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    Maps, Ping... etc

    Fix pubg wasn't a success, but people aren't really leaving. If anything, I feel like the game runs just as bad as it did when I first started playing. I literally just died a couple of minutes ago to a guy who just started vaulting out a window, and was able to shoot me while his animation showed him jumping out. The lag is what kills this game for me, I hate how bad this game runs because it's fun when it does run fine.
  2. Big_Frizzle

    Freeze at death cam

    Sometimes when I try to watch my death cam, the game freezes and I have to quit the game using task manager. Pretty annoying, anyone else seeing this?
  3. Big_Frizzle

    Who actually likes flare guns?

    Don't like it too much, my only experience with it wasn't good. Flare was shot off in Ha Tihn, and the package landed far in the water as the blue zone (phase 4) closed on it. What a waste.
  4. Big_Frizzle

    NA servers moved? desync, lag, whatever gone?

    Desync and lag is still there.
  5. Big_Frizzle

    Tired of playing the same map

    I think CSGO also retained their player base because: 1- Its hard to master. 2- They have good looking skins whereas, let's face it, PUBG's skins look like ass. 3- They have a work shop and update their game quite a bit, and let players create things as well.
  6. Big_Frizzle

    Winchester with Sights

    My first kill with the Winny was so satisfying, its not an easy weapon to use but its powerful if you can get a hit. I love the challenge.
  7. Do you like arguing just to argue, or do you legit think that there isn't a possibility that this could've been someone cheating? When's the last time you played anyway? There's been more cheaters banned among my friends and I that we've reported in the last couple of weeks than ever before, and people are seeing that there's been an influx of cheaters lately. I hadn't seen a legit one in a long time until recently, so it's not like it isn't there.
  8. Looks pretty suspicious to me. Why would he be looking like that in that specific spot, right where you were? Doesn't look like it to some of you? I would call that cheating every time.
  9. Haha yeah I guess it is kinda sick but I thought it would be fun, you would have to take cover no matter where you are.
  10. I mentioned this to my friends and they seemed to like the idea (might be humoring me instead of calling me a dumbass to my face) but instead of a red zone during a storm, I'd like to see lightning striking in random places around the playable area. You'd have no idea where it would strike next, and it would strike anywhere within the safe area. I thought it would be a fun idea.
  11. Big_Frizzle

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    game sucks at the moment
  12. Big_Frizzle

    New player! Help!

    One thing I did that my friend showed me was to change the binding from the tactical mark thingy on the compass to my right mouse button, so when I aim it will also mark where I'm looking. Makes it easier for my team mates to see where I'm looking at. They also did the same, so when we get into battle I can easily see where they are looking as well. That was one little change that helped us out a lot. Also, use the training map as often as you feel necessary to get familiar with common weapons to get a feel of the spread and recoil, and learn them so you can get better if you're spraying and praying. That map has everything, from drop training to every attachment and weapon you can find in the game so I would suggest using it.
  13. Big_Frizzle

    daily missions

    Never mind, it reset. all good
  14. Big_Frizzle

    daily missions

    The daily missions didn't refresh, the timer just restarted back to another day but nothing reset.
  15. Big_Frizzle

    Huge replay desync

    Replay doesn't seem to be any better. I can usually tell if someone's cheating, there's things that they do if they're trying to hide it but this doesn't help at all.