is standing still, something that's much more difficult on a pad. I'm not saying that it's PC feel, there is probably some element of input lag, the aim acceleration throws a spanner in the works etc, but I guarantee that the more optimised the game gets the more dangerous a decent m+k player will get on the Xbox.
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