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  1. Agree with that, big time. The skins disappoint me in this game, and the battlestat skin is a cool idea except for that fact you mentioned. I really think the G36 and QBZ should be added to all maps now, these maps have been out for a while now.
  2. You know whats funny is I had two sniper head shots that missed yesterday, even though I was aimed right on their heads and they weren't moving. Even my team mates couldn't believe they didn't register. This might explain why.
  3. Lots of suspicious gameplay today... lots of chinese names in NA servers too. Coincidence?
  4. Would be nice to see a reward for catching legit cheaters. Especially since I just got killed by a 2 man team in solos.
  5. Same here, 1080 Ti with 16gb RAM. I do think my CPU could use an upgrade (Ryzen 7 1700, normal clock speed) but I do know that has nothing to do with the lag I'm experiencing. The setup I have now is leaps and bounds better than before, and other than the lag deaths the game runs pretty smoothly for me.
  6. I don't drop hot, and I suppose I play around peak usage times. I play FPP, and I experience lag whether I'm 1v1 or more. Even when I play solo, I experience the lag. Its so weird, because it wasn't this bad for me before.
  7. I don't know man, I keep dying to lag. And cheaters too, more than usually lately.
  8. Well, looks like you tried a lot of different things. Guess the game just runs like crap for a lot of us. Also, just got lag killed again. Fucking pitiful.
  9. How much RAM do you have? I've noticed (between myself and a couple of friends) that the more RAM you have, the better the game seems to run. I had 8 before, it ran okay but I had a lot of the same things happening to me like you. I upgraded to faster ram and doubled it, so now I run 16 GB at 3000 mhz. It's a lot better, but now I contend with the desync and lagginess. It wasn't so much a big deal before, but I lost a couple of matches because of it.
  10. I'm in NA, it's not really new but it has been really bad for the past few weeks. The only reason I'm complaining is because I've noticed a lot of lag, and I'm not the only one. It has caused me to get killed so many times, one of them was a loss at #2 because the last guy killed me after I ran behind a rock. It's frustrating.
  11. Agree, especially in Vikendi. I like the map, but my friends don't. So, I don't really get to play in that map unless I'm solo.
  12. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but the lag is ruining the game for me and my friends. We get lagged killed so often that it's killing our love of playing this game, and we don't know what to do. We're dying behind cover, so far into cover, and there's nothing we can do. It sucks and is ruining this game for a lot of us.
  13. I just died to lag, 1v1 when I ran behind a rock and the dude killed me when I was already all the way around. So frustrating.
  14. I don't buy the skins because I think almost all of them suck, not because of the game itself. I mean, level 70 reward of the season pass is a dress? come on guys
  15. I haven't noticed anything, I still find all sorts of good stuff there.
  16. I feel like the cheating is getting more and more common lately, and it's been really bad. I can't understand there's a lot of good players out there, but it's ridiculous how often I get bans coming back.
  17. Just watched a guy walk from one apartment to the other like he was walking on a tight rope, from the 3rd floor of one to the 3rd floor of the other. What the hell is going on with the cheaters lately? Seems like there's more than usual.
  18. Fucking bad, I just got killed by a guy with an mp5k, I had the jump on him with an AK and I got killed. what the hell is wrong with this fucking game
  19. I've been wondering this too, since I rarely use the BP to get skins. To be honest, I think most of the skins suck. For example, if you bought the wild card pass and make it to level 70, you get a floral printed skirt? Who the hell wants that? Even most of the weapon skins (in my own opinion) suck, so I don't buy keys. It's not worth it to me.
  20. It doesn't specify whether its a solo or otherwise, I think it's a weekly challenge though. My friend did it too, and he didn't get it either.
  21. Thanks for the reply and help, he couldn't get anything to work so he ended up reinstalling windows and it works now. Any idea why that happens?
  22. Hello, posting this for my friend. He is getting an error that kicks him out of every match, right in the plane before dropping. Posted the pic of the error. He's tried uninstalling PUBG, then steam, then the Battleye folder in his C drive. He's also tried looking at his power modes, running command prompt and fixed corrupted files, and he is at a loss. Help please?
  23. Did not get the 500 damage in a single match mission, even though I completed it 2 games ago.
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