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    Battleye memory corrupted

    Hello, posting this for my friend. He is getting an error that kicks him out of every match, right in the plane before dropping. Posted the pic of the error. He's tried uninstalling PUBG, then steam, then the Battleye folder in his C drive. He's also tried looking at his power modes, running command prompt and fixed corrupted files, and he is at a loss. Help please?
  2. Big_Frizzle

    500 damage in a single match

    It doesn't specify whether its a solo or otherwise, I think it's a weekly challenge though. My friend did it too, and he didn't get it either.
  3. Did not get the 500 damage in a single match mission, even though I completed it 2 games ago.
  4. Big_Frizzle

    Battleye memory corrupted

    Thanks for the reply and help, he couldn't get anything to work so he ended up reinstalling windows and it works now. Any idea why that happens?
  5. Big_Frizzle

    Beginner mission

    The beginner mission for the "join a solo match using quickjoin" is not granting me the mission, I've play a whole bunch of solo quick join matches and it still won't give it to me.
  6. Big_Frizzle

    Had enough of this shit

    I agree with that, update was needed and in my own opinion was a good patch, except for the lag and sounds. Lag was always there to begin with so I can't really say it was messed up with the patch, but the sounds are way off. I had a guy run up on me 10 meters behind me, didn't hear a damn thing. Next thing I know, I'm dead.
  7. Big_Frizzle

    Had enough of this shit

    Me too, crashing and lag, but I think what's pissing me off the most is the sound. I can't hear when grenades are tossed, I can't hear footsteps until they're real close or I'm dead, and I can' pinpoint shooting sometimes. I don't know what happened, everything was fine before but it's really annoying me.
  8. Big_Frizzle

    Maps, Ping... etc

    Fix pubg wasn't a success, but people aren't really leaving. If anything, I feel like the game runs just as bad as it did when I first started playing. I literally just died a couple of minutes ago to a guy who just started vaulting out a window, and was able to shoot me while his animation showed him jumping out. The lag is what kills this game for me, I hate how bad this game runs because it's fun when it does run fine.
  9. Big_Frizzle

    Freeze at death cam

    Sometimes when I try to watch my death cam, the game freezes and I have to quit the game using task manager. Pretty annoying, anyone else seeing this?
  10. Big_Frizzle

    Who actually likes flare guns?

    Don't like it too much, my only experience with it wasn't good. Flare was shot off in Ha Tihn, and the package landed far in the water as the blue zone (phase 4) closed on it. What a waste.
  11. Big_Frizzle

    NA servers moved? desync, lag, whatever gone?

    Desync and lag is still there.
  12. Big_Frizzle

    Tired of playing the same map

    I think CSGO also retained their player base because: 1- Its hard to master. 2- They have good looking skins whereas, let's face it, PUBG's skins look like ass. 3- They have a work shop and update their game quite a bit, and let players create things as well.
  13. Big_Frizzle

    Winchester with Sights

    My first kill with the Winny was so satisfying, its not an easy weapon to use but its powerful if you can get a hit. I love the challenge.
  14. Do you like arguing just to argue, or do you legit think that there isn't a possibility that this could've been someone cheating? When's the last time you played anyway? There's been more cheaters banned among my friends and I that we've reported in the last couple of weeks than ever before, and people are seeing that there's been an influx of cheaters lately. I hadn't seen a legit one in a long time until recently, so it's not like it isn't there.
  15. Looks pretty suspicious to me. Why would he be looking like that in that specific spot, right where you were? Doesn't look like it to some of you? I would call that cheating every time.
  16. Big_Frizzle

    daily missions

    The daily missions didn't refresh, the timer just restarted back to another day but nothing reset.
  17. Big_Frizzle

    daily missions

    Never mind, it reset. all good
  18. Big_Frizzle

    Huge replay desync

    Replay doesn't seem to be any better. I can usually tell if someone's cheating, there's things that they do if they're trying to hide it but this doesn't help at all.
  19. Big_Frizzle

    Huge replay desync

    We got merged together. I wonder how many others are seeing the same thing. I know its a problem, but I wonder how many people are actually seeing it.
  20. Big_Frizzle

    Huge replay desync

    I was wondering just how the hell I died and where this guy was since I didn't hear footsteps or anything, and I watched the death cam. It shows the same thing as this clip. This kind of thing happens all the time for me and it's killing the game for me. PUBG lag.mp4
  21. Big_Frizzle

    Cheating Discussion

    Honestly, I think the cheating was way way worse when I first started playing pubg back in January. There are still some here and there instances, especially some that make me think they could be cheating but likely not, so I believe they really are trying everything they can to combat cheating. Like it was stated above, cheaters are in every online game and it will never go away because people are smart and will figure out a way. No anti cheat is perfect, and this game is big enough that given the population of legit players to cheaters, you are bound to run into a few. By the way, packets are encrypted but like I said, people are smart and they'll figure out a way to get in.