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  1. Dæmonium

    Only 21 Open Spots Left!!

    Undead Tigers is an active lvl 6 clan and we primarily play on the NA server. Co-Leaders are the most dedicated and trustworthy members. Must have a mic, speak English, and have equal or greater skill than the leader to be considered for Co-Leader Reserves. Elites are members who have proven themselves to be fearless warriors and never abandon a member of the ambush. Must have a mic, speak English, and prove yourself in combat to be added to the Elite Reserves list.
  2. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Search for and join mine, bro! Clan: Dzyan Crew: Dzyan Clan Enforcers My homie Chris and I play almost every night!
  3. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Dzyan Clan Co-Leader Positions Open: ONE Elite Member Positions Open: TWO Crew: Cartel of Dzyan
  4. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Crew name is Cartel of Dzyan And clan name is Dzyan Also send a friend request to TrippinKing
  5. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yeah, let’s merge our crews. Join my clan Dzyan and send me a friend request TrippinKing
  6. hey play pubg 


  7. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    My crew is called Battleground Mafia and the private chat room is just Mafia.
  8. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yeah sure. Just send me a friend request.
  9. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    I got one open spot if you want it.
  10. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yes. Battleground Mafia.
  11. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Battleground Mafia Don: Dæmonium