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  1. I feel like the cheating is getting more and more common lately, and it's been really bad. I can't understand there's a lot of good players out there, but it's ridiculous how often I get bans coming back.
  2. Just watched a guy walk from one apartment to the other like he was walking on a tight rope, from the 3rd floor of one to the 3rd floor of the other. What the hell is going on with the cheaters lately? Seems like there's more than usual.
  3. Fucking bad, I just got killed by a guy with an mp5k, I had the jump on him with an AK and I got killed. what the hell is wrong with this fucking game
  4. I've been wondering this too, since I rarely use the BP to get skins. To be honest, I think most of the skins suck. For example, if you bought the wild card pass and make it to level 70, you get a floral printed skirt? Who the hell wants that? Even most of the weapon skins (in my own opinion) suck, so I don't buy keys. It's not worth it to me.
  5. It doesn't specify whether its a solo or otherwise, I think it's a weekly challenge though. My friend did it too, and he didn't get it either.
  6. Thanks for the reply and help, he couldn't get anything to work so he ended up reinstalling windows and it works now. Any idea why that happens?
  7. Hello, posting this for my friend. He is getting an error that kicks him out of every match, right in the plane before dropping. Posted the pic of the error. He's tried uninstalling PUBG, then steam, then the Battleye folder in his C drive. He's also tried looking at his power modes, running command prompt and fixed corrupted files, and he is at a loss. Help please?
  8. Did not get the 500 damage in a single match mission, even though I completed it 2 games ago.
  9. The beginner mission for the "join a solo match using quickjoin" is not granting me the mission, I've play a whole bunch of solo quick join matches and it still won't give it to me.
  10. I agree with that, update was needed and in my own opinion was a good patch, except for the lag and sounds. Lag was always there to begin with so I can't really say it was messed up with the patch, but the sounds are way off. I had a guy run up on me 10 meters behind me, didn't hear a damn thing. Next thing I know, I'm dead.
  11. Me too, crashing and lag, but I think what's pissing me off the most is the sound. I can't hear when grenades are tossed, I can't hear footsteps until they're real close or I'm dead, and I can' pinpoint shooting sometimes. I don't know what happened, everything was fine before but it's really annoying me.
  12. Fix pubg wasn't a success, but people aren't really leaving. If anything, I feel like the game runs just as bad as it did when I first started playing. I literally just died a couple of minutes ago to a guy who just started vaulting out a window, and was able to shoot me while his animation showed him jumping out. The lag is what kills this game for me, I hate how bad this game runs because it's fun when it does run fine.
  13. Sometimes when I try to watch my death cam, the game freezes and I have to quit the game using task manager. Pretty annoying, anyone else seeing this?
  14. Don't like it too much, my only experience with it wasn't good. Flare was shot off in Ha Tihn, and the package landed far in the water as the blue zone (phase 4) closed on it. What a waste.
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